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Miley Cyrus -- Bilingual Underage Drinking ... Sorta

11/5/2010 12:33 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With her parents in the middle of a divorce, underage Disney pop princess Miley Cyrus, 17, threw back a Corona cerveza at a club in Madrid, Spain last night ... where the legal drinking age is technically 18 -- but there's a catch.

TMZ contacted several Spanish authorities who each confirmed the law ... and then made it clear that underage drinking is simply no big deal in their country.

One police officer told us ... people as young as 16 are cool to consume "certain" beverages in Madrid -- but the cop refused to explain what those beverages are. 

In that case: Salud!



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She's literally following in the exact same foot steps as every other over-hyped, over-exposed teenage 'singer' (or actress) that's come before her.

It starts with them trying to show a more grown up version of themselves. Then with them showing how independent they are. Then drinking, acting out, dressing slutty.. blah blah blah. By the time she's 21, she'll be a full blown alcoholic with a serious drug problem. She'll end up in rehab, or jail.. and then try desperately for years to get her 'career' back on track, but by the time she does everyone will be 'totally over her'. She's Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan 2.0. End.

1413 days ago

anon alco    

hello i am an alcoholic and im only 19, from europe. if i grew up in america i would be a healthy teen and not even touched my first drink yet.

1413 days ago


Everybody seems to worry about the "beer" in the posed shot. How about the thirty-somethings she's posing with? That would give me second thought quicker than the Corona which will soon be emptied and placed in a recycle bin.

1413 days ago


You can legally drink beer at 16 in Spain. This is a non story.

1413 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I am sure the Spanish authorities laughed at an entertainment gossip site like TMZ, which is based in the USA, thinking Spain would follow ridiculous American drinking age laws. I swear, TMZ staffers need to go abroad more and get some culture.

1413 days ago


Damn sista, have something besides a bottle of piss water.

1413 days ago


Who cares? If she wants to look and act like a slut, let her. Heck, she'll probably be out of show business pretty soon, anyway, then nobody will care what she does.

1413 days ago


Please don't make me look at bulldog face cyly myrus anymore. She's white trash and so are her parents. Why do I have to

1413 days ago


thats whats wrong with todays kids parents don't watch what kids are doing today

1413 days ago


i guess if miley turned to what would really fix her problems(God) she would not entertain all the gossips out there(you)!!!

1413 days ago


she is with jamie, stacy and drew from american hi-fi. jamie has been playin guitar on her tours.

1413 days ago


Hope these idiots do the most they can with their 5 seconds of fame!
For Fun, gossip and glamour, log on to www!

1413 days ago


To 2tellthetruth: You should learn out to spell....Aside from that, it's a fact that this girl is no longer 13. She is growing up. She is almost old enough to vote, she can drive, and I believe she has her own home. Nothing I see her do leads me to believe she is going to end up a drug addict, alcoholic, or anything else like that. She is nearly legally an adult, and I've never heard anything about her that was worse than "she was holding on to a pole" on the stage. Big f-ing deal. Until she proves to be a mess, stop assuming she is, or is going to be. She's just like every other kid. She's figuring it out, and enjoying her life. And she's rich. We should all be so lucky. Too bad for her parents, BUT that has nothing to do with Miley, other than she is probably very sad about it. SO CHILL!

1413 days ago


What a bunch of haters most of you are! This 17 year old is more mature than most of you, has done more with her life than most of you, has made more money than most of you. I love the comment that 2tellthetruth wrote. calling her a teen whore. Maybe you're right, most likely you are wrong, either way, you're an idiot, and you can mark my word on that! You douche!

1413 days ago


Stop it people, in Europe you can legally drink alcohol a 18, but they are some kinds of them that you can drink at 16, and beer is a part of them. And drinking beer have never been a problem here. Everybody drinks at 15 and almost all weekend long. I don't say that it's not a problem, but in this case, if it's just occasionally it's not bad. Even more, it's good because it was proves that drinking a beer sometimes is good for the health. So just calm down with you stupids comment.

1413 days ago
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