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'Beverly Hills Housewife' Gets Trashy

11/8/2010 9:15 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Dressed to the nines in a blue dress and black stilettos, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards did her own dirty work and moved her recycling bin to the curb this weekend.


Being Paris Hilton's aunt comes with a lot of garbage.


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I want to be like Kyle when I grow up!!

Kyle, don't EVER let another word that vile monster Camille says affect you again! All of this was sooo not worth it & it was visibly emotionally exhausting for you. No one's worth all that anxiety, especially not that excuse for a grown woman!

CAMILLE, CAMILLE, CAMILLE! WOW! You are truly certifiable! delusional! self-important! and totally out of touch of what is REALLY happening and how superficial and shallow you look. You are so transparently phoney.You constantly talk about the nice things you do for people but it wasn't so nice of you to put your so called friend DiDi on blast about her financial situation. You only do these things for appearances sake and to get credit for something since you basically do NOTHING. When you do something nice for someone, you don't rub it in & continue to bring it up for your own good-publicity. You should be ashamed of your "mightier-than-thou" behavior on last night's episode. You complain about being in Kelsey's shadow but you talk about him constantly... you are the only person bringing Kelsey up, no one else cares! Stop riding your husband's coat tails & stop saying how busy you are. Try being a single mother with a full-time real job without millions to hire an obscene amount of hired help. You do NOTHING except whine and brag! You can't even be woman enough to let the situation go & rise above for the sake of avoiding drama. Pecking Order?? Are you serious? Do you really think you're better than the general population because of your EX-HUSBAND'S status?? Please seek therapy and bring yourself back down to earth. You come off as a superficial blonde bimbo & you are so lucky you didn't get a pre-nup. Oh, & now that he's your EX-Husband, where do you think you rank in the pecking order?
I'm an average woman who works full-time as does my blue-collar husband, to make ends meet for my loving family. But I am richer in life than you or KELSEY because I'm HAPPY which you apparently are NOT. I honestly feel sorry for you. What is your contribution to society?? You don't even care for your own children!! No one really cares about Kelsey's Emmys, Tony's or whatever awards, those are his accomplishments, not YOURS! ... At the end of the day, we all go home to our loving families and that's what is important. We all realize that this is what you loathe about Kyle, she has an a HAPPY family & a super hot husband who is loving & attentive, but get over it, go and get it for yourself! You'd seem a lot less pathetic... (by the way, this was not a dig or a jab just to hurt your feelings, it's just honest advice)

1409 days ago


Why doesn't her husband take out the trash? I guess life is not too perfect. My husband does and we do not live in Beverly Hills. I guess I am so lucky!

1383 days ago


I love her, she's the best one on the show!

1371 days ago


Kyle is trying to jump start her career, that is why she signed up for Housewifes. She should get an Emmy for her performance in "Dinner From Hell". Kyle, if you could just stop with the stupid KIMONO tops. Every week you have one on. They make you look FRUMPY. Does Taylor [aka] Shauna have a crush on you ?

1355 days ago


Sorry.....such a photo op! Trash pick up is usually before 8am!

1353 days ago


MaryLou a real women does not were a hooker outfit. course look who there nieces are the hiltons.

1342 days ago
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