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Miley Cyrus -- Under Fire for Beer Consumption

11/6/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus put herself and others at risk this week by indulging in that ice cold Corona at a nightclub in Spain ... this according to an international alcohol awareness organization.

Even though officials in Spain told us 17-year-old Miley didn't break any laws ... the head of the International Institute for Alcohol Awareness, James E. Copple, is concerned other young people will follow her lead and engage in "risky behavior associated with underage alcohol consumption."

Copple tells us, "The young people that see her as a role model could mimic the same behavior and as a consequence will go out and become intoxicated, putting their safety at risk."

Copple noted ... according to his organization, "85% of young people who drink, drink to get intoxicated."

So we gotta ask ...


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whats the problem?! she's white, she can do what she if she was a rapper or a black athlete, that would be a different story-they would be in jail already

1425 days ago


Maybe parents should be taking care of their kids....omg she had a beer in her hand, if your kids are influenced that easily, I bet they will be doing more because of friends, not Miley.....Parents should have realized a while ago she is no longer a kids role model....

1425 days ago

Joanne K    

Why doesn't she take some time off, have her teeth fixed, and maybe during that time she'll learn to grow up and keep her trap shut. No example for anyone in my family.

1425 days ago

Isa B    


People are really flipping out about THIS?

She was photographed holding a full beer bottle in a country where it's legal for her to drink beer. What the hell is so sinful about a ****ing beer?

Didn't you guys watch Superbad? While it's a comedy and "just a movie," it DOES, in my experience (I'm 17), accurately depict what teens do as far as partying and drinking (maybe not the parts with McLovin and the cops, lol).

I was drinking at ****ing 15 (and NOT getting wasted or drunk), when I didn't give two ****s about Miley and/or Hannah Montana. So she clearly did NOT have any effect on me or my peers, lol.

And people throw a hissy fit over this. I'm just disappointed that it was a CORONA.

See, Americans? This is why Europe laughs at us.

1425 days ago


Oh geez america can be riduculous with whats right and whats wrong. You'r the person you are no matter what sometimes and I dont see her doin anything wrong except growing up. I dont know many 17 year olds that havemt drank, had sex, smoked pot I mean its kinds there time to be young and dumb. Once ur a grown up the fun ceases

1425 days ago


Ugh, when will this girl go away? I don't particularly care about her beer, but I see a Britney/Lindsey trainwreck coming down the track. Her parasitic parents let her grow up waaay too fast, and the skanky result is unattractive at best and will only get worse.

And her acting and singing suck.

1425 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

The point of the IIAA is to pretend they have international status and influence by saying they were previously associated with other associations that do have international ties. The fact is, they really do not have international influence on what other countries' drinking limits are because other countries just laugh at them having such a high age standard for drinking. In Italy, we would just tell them to F-Off with their nonsense.

1425 days ago


So parents are incapable of talking with their kids about the difference between getting wasted and slowly sipping a single beer? And it apparently was less than 4% beer (below 8 proof), and a whole bottle probably delivers less alcohol than Nyquil cold medicine (there's a reason they sell that with a shot glass... last time I looked, it was 25% alcohol, 50 proof!). This doesn't mean Miley is on the Lindsay Lohan fast track to destruction.

Honestly. I'm a diehard teetotaler myself (once old enough to refuse - my mom served wine with special dinners, which I hated even diluted) and come from a long line of alcoholics so had no desire whatsoever to become one of them. I also saw my non-alcoholic mother get tipsy with just a small glass of chianti while waiting for a restaurant dinner, so I didn't find even small amounts all that appealing. (Being the only sober one in the room will quickly put you off the stuff...) Despite being a teenager in the 60s - never even smoked weed (much less inhaled...) and don't smoke that harder drug nicotine either. But Miley drinking a beer in Spain doesn't even bother me. She was holding a full bottle and showed no signs of drunkenness. She's within a few weeks of 18, which used to be the legal drinking age most places in the US. She's also legally drinking beer in the locality where the photograph was taken. And I'm quite sure she wasn't going to be driving.

