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Dina --

I 'Understand'

Lindsay is an Addict

11/8/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan says she finally understands that Lindsay Lohan is an "addict" -- and after all the drama, she's "happy" and "relieved" that her daughter is now at Betty Ford.

Dina appeared on the "Today" show this morning with Matt Lauer -- and talked all things Lindsay ... including our video of Lindsay shopping yesterday, an endeavor that Dina says was BF approved.

All things said, Dina's thoughts were clear ... things are looking up for Lindsay.


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Nicole at #44: I know you really believe that the July sentence was horribly wrong and that you really believe all she did was "miss a few classes which she made up" (enough to get non-celebs tossed back into jail) rather than all the other violations she actually had, since you keep saying so every chance you get. But repetition doesn't make a delusion into the truth.

I'll go into broken record mode myself and remind you once again that actually the July sentence was completely right. The judge knew that 90 days in jail would translate into just a few days in LA, so get over that shock. Addicts often need a few days in jail to convince them of the real consequences if they continue on the same path, so I would say jail did a good thing for Lindsay. The original judge was also willing to switch to UCLA for much-needed evaluation for the 90 days rehab and to get her off the unnecessary prescription drugs, including legal speed. Another judge finally ended up giving her the same rehab sentence since early release from residential rehab was such a disaster for her -because she's an addict and can't stay away from the stuff even when consequences are severe. She really needs a much longer stint of rehab for her own sake, January will be here too soon. But the court's job isn't to fix Lindsay. We can only hope that Lindsay is self-aware enough by then to maintain whatever treatment she needs.

If you really care about Lindsay, instead of trashing the judge's July decision you should be sending the judge flowers with a big thank you note. Lindsay obviously was then and is now an addict, as the original judge clearly recognized. Please don't claim yet again that she somehow magically wasn't an addict because she was "passing drug tests" for the short time she was tested weekly before the July hearing. Lindsay is obviously a risk-taker - besides drinking on the SCRAM, she could easily have been doing drugs at that time (as she did later while monitored), hoping the metabolites would clear before the next test (cocaine just takes 3 days). Not hard to figure the odds are against getting tested two days in a row, for instance. And UCLA never said she wasn't an addict, just that they didn't see physical withdrawal symptoms when weaned away from prescriptions. That is not proof of non-addiction. There is no physical test for addiction, which is why they had to release her back into the wild and observe.

Lindsay has been an addict for a long time, possibly more of the binge variety for some of it (meaning she can sometimes go long periods without the stuff and then has to have it). She is in trouble because of her own actions, not because of any "unfair" judge or "unfair" probation. The judges have been more than fair, and probation doesn't force somebody to test dirty on a drug test. If Lindsay can't deal with probation requirements - it's because she is an addict and doesn't listen carefully when a judge tells her what probation means. Her addictions make her a hazard behind the wheel, among other things, which is why the court is interested at all in getting her in control of her addictions.

1446 days ago



Excellent interview
This should shut up all the Dina haters up when she was only trying to do the best for Lindsay.
The sentence in July was completely wrong and jail didn't help Lindsay at all.

Posted at 6:17 AM on Nov 8, 2010 by Nicole


You truly are an idiot.

1446 days ago

Peter Sc    

I saw that she is planning her own rehab facility for minors. What the world doesn't need is yet another teenage gulag based on experiences they would never experience in their own life.

The number of children who have died in rehab facilities in 2010 in the United States is 4. Based on experiences the number is higher once the public learns of the deaths years later.

1446 days ago

jim griffin    

if jail hasnt helped poor lindsey and rehab hasnt helped-she keeps failing drug tests- maybe she should just be left alone, at least according to her mother. leave har ALONE so she can get some work to support her beautiful devoted caring mother. by the way somebodys got to score some stuff for little sis-another train wreck waiting to happen. finally, the only hollywood mom more despicable than pretty dina is tv's # 1 pimp kris jenner a real human turd.

1446 days ago


#50 You state that Michael graduated Summa *** Laude. Guess who probably paid for his college? Certainly not his parents because they suck off Lindsay. Michael's 24 year old sister most likely paid for it.

1446 days ago


@happilyweb What about the 16-year old? She's not exhibiting any of Lindsay's problems besides all of the lies printed about her. Dina said she wouldn't expose a 5-year old's problems, that's different than a disruptive child. I'm not even agreeing with Dina. I'm saying that people shouldn't making sweeping judgments about someone's parental abilities based on a bunch of sensationalized crap, misinformation, and distortions printed in mostly tabloid publications. Mike Jr. may well have been an exception but maybe Dina did well by him. We don't know. We aren't living with them, don't know them and aren't in a position to make informed comments about them. All I'm saying is I'm tired of reading sanctimonious comments from people who don't deal with the public scrutiny and pressure of having a famous parent, child, sibling and thinking that they know best how to deal with all of the unique issues that someone in that industry has to face. Lindsay Lohan isn't the only or first child star with immense problems, examine the industry and how it affects child stars, not just what you think you know about the parent or take some isolated comment and come to conclusions about them.

1445 days ago


@jimgriffen Actually, Lindsay has failed only one drug test (two if you believe TMZ that she failed another). She tested from May 24 to July 20th, that's about 2 months without failing drug tests. Lindsay's probation and jail sentence in July was due to missing classes and maybe a hearing, not to failed drug tests.

And can we please stop the talk of Ali is going to be another train wreck? Based on what? There's not one report of her drinking, drugging, partying or doing anything stupid. Hopefully she won't in the future. She's hung out with Lindsay and traveled with her for almost 2 years and not once has there been a report of Ali behaving badly. She's not even trying to be famous, she's modeled 2 times this year and hasn't done a movie or song since 2008.

1445 days ago


LoL at the comment that this video "shuts up the Dina haters". There is nothing new here in what Dina is saying it's everything she said before the other times Lindsay was in rehab. Only thing Dina has to pretend to admit that her daughter is a drug addict because Lindsay has "admitted" it herself. But it's the same old thing "Lindsay is a different person", "she's doing wonderful and has grown up so much". After a few years living a sober life is the time Dina or Lindsay herself can talk about making changes. Lindsay needs to step away from the hollywood lifestyle and get herself together and figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

1445 days ago


I've never seen so many people concerned with garbage! Who Cares!

1445 days ago


@JaneB you know Dina?

1445 days ago


Her mouth is always opened.

1445 days ago


Del-Mar! I am stunningly disappointed in you! How is it that you can come on here and report that Alli was at the CircleK,on the corner of Brown and Winter street, wearing Dolce and Gabbana, buying twinkies with the experation date of 5/12 at 2:12 am, in her new pink polka dotted underwear, you can report on what was in the youngest son lunch box, on a daily basis and have doc***entation on what his teacher said in Math class on 4/5/08, and YEt, YOU DON"T KNOW WHO AM I???
Oh, Delmar, Oh, Delmar..........tsk-tsk-tsk!
Love you, she is OUR girl!

1445 days ago


Hey look Lindsay and Dina
We have almost gotten through another day without CRISIS!
I can so get use to this.
It is a long road. And... It is going be OK.

1445 days ago


Dina tries to live her life through her daughter. She's an awful mother and she should've had her daughter in rehab when she was younger instead of encouraging her party ways. Foolish mom.

1439 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Dina and Michael should join her too.
Phishie from Philly

745 days ago
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