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LiLo Reunites w/ Dad

Spends 'All Day' Together

11/8/2010 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan finally lifted her anti-daddy ban -- and spent "all day" reuniting with her father Michael Lohan yesterday ... this according to sources close to MiLo.

Lindsay and Michael Lohan:
For the first time in months, we're told Lindsay agreed to spend some quality time with Michael -- beginning with an extensive conversation inside the Betty Ford clinic ... followed by a shopping trip to a nearby street fair. 

We're told daddy and daughter spent several hours in a high-end jewelry store -- where she was "interested in several items" -- but it's unclear if she actually pulled the trigger.

So what does the future hold for Michael and Lindsay? We're told the two are trying to take a "whole new approach" to their relationship ... and Lindsay wants to see him again.

In fact, we're told the two might get together as early as today.

Stay tuned.


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"buy,buy,buy...what a stupid shallow society....."


BECOMING??? We're already THERE 'Ty' & I couldn't agree with you more! 'Tis the season...', right?! As 'sappy' as it sounds, wish we'd all go back to the days where on Christmas morn everyone gathered around the fireplace/tree & exchanged ALL 'hand-made' gifts/items/toys, etc. :):) As cliche' as it seems, it REALLY DOES mean more, at least to 'me', to receive something someone poured their hard work & love into rather than something straight off Macy's or Best Buy's shelf, OR EVEN WORSE, a frickin' 'gift card' from ANYWHERE! I too become really, REALLY disillusioned when Christmas time rolls around & it's all I can do to struggle with my own mind in order to force myself to recall exactly WHAT this season is SUPPOSED TO BE all about & not give in to that urge to go totally nuts & spend money that I really don't have or that would be 'better spent' on something more constructive, such as, paying my bills instead of deferring them into January & February:(

Don't get me wrong guys, I absolutely LOVE CHRISTMAS! But what I love is the tree's, light's, manger's, cooking, sharing, getting together, & all the 'love' that seems to 'replace' all the silly, petty squabling, misunderstandings, & disagreements that goes on throughout the other 364 days of the year, at least IN MY FAMILY that is:) I've tried to get ALL my family members on the same page, regarding replacing the usual stress & chaos that accompanies trying to make sure nobody gets 'left off' the Christmas list or killing me-self to make sure that everyone gets EXACTLY what they were wishing for but to NO AVAIL in my house. They just simply look at me with that 'dead deer' expression & continue on with whatever they were previously discussing, usually gossip about whatever 'family member' DOES NOT HAPPEN TO BE IN THE SAME ROOM AT THE TIME & the drunker they get on the champagne that inevitably flows(but definitely shouldn't) at my house(I always seem to be 'blessed' with hosting the beloved occasion), the drunker these people(some of which I begin to no longer 'recognize' the more they drink), then the 'meaner' & more 'petty' their gossip becomes until you just want to scream..."It's GD Christmas Day, IDIOTS"!!!! Then I have to turn to my husband & scream, "Ya better take me up under that damn mistletoe & lay a BIG ONE on me or I'm gonna start swinging"!! LOL! Ah, cantcha just 'feel the love'?! hehehe

About 5 yrs or so ago, somebody said something about a particular 'dish' that my Mom makes EVERY YEAR but everyone hates & despite all the VERY subtle hints(gotta be VERY subtle around Mama, cause she's GOT to be one of the most 'sensitive creatures' the Good Lord's EVER put on the face of THIS EARTH!), she never seems to 'get' these hints. It's a green jello something-or-other with pimentos in it....FRICKIN PIMENTOS IN JELLO?!! lol! I know some of you know exactly what jello dish I'm talkin' about, right? Anyway, EVERY YEAR it's on that damn table so one year someone cracked a joke about Mom being the 'Queen of Pimentos' & it all got really UGLY from there. Took HOURS to calm the woman DOWN!! Oh boy, we just scrapped THOSE PHOTOS from Christmas THAT year cause you could even tell from her 'body language' that she was incredibly PISSED! Ah, fun Christmas memories & 'Kodak moments'! :) :)

1384 days ago


I am so happy for these 2!! I am estranged from my dad at the moment and everyday I say it doesn't bother me but in the end it does!...And u could definitely see Michael has been desperate for this. I hope they take things as they come, don't hold on to the past & eventually remain in each others life if........ this story is true!

1384 days ago


Jill come on !! Slow down , don't reveal the informants of this site !! People might think you are preaching !! :D

1384 days ago



don't be too happy, it won't last long. guaranteed he will screw it up.

1384 days ago


He maybe a bit a nut job but he was the only one who came forward with " she's a addict" and needs help from the get go, while her mother was defending her junkie daughter saying she's not a druggie and everyone is too harsh on little "fire crotch" I saw a movie she was in " Machete" my god that was some of the worst acting I have ever seen...She is absolutely of no use too society.. Just give me one example of her usefulness

Posted at 6:56 AM on Nov 8, 2010 by Palmiro

That's ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Lilo hates him so much because he's probably THE ONLY ONE she can't manipulate:) Addicts don't liked to be called down on their BS for sure. Anyone who's a 'recovering alcoholic/addict'(I happily include myself in that group-wouldn't be talking about the disease of addiction if I didn't know anything about it. Amazing how many 'EXPERTS' we have yakking it up on these TMZ boards), anyone who IS or KNOWS someone in recovery who may be a 'friend' or 'family member' see right thru this girl's 'game':)

1384 days ago


Brainwashing is near completion.

1384 days ago


Personally, I think it is good for both of them. Michael, see what happens when you support by keeping your mouth shut. Now, keep your mouth shut about it.

1384 days ago


lindsey, stay on the right path, and work it out with your father.

He loves and has been crying out for help for you. Unfortunately, your mom is too caught up in the limelight of partying and fame, and resentment of your father, and you've been caught in the middle.

Hang in there, and find new friends...ditch Samro, you are not a lesbian.

1384 days ago


Sure they shared a line together while they were out.

1384 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

If she's smart, she'll only plan to see that windbag of a father on Thanksgiving and Xmas.

1384 days ago


Dina must have had a stroke hearing this news

1384 days ago


The Lohans seem to be caught in a circular chasm riding on a wave of disconnect- really rather hopeless, it appears...

1384 days ago


#2, you are an ass and complete idiot. How about MYOB??? Hmmm??? Just because there are a gazillion twits like you out 'there', makes you no less an ass and idiot and twit.

1384 days ago


Is this really true, or just another "story"? I'll have to look for pics before I believe this. And how is she shopping if she cant foot her rehab bill?

1384 days ago


I am so happy for these 2!! I am estranged from my dad at the moment and everyday I say it doesn't bother me but in the end it does!...And u could definitely see Michael has been desperate for this. I hope they take things as they come, don't hold on to the past & eventually remain in each others life if........ this story is true!

Posted at 7:10 AM on Nov 8, 2010 by Me

I thought your dad was dead

that's what you've been posting for the last week on the Gibson threads

1384 days ago
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