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Dina Lohan -- 'Today' Show Bound Once Again

11/7/2010 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan is ready to give her State of the Lohan address once again ... with the help of her old friend Matt Lauer.

Sources tell TMZ Dina will appear on "Today" Monday morning to talk all things Lohan. We're told Dina will be yakking about Lindsay's progress in rehab, her plans for the future, and how the rest of the family is doing -- wild guess ... that does not include Michael.

Our sources say Lauer called Dina himself and asked her to come on the show.

We're betting he didn't have to twist her arm.


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We are parents of teenagers, who sometimes do stupid stuff. No matter what is said/done, said children MUST ALWAYS take responsibility for their actions and suffer the consequences and we as parents make sure of that. That is the only way children become responsible adults. Every action has a reaction sometimes good sometimes bad, this needs to be tought from a very early age. You can't wait until they are teenager to teach values. However, it is not up to us as parents to gossip about their misdeeds. I do with great pride and joy brag about their good deeds. This is also the way my husband and I were raised. As for Dina, she needs to remember love is never enough. She needs to step back, stop being manager, BFF, get at real job and become a mother with nothing but her daughters best interest at heart. Seems to me, for Dina, the line between Lindsay's employee and mother have become blurred. At this point is come across as Dina being afraid of a loss of income for herself rather than Lindsay's well being.

1448 days ago


she's is beautiful inside out.Dina may God bless u.LINDSAY will be okey,she has to go through this to fufil her destiny in life.pls dont mind the haters,they never say good about anybody even themselves.remain bless and look up to God.Africa loves yr family.KEEP GOING DONT LOOK BACK,THER IS A LIGTH AT THE END.

1448 days ago

The Mrs.    

As a parent; as one who's lived through (gray hairs!LOL) 2 daughters' rebellions ... this woman needs to stop talking, as much as the father. Going out on a limb to guess the co-dependence with Lindsay, as well as Lindsay herself possibly wanting her mother to speak (due to anxiety, purely) is a major root. I don't think the prospect of going into a quiet life is even a consideration. Broke? Go bankrupt. Go...quiet. The girl is a mess. "What would you do if you weren't "Lindsay Lohan"?" is something I wonder if the psychologists are asking her. She (the daugter) has a high I.Q. She could do ANYTHING else. Her mother should not be talking to ANYBODY. This girl is not going to heal for many, many years...if at all. Speaking as a mom. Dina should be ashamed of herself.

1448 days ago


She wants the attetion geez

1448 days ago


so the today show is just a cheap trash gossip show then? i dont know, i ahve never seen it, dont live i nthe US, but somehow i thought that was some sort of serious show, guess not

1448 days ago


Seriously NBC? Do you wonder why your credibility in the news circle is laughed at? You give airtime to useless mother skanks who add nothing to society. Is it any wonder ABC is catching up to your ratings?

1448 days ago

South Beach    

The "Today" show is now off my watch list. Matt, you've officially jumped head first into the slime pit, giving this POS airtime.

1448 days ago


Here is where the problem started. You givee the mother as much face time if not more in the news then her duaghter who is the real talent. Seams to me the Dina is as much as a fame ho as her ex husband, which leads to alot of issues in why they allowed so much to slide when it comes to Lindsey's life growing up.

1448 days ago


hopefully she'll have her roots done before she whores out her family again. matt, it she the best you can do? have you sunk so low? pathetic. no one cares, we're just sick of this whole trainwreck, i mean "family". spare us and go away.

1448 days ago


How much money do they get paid for this?

1448 days ago


LOOOSERS, this family is a joke i wonder if Ali will make an appearance

1448 days ago

LA Native    

If the BFC doesn't realize that this sort of thing is part of her problem, then it hasn't worked...AGAIN. For the life of me, I just can't understand why this family will not button up in public about their endless family issues. A functional rehab center would never allow this, this is a private matter (as Dina has been known to say over and over lately) so why now, Dina? Could it be the money?? This truly convinces me that this trip to rehab is another failure and they've done nothing to dig into the issue of her MOM selling her out as well as her father. This toxicity is sure to continue with this interview BS. It's quite obvious they haven't dug into the family issues, they've just put them aside and trust me, they will raise their ugly head again forcing her to fail. The kid does not have a chance and god help the rest of the children in this family.

1448 days ago

karen dapello    

What's the matter Dina?.....having celebri-mom withdrawals after a few weeks without paparazzi pursuit??

1448 days ago


@LA Native
Betty Ford has NO control over the media especially what the parents decide to divulge to them.
I do agree that after 5 rehabs that changes need to be made.
The most important thing for Lindsay is she stays sober until the Feb 25th court hearing which will allow her to finally put the DUIs behind her and get her life back.

1448 days ago


My question is, When is Dina gonna take her ass to rehab?

1448 days ago
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