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Lindsay Lohan --

Movie Night Gone Awry

11/7/2010 9:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tried to enjoy a night out of rehab by taking in a movie -- but things didn't go as planned ... sources tell TMZ.

Lindsay was spotted at the Century Rancho Mirage movie theater last night, located about three miles away from the Betty Ford Center. A movie theater employee tells TMZ Lindsay tried to see a movie, but started to get noticed by other moviegoers and decided to leave instead.

Our spies say Lindsay visited a Borders bookstore located right near the theater. According to, who first reported Lindsay's night out, she picked up a couple of magazines and then left.


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And if she were a "normal" person or a non-white celebrity, she wouldn't have been allowed out. That's Hollywood justice for you.

1444 days ago

mr smith    

linds should move to fife scotland theres NO drugs at all here

1444 days ago


Oh boo hoo hoo. If she wants to go see film in peace, she can just buy the godd*mn*d theater... (Oh wait, she's so broke, she can't afford the rehab - that's why she only spent 2k on PJs and socks).

Danny's right on - SHE wanted to be a "celebrity", and with all the adulation and billions come the public scrutiny. Don't like having no privacy? Quit, go work in a warehouse and GIVE BACK all the billions. Nobody will give a dump about you. But she is as addicted to attention as she is to cocaine... and clam.

Like a previous poster so eloquently suggested, she can cry on the steering wheel of yet another rented 1/4-million-dollar car.... until she drives it into a palm tree.

I, too, am looking forward to seeing NICOLE on the Today show... ought to be entertaining. Fact may be stranger than fiction, but fiction (anything spouted by ANY Lohan) will always be more fun than fact.

1444 days ago


Why don't people just let her enjoy her evening out and her movie? She is going to have twice as difficult a time getting clean and sober as her treatment peers. Give her a chance for God's sake.

1444 days ago


I though she was a celebrity and can do what ever the F she wants?

1444 days ago

Moe Green    

She could always become a hooker if she needs money.

1444 days ago


If any of you dillweeds commenting on why is she out of rehab. She is not out of rehab. Anyone who has had a loved one in rehab knows that all rehab facilities to my knowledge have a movie night out and other events away from the facility. It's part of rehab. Stop being so frk'g. STUPID with your uninformed comments. I hope her rehab works for her and that she's able to find herself.

1444 days ago


Leave the girl alone...She needs to take time to recover from her addictions and have a huge time of PEACE! Let her be free and normal but if the Paparazzi followed her as leaches she will not get out of her issues.

Daniel from MEXICO

1444 days ago


Well, I guess it's a chance to work through another one of her problems while she's there in rehab. Not all publicity is good publicity, huh?

1444 days ago

Moe Green    

Another moron blaming her problem on the paps. Personally I think it's Bigfoot.

1444 days ago

Jim K    

arrive to the one minute movie late when the lights are out, have your companion, guardian go in early, buy popcorn, leave early, problem solved....

1444 days ago


It's too bad that they can't just let her out with a small amount of money to spend. Her shopaholic ways are another expression of her addictive personality, I think. She apparently buys stuff that then just gets stored, without even using it, and relies heavily on credit cards that don't get paid off very quickly - so she typically spends way beyond her real means. Can't be crying about the cost of rehab (which must be cheaper than her usual living arrangements) and then drop loads of money on a shopping expedition.

She needs a really long break from her usual environment and what passes for work in her world if she is ever to recover and have a chance at a truly happy life, but that means tightening the belt and not spending as usual. Three months in rehab really isn't enough for her to recover, but as soon as the legal leash is unhooked - she is very unlikely to accept that and get with a really long residential program that will give her the supervision and new options that she needs.

As far as the movie problem is concerned - she's an actress. How hard would it be to disguise herself so this kind of thing wouldn't happen? Are we really sure it did happen this way, anyhow? She has to make choices - if she wants to be in the public eye all the time, there are consequences. Plenty of people manage to stay under the radar, and so could she if she really wanted to do it.

1444 days ago


Lindsay should be able to see a movie and go into a book store as long as BF allows her to do so. These are normal parts of life that are good for her to experience. I'm sorry there wasn't enough respect by other moviegoers around that she could feel like a normal young woman for a change. This is what we want for why crap all over her for it.

1444 days ago


Poster no. 6-Deeeee Deeeee Devoid of any compassion.

You are one toxic piece of crap always expecting and rejoicing in the worse in life. You circle the drain with glee every single post. I AGREE WITH POSTER No. 11!

1444 days ago


Half the problem is her hair. Put it up under a baseball cap or something. 3 foot long extensions usually stick out just a tad. Her hair up with just jeans and a sweatshirt or whatever, and I highly doubt anyone would notice her. Also don't go with several people. As someone else mentioned, a friend could go in and save a seat, text her location and I am pretty sure you could go in without fanfare...arrange to go in the back door...there are many alternatives here. Even Michael Jackson snuck into movies once in a while.

1444 days ago
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