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'Beverly Hills Housewife' Gets Trashy

11/8/2010 9:15 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Dressed to the nines in a blue dress and black stilettos, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards did her own dirty work and moved her recycling bin to the curb this weekend.


Being Paris Hilton's aunt comes with a lot of garbage.


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Broken link

Why dont they have Paris' other aunt on the show?

1423 days ago


Paris's jailbird aunt offers her advice on surviving prison

1423 days ago


That photo is hysterical! And so totally staged. Nice body, manly face.

1423 days ago


She's fabulous!

1423 days ago


She has great hair. Too bad for her feet, legs and back that she wears heels that are too high.

1423 days ago


Am I the only one who could care less what any of these so called "Housewives" wears?

More importantly is WHY in the world, at this age and stage of their lives, would they sign up for something as foolish as this show?

Ladies, at 40 something, to be behaving like this is a joke and an insult to me. Any woman who wants to be on this stupid reality show needs to do a self check.

Grown up women, professional women, tend to be looked up to. But, when you show this kind of judgement.....the ladies in your peer group are going to raise some eyebrows, and with reason.

ALL of the Housewives need to pull their head from their rear-ends. To put your family out there, and then to behave like highschool girls fighting within their group? And on TV?

I cringe when I see the commericals! WHO says these types of things at their age?!@ Ya gotta be kidding me......getting into cat fights with their girfriends is bad enough at their age, say things we to one another like they are on MTV takes it to a whole new level.

"I'm done with you.. I said you were garbage and you are...."
Puke, all that money and zero commom sense and class.. WHO talks like this at 50!!!??? Is it a "Jersy thing" too?

I'm astounded by these....eeerrrr.....uuuummmm....ladies? Talk about lack of jugdement. I thought we were suppose to get smarter than this as we age. At least the women I know of a certain age are. Is it the attention? Do they think they are stars because they are at a photo shoot?

I don't get it.

The day I am opening up my life for the likes of myself and the general public to watch my every move AND COMMENT ON IT!!!

Oh well, it takes all kinds I suppose........

1423 days ago

J Simp    

She looks hot for her age.

1423 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

huh??!? i thought that is what you married men for???! oh, i forget! they are too busy polishing up their muscles and looks for other it all makes sense!!!

1423 days ago

lost grrl    

Am I the only one who actually LIKES Kyle? Perhaps it is because she is the only woman on the show that I can look at without would think that with all the cash these women have they would be able to afford good, natural-looking plastic surgery. Hey Mrs. Malouf-Nassir...forget your husband as a Demi and get the name of her surgeon!

1423 days ago


I absolutely love her! She is by far my favorite housewife! Kyle's a good mother, wife, sister, and she is down to earth and straight forward, and does it all while looking amazing and chic! Love it! <3

1423 days ago


Are you for real? This show out of all the housewives bothers me. Do you really need four nannies? Do you know how many single moms are out here working full-time, going to school at night and then are raising a household full of kids on their own? Also, no one "keeps" someone else sober for 15 years-Kelsey has made his own decision and daily choices to remain sober. Also, I wouldn't brag that your're his wife because wasn't he caught a long time ago messing with or trying to get with a young girl/s??? I vaguely remember that happening. People don't change all that much with those tendencies even when one gets sober/clean-just saying!

1423 days ago


Nobleday, you said what I was thinking. And if she develops sprained tendons and snapped ligaments from those extreme high heels, it's her own stupid fault. What vain women won't do for fashion.

1422 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

Tranny face. No komment!

1422 days ago



She is a very beautiful woman.....but lets be honest this is probably the first time in her life she touched a trash bin.....nice photo opportunity but a little ridiculous!

Posted at 9:00 AM on Nov 8, 2010 by Darlene Mielke

I think you're right.

Nice that she color coordinated with the can. Maybe she hopes to get recycled herself.

1422 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

She's pure trash, ugly legs that look totally out of place with high heels, flabby arms und a total man face, man lips. Her haar is her only redeeming feature. Diskusting!

1422 days ago
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