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Miley Cyrus -- Under Fire for Beer Consumption

11/6/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus put herself and others at risk this week by indulging in that ice cold Corona at a nightclub in Spain ... this according to an international alcohol awareness organization.

Even though officials in Spain told us 17-year-old Miley didn't break any laws ... the head of the International Institute for Alcohol Awareness, James E. Copple, is concerned other young people will follow her lead and engage in "risky behavior associated with underage alcohol consumption."

Copple tells us, "The young people that see her as a role model could mimic the same behavior and as a consequence will go out and become intoxicated, putting their safety at risk."

Copple noted ... according to his organization, "85% of young people who drink, drink to get intoxicated."

So we gotta ask ...


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I do agree, Miley is a grown up now so she's legally allowed to drink but she haas been drinking in early 16s and 17s and sometimes I do worry because some kids may find out and she has her own show so they use her a role model, but if they find out what she has been doing, they'll either hate her or want to do it too. A friend of mine has 2 daughters 14 year old and 8 year old. !4 year old, Haley, always tells 8 year old, Chelsea, what Miley has been doing. Chelsea thinks its cool and smoking drinking and all that is good for your life but Haley tried to tell her it's not. The next week Chelsea snuck into her uncles drawer or liqour, wine, beer, wisky, it had all of that and she took a sip of each bottle which there was like 6.Some may think it's impossible for them to get drunk, but the way there brains get formed in the 8 years in late it will get drunk. So while Chelsea was drunk, she poured the whole bottle of whisky into the apple juice. (It might have been liqour one of those...) and Haley and her mom and her dad, AND her cousin, Rachel, whom was only 4 drank the apple juice. They were rushed to the emergency room but only the mom, Ginger, and the dad, Hank, and Haley had survived, this is a true story. cross my heart. :(

1411 days ago

Jill Starr    

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1367 days ago

Jill Starr    

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1367 days ago


She's a teen celebrity! She is doing the same thing that 90% of 18 year olds are doing, but because she is a celebrity its wrong...? What ever. I did worse than that when I was young and I am a successful professional, with children and am raising them well. She has to have her fun now, so she can mature like a normal individual. I wish people would just stop judging celebrities and worry about their own lives. No one person can change the world, but together we can make a difference.

1362 days ago


In Denmark i'ts legal to drink, when you're 16 and many people start before that. Not that I like it, I just wanted to throw it out there :)

1331 days ago


En España se bebe desde los 18 años, no es tan fuerte
traduzco: in Spain it is drunk from 18 years o****e, is not so strong

1150 days ago


It was a ****ing beer, what's the big deal. I'd say 80% of the kids in my high school drink. The ****ing valedictorian drinks. It's not like she had to go to the hospital or anything

871 days ago
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