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Michael Jackson's 'Breaking News' -- The Real Deal

11/7/2010 8:07 PM PST BY Harvey Levin

Hey, it's Harvey. We usually don't write first person on TMZ, but I gotta tell you what I just heard.

Michael Jackson Breaking News song:

Someone has played me the song "Breaking News." I'm not a music expert, but I am a Michael Jackson music fan ... and it's definitely Michael Jackson. The song -- which is awesome -- is a pretty harsh look through Michael's eyes at the media. In essence, he is saying ... You've treated me shabbily and you've hoped for my demise, but I'm back!

One of the lyrics:
 "They want to see that I fall,
cause I'm Michael Jackson.
You write the words to destroy
like it's a weapon."

In another part of the song, Jackson sings:
"Everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson.
Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson.
Just when you thought he was done,
he comes to give it again."

The song is vintage Jackson. The initial beat will remind you of "Billie Jean" and there are all sorts of MJ trademarks throughout.

When you hear it, you will not be able to suppress the image of Jackson dancing to the song.

The song was recorded at the home of music producer Eddie Cascio, when Michael Jackson was living there for four months in 2007.

As good as the song is ... it's not the first single that will be released. We're told we might be able to post a copy of  "Breaking News" on TMZ as soon as late tonight.


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Harvey I love you for being so enthusiastic! :o)

1408 days ago

my opinion    

Wow... powerful factual words sung by MJ it's good to hear that you believe the song you heard was MJ.


Love the Jackson's

PEACE,LOVE,KINDNESS & RESPECT makes a better world for US ALL

1408 days ago


Reta-MJ didn't buy any kids,if you don't like him or his family then stop reading stories about them.
@george clooney-Mike wasn't a pervert,the media is.

1408 days ago


Harvey,you are included in the "media" Mike hated! You/tmz have never shown him,his kids,nor his family any respect. You/tmz have lied and spread rumors about them.

1408 days ago


Good to hear from YOU Harvey!!

1408 days ago


I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FRIGGIN SICK SICK SIIIIICK of hearing about MJ!!! ENOUGH alreay! WHO THE HECK CARES!!!!????? I am so tired of hearing about this whackjob that I want to scream! I will NEVER understand why this man was ever so popular. Yes, his music was cool (in the 80's!!!), but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I just wish this Michael Jackson mania would GO AWAY ALREADY! But sadly, alas, it never will...especially now that he's dead! It's just like Elvis. I am seriously going to STOP reading TMZ because of all this garbage. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH HARVEY!!! Let it rest! UGH!

1408 days ago


Missed feelings!!! I want to know if MJ would give his blessings. I don't think he would. The estate need to chill. They are watering down his image all for the mighty dollar!!! Go to for more information

1408 days ago


i hope he wrote one called f@ck the press..he really didnt like tmz either .he said they were always rude..

1408 days ago


I do not know if I'll have the courage to listen to these songs, as I have not had the courage to see the movie "This Is It." I accepted the fact that he died in the flesh, but I still can not accept how and why this occurred, as well as millions of people worldwide!

1408 days ago


Sony + TMZ = Marketing?

1408 days ago


LOL nan

1408 days ago


There are tons of people who can impersonate people and you'd never know it wasn't the actual person. Is it possible that someone sounds so much like Michael Jackson that no one would be able to tell the difference? Yup. I guess we'll never know. Hope away, folks. By the way, he's singer and a dancer. Not the second coming.

1408 days ago


@Dee: aaaahm... millions around the world do care! ;)
So if you don't, turn around and don't pay attention! I don't care about so many things as well, and have to live with it

1408 days ago


Can't wait to hear the song!!!

1408 days ago


time and time again it proves, Harvey is good man

1408 days ago
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