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Lindsay Lohan --

Movie Night Gone Awry

11/7/2010 9:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tried to enjoy a night out of rehab by taking in a movie -- but things didn't go as planned ... sources tell TMZ.

Lindsay was spotted at the Century Rancho Mirage movie theater last night, located about three miles away from the Betty Ford Center. A movie theater employee tells TMZ Lindsay tried to see a movie, but started to get noticed by other moviegoers and decided to leave instead.

Our spies say Lindsay visited a Borders bookstore located right near the theater. According to, who first reported Lindsay's night out, she picked up a couple of magazines and then left.


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Blah... who cares

1454 days ago

Alan Carver    

Let's hope that this new structure for Lohan is going to work. The Judge was right to keep her in this program for as long as he is expecting her to. She only has about 50 days left in this program, but the structure she has to face once she gets out is going to either be a good place for her or she is going right back out to using again. It is unfortunate that Lohan has this addiction going on in her life but the reality is that she is either taking this real seriously or she is not and plans on using again once she gets back out! And as for DINA to go and do this interview - the mortgage is due. What a mess!

1454 days ago


is that all you have ppl? that's the big "news"?

come on... try to come out with something interesting

what was that? she bought a magazine and left?


who cares!!!!!

1454 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

I said it before - this chick should just hire me as her personal assistant, we practically eat out of the same popcorn bucket. I was just there, rummaged through some mags at borders too.
Hi Lindsay if you read these things, did you see that one magazine with all the overnight skin care secrets? I was gonna buy it, but I thought it would just seem gay, then I was going to buy the Hollywood reporter but decided not to cause I wasted all my cash on ice teas, then I decided I had to pee. What was the deal with that honking truck yesterday? We’re you there today? I couldn’t believe that one guy with the silver hair, how even though he was all by himself kept farting out loud. I could never rip one that loud and shamelessly in public if I was all by myself. If you have a buddy or someone to laugh with you about it, it’s no big deal, but if you’re just walking around all by yourself ripping loud farts like that in front of strangers it just seems way too weird. Anyway, I know it’s ‘lowbrow’ for you, but you should go to Carl’s Junior on 111 tomorrow at like say 1:00 - I mean if you’re bored and want to cut out off rehab early or something and hangout. Also do you have any weed I could buy? Seriously? Not like a huge cache or something just a like a 2 day supply that’d be SWEEET!! I mean I totally understand if you don’t, it just that the guy I know is out of town and you‘re Lindsay Lohan you can probably do anything. Well, bye.

1454 days ago


Check the movie theater toilet seats for cocaine residue.

We know you all too well my dear drug-addled Lindsay.

1454 days ago


Ok, I live here and she picked the busiest place in town to try to see a movie and buy a book. There are other theatres in town she could have gone to.

1454 days ago

Orange Comet    

Do you think that she really cares about your comments? Get a life everyone.

1454 days ago


Man I could've seen her last night if my friends bail at the last minute on our movie night! She was at The River in Rancho Mirage, Borders is like 50 ft. away from the theater so it makes sense that she went in there.

1453 days ago


She knows that she draws a crowd, and as such, she could have disgused herself and gone to a more private theatre. She also could have ordered some DVD's from Blockbuster and watched them at the Ford Clinic - perhaps included some of her co-patients and staff as a special treat. But no, she really wants the publicity!!! That is why she continues to go out in public. Unfortunately, her publicity has been bad, but that is simply because she is a drama queen who finds trouble somehow. Not to mention her publicity whore of a

1453 days ago


this stinks that lindsay cant go to a movie.And she is allowed day passes from the rehab.
I ran into my all time favorite celebrity at the movies and I didn't make a big fuss over it.I didn't even go up to the celebrity. I let them go to their movie, stared and then went to watch my movie that I had tickets for.It was great seeing your all time favorite celebrity but you shouldn't bother them. ya know let them be in peace. I waited until i got home to freak out.

yes its amazing to see celebrities but dont ruin their fun and bother them when they want to be left alone.Be respectful

1453 days ago


Since Leonardo is her knight, I have no doubt she went to see Inception.

1453 days ago


You're wrong Sally-TMZ didn't mention this, but Lindsay was trying to avoid beeing seen by covering herself up with a hooded sweatshirt that night, but her long hair kinda gave her away, if she really did want publicity like you said, then she wouldn't have bothered trying to cover herself up at all.

1453 days ago


Oh please, wanna' bet Dina called the paps and told them. I also agree with other poster about her silly looking lips. They're ugly - on everyone who jabs needles in their lips. I can't watch movies on TV now if the leading woman has fat lips that look like an overbite.

1453 days ago


The real story: No one could see or recognize her in the dark theater and she needed some of that fan adoration so she went to the bookstore where the light is bright and everyone would recognize her and flock around so she feels important and loved.

1453 days ago


Wiley-you're an idiot so just STFU.

1453 days ago
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