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Lindsay Lohan --

Movie Night Gone Awry

11/7/2010 9:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tried to enjoy a night out of rehab by taking in a movie -- but things didn't go as planned ... sources tell TMZ.

Lindsay was spotted at the Century Rancho Mirage movie theater last night, located about three miles away from the Betty Ford Center. A movie theater employee tells TMZ Lindsay tried to see a movie, but started to get noticed by other moviegoers and decided to leave instead.

Our spies say Lindsay visited a Borders bookstore located right near the theater. According to, who first reported Lindsay's night out, she picked up a couple of magazines and then left.


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She wanted to see the movies she will never be in

1410 days ago

derek harvey    

danny we are not allowing her to have a normal life ----society ****ed this girl up big time---it is what it is-----she just needs to be stronger then us common folk

1410 days ago


@ 11 Spot. Don't get your undies in a bunch just because you fell off the wagon.... again. Grow a pair and quit your whining.

1410 days ago

derek harvey    

and danny congradts thats thhhhhhhhhhhhe stuppidest thing that ive EVER read on a blog comment----now get back to beating up your wife *******

1410 days ago

Karma Baby    

Whatever. If she really wanted to see the movie she would have came in when the previews were rolling, its so dark then you can't see anyone. She wanted to be seen. She's a media whore.

1410 days ago


Oh boo hoo hoo. If she wants to go see film in peace, she can just buy the godd*mn*d theater... (Oh wait, she's so broke, she can't afford the rehab - that's why she only spent 2k on PJs and socks).

Danny's right on - SHE wanted to be a "celebrity", and with all the adulation and billions come the public scrutiny. Don't like having no privacy? Quit, go work in a warehouse and GIVE BACK all the billions. Nobody will give a dump about you. But she is as addicted to attention as she is to cocaine... and clam.

Like a previous poster so eloquently suggested, she can cry on the steering wheel of yet another rented 1/4-million-dollar car.... until she drives it into a palm tree.

I, too, am looking forward to seeing NICOLE on the Today show... ought to be entertaining. Fact may be stranger than fiction, but fiction (anything spouted by ANY Lohan) will always be more fun than fact.

1410 days ago


Danny, Steve, Broheem-you're all nothing but a bunch of useless f*cking retards!

1410 days ago


Why is someone who is so messed up as her out and about unattended and visiting places?

She is an addict and should never be left alone!

I bet money she pops positive when she heads back in. I hope they test her 24/7.

1410 days ago


Ah darkrage... in top form tonight, eh? Perhaps Lindsay could slap some sense into me? All she would have to do is spin her head briskly.... she'd easily spank me with those massive plastic "lips".

1410 days ago


Why is everyone so surprised she can go to the movie or shopping?
This has been explained in the comment section before.
Betty Ford’s inpatient program doesn’t go any longer than 30 days.
After 30 days inpatient, they are transferred to their residential day treatment program.
Their extended program is designed to help people who have a history of relapsing..
She still has to go to meetings all day from 6am-9pm, and chores.
I think she’ll benefit from this program.

1410 days ago

Pretty LL    

I sure hope they are testing her often. If she's allowed to run around town she'll find pills. She's a liar and a manipulator. I will NOT be watching Dina's "interview". She makes me cringe with her BS

1410 days ago


And everyone wants her to be "normal" while she's treated like a sideshow attraction.

1410 days ago


Of course they are testing her regularly.
She got tested at Promises and Cirque she just didn't follow the rules.

Now she will because until Jan 3rd it is either stay in Betty Ford or go to jail.

1410 days ago



1410 days ago


LINDSEY hang in there.

1410 days ago
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