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Michael Jackson's New Song -- Mystery Scream

11/5/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sony has just released a teaser to Michael Jackson's new album "MICHAEL" due out next month ... but there's a big controversy over whether some of the vocals are real or fake.

In the teaser, which promotes the album's big song, "Breaking News," all we hear from Michael Jackson is a brief scream.

The question ... is it Michael Jackson's scream or that of an impostor???

By the way ... someone we know has heard the entire album and says it's "unbelievably good."  Our spy says some of the tracks sound a little like Justin Timberlake, but they are all Michael.



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it sounds the same to me. I can't tell the difference tbh

1457 days ago

Wo-Hen Nankan    

Michael Jackson e-mailed me from Hell. He says to tell you all that he is very happy there. He has a pile of children to sleep on and "Jesus juice to give them.
I was surprised to hear from him as I did not know that they had computers and internet connection in Hell.

Wo-Hen Nankan, The Asian Prince

1457 days ago


I love the beat!!! but its hard to tell if it's him..but then again they could of used technology to make it sound a little bit different... still cant wait to hear more on monday to really see..

Also i dont see why they would fake his voice if he has so much music that he did and left behind and also i dont see why they would risk that since they are such a big company!

RIP MJ it's not the same without you here!

1457 days ago


Don't be so stupid! The scream is fading out! Of course its not going to sound exactly like the screams you chose..

Although you're promoting it TMZ, well done! I'm sure its not what you would have wanted :)

1457 days ago


Impossible to tell from that brief clip. The longtime fans will be able to tell in an instant when they are able to hear an entire song - or even a few lines from a song. Again, I doubt Sony would take a risk if there was any possibility that it wasn't Michael. I'm sure it is, otherwise Sony is going to look foolish, and sales will suffer or come to a screeching halt. Since everything is about the bottom line, Sony must be positive that there will be no backlash from the buying public.

I look forward to hearing the music. Michael was one of a kind.

1457 days ago


From what I read other places the real problem is that Michael was a perfectionist when it came to mixing his music and he's not here to supervise these tracks so they aren't really his production. He might and probably would have done it differently. Supposedly, the children were within earshot of Michael when he was recording something that didn't sound like these tracks at all. Well, the children were pretty young and whatever they heard wasn't the final product so I'm guessing they are being used to promote some agenda.

1457 days ago


Not sure if it is him or not. Love that there is some new music from Michael coming out but I always preferred his old stuff like this classic 1970 Jackson 5 clip of "ABC" on The Ed Sullivan Show -

1457 days ago


I'm buying the new CD. People need to bear in mind that in general, our voice changed with age. Already ordered the Jackson 5 Icon 2 disc Cd, the MJ Vision 3 DVD set & the new Cd, Michael.

1457 days ago



Let yourself be manipulated not by a bunch of idiots that try with all means destroy His Legacy.


1457 days ago


We can not tell from this teaser of a few seconds whether or not that is Michael.Since the album will be released,after forensic testing of the questionable material,it can be assumed that it is Michael.
TMZ,you are only stoking the controversy by prematurely posting a poll on a second of sound,a second that is not enough to determine any one's voice.

1457 days ago


When Michael Jackson screams, people all the way from Miami to China and all across Africa can hear it. In that new song, the scream I heard is so weak, it sounded like a little kitty cat who is being licked by its mama for the first time. Sony, if I find out you faked Michael's voice on that new cd, I am going to kill you.

1457 days ago


The voice is not fake...but the death.
Heeeee heeeee

Posted at 11:02 AM on Nov 5, 2010 by Kicki


1457 days ago


It's hard to tell, I voted real, but I could imagine that it's fake. I mean, it was decades later than the screams in the second video so it could have changed some? Just hard to know. BTW, thank you for that second in the 2nd video where it stops on his ass, hahaha love it. MJ's the best

1457 days ago


*****************ATTENTION MJ FANS****************

Sony is PROMOTING the new MJ album with "real or fake" controvery. Be smart, don't buy into it, it is just a sales ploy! Listen, this is NOT Michael's vision. Michael said he goes thru HELL when he tours yet when he was in financial crisis in 2009, he DID NOT take his unreleased songs to Sony, he chose to GO THRU HELL and tour with AEG!

Michael left his songs to his children WHO ARE OPPOSING THIS ALBUM!

Please lets remain loyal to Michael. Lets make him proud. lets show the world that his fans will remain loyal to Michael even in death! BOYCOTT SONY,. BOYCOTT MJ NEW ABLUM....OUT OF L.O.V.E

We will buy the album:
1- When/IF Michael's children, rightful owners of the songs, decides to release it
2- %100 of the prooceedings go to MJ children, NOT Sony
3- Record label is NOT Sony aka MJ's arch enemy
4- John Branca aka Sony right arm resigns from MJ Estate

We might not have any control over justice at CA Court re: Murray trial but fans DO have power to recover his hijacked Estate! HIS CHILDREN SPOKE UP AND OPPOSED THE ALBUM! Don't buy this album to show that loyal fans won't do busines with Sony or Branca! I don't condone piracy but under the current cir***stances, if you download, I wouldn't report you. MOst of the songs are available and the rest will be available on Internet soon, DON'T BUY MJ NEW ALBUM! Don't buy into Sony's sales ploy such as this. LOOK, THIS IS JUST A PROMOTION OF THE ALBUM! BOYCOTT SONY, REMAIN LOYAL TO MJ & MJ3 WHO OPPOSE THIS ALBUM!

1457 days ago


Michael's brother Jackie has heard the album.... he didn't seem to have any problems w/ the "scream" or any other bits of it.. direct quote from him is "MJ's new album is INCREDIBLE!"

1457 days ago
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