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Christina Milian & The Dream

Strike Settlement

11/9/2010 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pop star Christina Milian and super-producer The Dream are one step closer to being legally single -- TMZ has learned the couple has hammered out a settlement in their pending divorce.

Sources close to the soon-to-be exes tell us the terms of the settlement are extremely confidential -- but lawyers are expected to submit the paperwork to a Fulton County, Georgia judge in the very near future.

Milian and The Dream were only married back in September of 2009 ... and as we first reported, Dream filed for divorce nine days before Christina gave birth to their only child.

UPDATE: Christina's attorney Randy Kessler tells TMZ, "Ms. Milian strongly believes that peaceful resolution is better for their child and that she is very pleased with the settlement and that it was accomplished out of court."


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Real Man    

you're one of the chumps I've been reading. Glad I am here to post. You punks living in your mama's basement without jobs are ruining this country.

Go douche your mangina little girl.

1444 days ago

Real Man    

This is the CHUMP THREAD.

America's prob is it's MEN. Or lack of. Look around how many kids black white latin asian have dads in their lives? Women don't knock themselves up!

Life must be good in the unemployment line living in your mother's basement. If I was a woman I'd be a lesbian there are so many loser men in the world always blaming women cause they don't have the guts or the smarts to be a REAL MAN.

-Real Man

1444 days ago


@real man- If you women would stop sleeping with everything in sight until one finally knocks you up, US MEN wouldn't be such a-holes.

1444 days ago


Happens every time. When female celebrities bring a child into the situation it's only a matter of time before the divorce. Kinda like in real life. Men don't like having to compete with a child for the woman's attention. Men want sex on demand and that tends to stop whenever a child is introduced into a situation.

1444 days ago


Real Man, please stop pretending you're male; it's totally obvious.

with your kind of penis envy, you're never going to attract a husband. i see many cats in your future, dear.

1444 days ago

''' V '''    

Remember this people... Anytime a woman gets with a man that has more then she does there's motive behind it. I knew this wasn't gonna last Chawk it up take care that baby learn from your mistake and move on Dream...

1444 days ago


I think Real Man is really a Real woman trying to turn the tides. Nice try Ma'am!

1444 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Slow news day eh?

1444 days ago


Who does he think he is a blessing from god by calling himself "The Dream!" more like "The Douche".

1444 days ago


all you people saying Christina is a gold digger and a chicken head etc. yall just some haterz cause she should have divorced him because he cheated on her with his assistant so he is the bad guy for cheating on her while she was pregnant. so all you people saying Christina is the bad one then your head must be extremely messed up.

1444 days ago


Oh stop it already! Women are quick to get married & knocked up right away to "seal the deal"! So they go into the marriage with an agenda, then when things don't work out, cha-ching!! Child support money! And men, don't let any woman talk you into or trick you into marriage! You bitches make me sick with this nonsense!! Stay married for a few years before bringing a kid into your chaos & b.s. And to men & women - stop trying to change the other person to fit your agenda, nothing sends a man or woman out the door quicker than a controlling, nagging, pretending to be mormon girl!!!

1444 days ago


she should have known he left his 1st wife with 3 young children and i think he was pressured into marriage because she was pregnant

1444 days ago

Ms.Rico Lander    

Men are dumb they blame women for everything men are stupid they find dumb women to agree with them. Anybody who agrees with him is a bad parent and dumb.

Stupid dumb man thinking with their little ding dongs broke scrubs I don't want no scrubs

1444 days ago


If she wasn't stupid and signed that paper before; she could of got more money out of deal. Ah well!

1444 days ago


This dude didnt want Christina Milian ...??? Without a doubt she made a mistake but, Why wouldnt ya want Christina? Unless she has some hidden secret that only surfaces like early in the Morning while sleeping with her...??? The Chick is Freakin HOT !!

1444 days ago
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