Talk to your kids about the stupidity and risks of actually getting drunk and how easy it is to get drunk with a little alcohol, especially when you haven't eaten and are a thin female, and to never ever drive under the influence no matter how capable they think they are of driving (even small amounts of alcohol and other drugs can make the difference between avoiding an accident and not, there's good reason why youngsters get their licenses lifted immediately even with blood alcohol under the legal limit). If you have alcoholics in the family, definitely advise never experimenting with even a little alcohol - the risk is too great, we inherit genetic tendencies toward addiction. Likewise warn about mixing alcohol and various medications. But it just isn't sensible to pretend that proper social drinking - occasional and in small quantities and preferably with a meal and with a sober designated driver or money for a cab- is the knell of doom. Plenty of American parents allow their teenagers to have some beer occasionally at home - where it is perfectly legal and safely supervised.

1425 days ago


Is sipping one cheap Mexican beer enough to start getting international organizations involved and the entire English speaking world excited about another star’s impending downfall, or do we just know so well by now, from so much prior experience, that this the point at Miley’s career where she’s supposed to self-destruct that we read auto-aggression into any minor slip-up?

1425 days ago


By the way, the public beer drinking age is 16 in Madrid (18 in many other places, but she was in Madrid). TMZ must have had a bad translation when they claimed a police officer told them otherwise, or else they didn't bother asking somebody in Madrid. So Miley was quite definitely perfectly legal.

Such things are governed by the locality, not by the home country of the customer.

1425 days ago


Well maybe if the news wouldn't blast these peoples lives all over the tv and internet, we wouldn't even know if she was drinking or not. People wonder why half of celebrities go crazy -- it's because they are constantly being judged 24/7 no matter what they do. They NEVER get a break. How about we leave them alone for once.

1425 days ago


heck at 17 most kids are having sex so why can't she drink. It makes sex more fun, Remember?
I'd like to have a drink with her

1425 days ago


She sure is one butt-ugly girl without tons of makeup and hair product. Definitely does not fit into the natural beauty category. I think a lot of it is also that she is just not "pretty on the inside" and it shows on the outside.

She's on the crazy train to hot mess skanktown.

1425 days ago



People really need to prohibit their kids from watching Disney. Spears, Lohan, and now Cyrus. All examples of individuals nobody wants their kids to be like and all of them are individuals brought to us by the folks at Disney. I'm telling ya, that frigging mouse is evil.

Posted at 3:34 AM on Nov 6, 2010 by Carvey

You say ban Disney because of 3 people? What about Justin Timberlake, he came from Disney. Haley Duff? Ashley Tisdale? And so many more that have never been to rehab. The three people you mentioned were not only Disney kids but they all had parents that let them rule. Maybe that has something to do with it, not the people at Disney.

That being said. I have two young daughters, that I don't have to worry about drinking because Miley or anyone else does. When my 10 year old sees anyone behaving like Miley, or Lohan she thinks it's stupid. Both of my daughters can't understand why someone wants to drink, do drugs, or roll around in their underwear in a music video. If a parent teaches their child right from wrong and how to be a respectable person they do NOT have to worry about what anyone in the media does.

Posted at 7:10 AM on Nov 6, 2010 by Mel5309


Actually I never said anything about banning Disney. I said people should prohibit their children from watching Disney. Banning would require an action by the government. People prohibiting their children from watching Disney would be a simple act of parenting. Liberals always jump to the conclusion that the government should be responsible for raising their kids instead of just taking responsibility for raising their own kids. That being said, I'm glad your kids think that the behavior Miley is exhibiting is stupid. Let's hope it extends in to their teens.

1425 days ago


For God sake!
First of all a Corona is a very light beer, and it tastes nice, you don't drink that to get drunk. If you're drinking to get drunk you go for white **** cider or vodka or something like that.
Secondly why the hell is underage drinking such a big deal in america?! It's not like she was knocking back shots, she was sipping it...or so we think, I mean there's no pics of her actually drinking it, just holding it.
And lastly, if the american media wasn't so corrupt then this wouldn't be a big deal and children wouldn't "mimic" celebrities behaviour quite so much. Everyone who's shown in the American media is either over glamourized or over critized, it's crazy.

1425 days ago
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