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Michael Jackson's 'Breaking News' -- The Real Deal

11/7/2010 8:07 PM PST BY Harvey Levin

Hey, it's Harvey. We usually don't write first person on TMZ, but I gotta tell you what I just heard.

Michael Jackson Breaking News song:

Someone has played me the song "Breaking News." I'm not a music expert, but I am a Michael Jackson music fan ... and it's definitely Michael Jackson. The song -- which is awesome -- is a pretty harsh look through Michael's eyes at the media. In essence, he is saying ... You've treated me shabbily and you've hoped for my demise, but I'm back!

One of the lyrics:
 "They want to see that I fall,
cause I'm Michael Jackson.
You write the words to destroy
like it's a weapon."

In another part of the song, Jackson sings:
"Everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson.
Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson.
Just when you thought he was done,
he comes to give it again."

The song is vintage Jackson. The initial beat will remind you of "Billie Jean" and there are all sorts of MJ trademarks throughout.

When you hear it, you will not be able to suppress the image of Jackson dancing to the song.

The song was recorded at the home of music producer Eddie Cascio, when Michael Jackson was living there for four months in 2007.

As good as the song is ... it's not the first single that will be released. We're told we might be able to post a copy of  "Breaking News" on TMZ as soon as late tonight.


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115 mymjj5

Spot on comment.....Michael had been approached by the Freemasons obviously to push their agenda because of his enormous influence worldwide.

Like any novice he may have examined and been curious as to how it worked. See Thriller album cover replete with Masonic symbolism.

However, with time he understood the evil intimidation of Freemasonry and the control that it was exercising on the young new entertainers and the entertainment industy in general. At one rally he spoke out, albeit somewhat cloaked was his message, but certainly understood by those in the know.

There is no doubt in my mind that Michael was murdered by the Illuminati ie, Conrad Murray the hitman and many more corroborating in the crime.

We continue to look forward to January, 2011, to the outcome of the trial, justice for Michael, his family and all of those of us who love him.

Requiscat in pace Michael.


1409 days ago


As I have posted before don't let "unwell" get under your skin. He is a 55 year old with mental problems. He is fat balding and extremely immature for his age. Believe me when I say he needs help some couch time would do him good. Instead of reacting to his postings please pity him because lord knows when he is in hell it will be very ironic when all he hears is the angel MJ singing to him.

God bless Unwell we all hope u seek the help u need.

MJ Forever.

1409 days ago


Posted at 8:50 PM on Nov 7, 2010 by Scott


Very uncool...

Fans like you

1409 days ago


Posted at 8:48 PM on Nov 7, 2010 by Annie-I'm-NOT-okay
Thanks!!!Fantastic post and OMGawd insight!!!! It took me a while but I picked up on all the symbolism of MJ's cd covers videos and other performances. It's clear what was happening to him!!!! Not to mention the messages he was sending out to his fans during the latter years of his life.
The History Tour was all about the 7's (God's perfect number). I'm not up to par with the Illuminati so called connection. The younger fans seem to be hooked on it and that's who took MJ out. I'm not there yet!!! The jury is still out for me in that regard.

1409 days ago


Let me start singing to goes like this....."the man in the mirror" you know the ugly fat 55 year old who tries to have people from facebook post here and then tries to pick them up? I wish I could post a pic it would be scarier then THRILLER. BUt then again you already know that which is why you lash out here cause u get no attention at home.

Now thats funny chit........

1409 days ago


Mel is being treated as bad if not worse then MJ..I do like Mj's music

1409 days ago


Awwwww MIMI so sorry to see I hurt your feelings.

GET OVER IT......he has spread enough abuse time to take it a bit.......or maybe thats the problem ever meet bubba unwell?

1409 days ago


Ooooooooooooooooooonline!!! :)

1409 days ago


Wow ty for the link Matys :)

Now thats an MJ song...............


1409 days ago


who are these dumb people everywhere saying he can't make a new song or album cause he is dead, haven't they ever heard a posthumous album

1409 days ago



1409 days ago


Damn what a hot song! MJ made that song so different than any other pop songs I've ever heard, it has its own flow!

I guess the Jackson family (if they really do) think the first half is not him, but I could hear his voice out of a million and the special thing really is: he sings different!

Great song, nice beat, hits your ear and in the end, you hear here that it's absolutely him!!! Damn... hot! Still shaking.... R.I.P. MJ... long live your music!!!

1409 days ago


Time for me to preorder anyone got unwells credit card handy from the porn sites he visits? I am sure he would want ten copies :)

1409 days ago


Where is the sonnnnngg?

1409 days ago
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