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La Toya Jackson: That's Not Michael

11/7/2010 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Add La Toya Jackson to the list of Jackson family members who don't think the new song "Breaking News" really contains Michael Jackson's voice.

As we previously reported, Michael's mom, Katherine, and two of his kids, Prince and Paris, don't believe it's really Michael's voice on the song Sony released on Friday.

When we asked La Toya about it yesterday, she told us, "I listened to it ... It doesn't sound like him."

Also, bad news for Oprah ... she might not have a viewer in La Toya for O's big Jackson episode tomorrow.

By the way ... numerous experts and people associated with the recording of the album say it is indeed Michael's voice.


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Cheryl,you are BEING STUPID AND YOU NEED TO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.fIRST OF ALL when Michael was going through hell in '93 with the child molestation charges,latoilet like someboby justly calls her said that her brother was a pedophile,she also said Michael wanted Bubbles to have an operation on his throat so that his pet could talk to him,she was the first to arrive at his house right after his murder and had trucks loaded with things she took out of the house,check that on youtube,cause i actually saw it.Oh and since when is latoilet an expert on her brother's voice when he burned bridges with all of them years ago.

1409 days ago



1409 days ago


someone already robbed MJ of $2 million dollars and the police did not give a damn nor secure the home/crime scene. The family had to go and obtain MJ's and his children's belongings. The world was doing exactly what the world does which is listen to the media's lying version of what transpired to Michael Jackson.
The Jacksons had to take care of MJ kids, clean out his home, plan a funeral,surpress how they really felt, while MJ's killer was on the loose. all with the media, haters and brain dead liars complaining and judging every damn thing and then some about Michael and his family.
well over a year later people are still talking like damn fools about the jacksons. going back 20-25 years digging up old family squabbles and BS from dayz gone by as if it has any relevance to the fact that Sony/AEG/Branca/Mcclain/Phillips/Dliar/Ortega etc plotted against Michael and now they alone benefit from MJ's estate.
Murray was paid to kill Michael Jackson. The executors are all a bunch of lying thieves.

Posted at 3:57 PM on Nov 7, 2010 by mymjj5

I don't care if you close your eyes to the actions of the j clan but stop commenting whenever i write something about them that you don't like.Now she stated her brother was a pedophile when he was going through hell on tv remember,as for the theft she also stated howelse was she going to explain the fact that she was in Michael's house right after his murder and loading trucks with his things.Who gave her the right Michael,let's not forget they were not in contact with him for many years.

How are you so sure that AEG,Branca,Ortega are the ones responsible for his death and don't tell me for the catalog and not the j clan,they were jealous of his success,now they have become experts regarding HIS BUSINESS and unfortunately they all have opinions even the nephews!

1409 days ago


That is definitely not Michael's voice. It does sound somewhat like him but lacks his voice's talent. Great job to whoever made it up though. Real Michael fans will know that is not his voice.

1408 days ago


I've been growin up with michael's music in my ears 24/7 and I can tell you for sure that IT AIN'T MICHAEL singin on this (wack) track!It's just disgusting to do this,f*ck sony

1408 days ago


Latoya and her family have all made it crystal clear over and over again that she was in a battered relationship with an organized crime member and had no choice but to say the things she said. He family moved forward from it and forgave her, why can't the public. Anyhow, on the topic of this new song, yet again, it is emerging that "crazy" "Latoilet" may be right. Of course those who call her "crazy" for statements such as this will never acknowledge that she may have been right.

1408 days ago


Just another celebrity opinion to fuel the fires raging in the fan communities. I wish everyone would keep their mouths shut until they have the facts. This whole thing is ridiculous.

1407 days ago



1407 days ago


"Breaking News" is not Michael's voice, not even a chopped up, edited version of one. I would know, I've studied Michael's voice and I can tell this is not Michael's voice. It's not Jason whatever his last name is voice either. Jason sounds a lot like Michael but the voice singing this song, is not Michael's. Michael has written a lot of songs that have been used by other people in the music industry, so I wouldn't doubt that Michael has written this particular song. But to say that it's Michael singing Breaking news...that's a stretch. I'd recognize Michael's falsetto anywhere and it's not here.

Sorry, but "Breaking News" is something that Sony put together with what they had, and since Michael wasn't around, they had someone else sing it and penned Michael's name on it to give something the fans would buy.

Sad and pathetic if you ask me.

1386 days ago


number 2 what you mean have they ever heard of a job that's his brother and sister! his business is their business. when it involves situations like this yes it is. can you imagine not having them if you were him. they were probably the only ones around to support his idk and neither do you so don't say that!

1374 days ago

Gitte Hougaard    

Shut the **** up La Toya, you are only famous because you are his brother, and I will never forgive or forget what you said about him and children under the trial. You are a ****ing golddigger just like your brother Jermaine, and your farther Joe. You should keep your mouth shut.

1361 days ago
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