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Joe Jackson -- I Didn't Beat MJ, I Used a Strap

11/8/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may be splitting hairs (unless you're on the receiving end) but Joe Jackson maintains he didn't beat Michael Jackson as a kid ... he used a strap ... and he'd do it all over again.

Watch Oprah call out Joe on her show today.


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I get what Mr. Jackson is saying. I am not condoning beatings by any means but I get the mindset.

Listen, look at all the celebs today and let's face facts. Most are out of control. Now compare them to the Jackson's. There IS NO comparison.

The children of Mr and Mrs Jackson are kind, HUMBLE, NOT egotistical, caring, loving.....genuine.

Maybe more of these so-called celebs that think throwing money around, spending time in jail, drugs, alcohol, etc. need a little Joe Jackson in their lives.

1381 days ago


You can't fix stupid !

1381 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

I definitely think kids need to be spanked more now days. Teachers should also have some authority to hit or push kids once in awhile. Kids used to respect adults a lot more and this is part of the reason. Now kids fail parents just sue at any whiff of things getting physical. However, I don't think a kid should be beat with a strap or anything else.

1381 days ago


Joe Jackson still beat his son,no matter what he used.Semantics doesn't fool anyone.

1381 days ago


Oprah is a cow and so is this man. They make a great duo. His sort of "discipline" could cause someone to run away from home and directly TOWARD the type of life he claimed he was trying to get them to avoid. Being beaten, oh pardon me, whipped for every single indiscretion or mistake goes against everything that corporal punishment is meant for.

We got spanked as kids and even got the belt once in a while but it was only when my mother was at her last straw and nothing else was working...and my father was the one who administered it--which meant we had to wait until he got home from work--talk about suspense killing you...But the belt was major and you usually knew you had really crossed a line big time. I got it like 2x in my life...that's how rare it was. Now washing our mouths out with soap was much more common. LOL.

Joe is just a misogynistic jerk with control issues. Corporal punishment is meant to be used sparingly to really drive a point home, not practically daily or weekly just cuz you have a screw loose and things aren't going your way in the studio. What a ****.

1381 days ago


get off of it people. The strap was used for generations and normally it was with a purpose of one lick (hit) fully clothed, much like getting spanked with a belt. Some people would over do it. As years went on then came about this don't spank method of discipline. Joe was doing what he was taught to do for discipline.

Now day no one disciplines period so we have gangs and killings. I am not sure which one is more there a happy medium.

Where I could see Joe going way overboard on the strap swats, you have to remember the era of which he grew and learned it.

As it is says too and you should remember this "spare the rod, spoil the children" spoiled ends up with contempt of morals, laws etc. No way should a person/child be beat though.

1381 days ago


Throw him in jail for child abuse, do you need to rewrite the law? The man is flaunting his crime.

1381 days ago


well i had asked a black friend about beating because i had thought perhaps mj had exageratted such stuff but she said it was prevalent in the black uneducated,lower economic community ..
she said the family upstairs from her would put their kids in the tub to make their childrens skin more tender before they beat them..

i really cant speak to any of that as that is not my background.

whats done is done
i just wonder what even more wonderful things michael and his brothers and sisters might have accomplished with praise instead of fear
seems michael was always trying to get his father approval.what if he felt he had it ..unconditional love.

1381 days ago


Some of these comments are disturbing, if anyone ever beats you then you should immediately call the police, the police will arrest that person and send them to jail. This is the United States of America we have rights here and that includes children, you cannot beat your kids in any way shape or form.

1381 days ago


There is absolutely no reason to hit your kids or anyone, if you know someone that is violent call the police because you could be saving someone's life.

1381 days ago


The only reason men hit children is because children can't fight back.

1381 days ago


We're white & we always got the belt. My parents deny it was abuse, though. Ya, right! BTW, Bill Cosby made a career by telling how his dad beat him & his brother. He did make it funny!

1381 days ago


I'm going to throw up

1381 days ago


Everybody commenting against Joe was born after '76

1381 days ago


Although it was a different time when such disgusting behaviour may have been condoned or ignored, to not even be able to reflect on how wrong it was or how it wound or affect somone's spirit is just wrong.

Joe Jackson on so many occasions has shown a complete inability to do the right and decent thing. Even if he believed he was right at the time and obviously could not control his temper, it is unbelievable that he now cannot see that inflicting physical abuse on a child is wrong is beyond words.

Michael himself even as an adult talked to the world about what the experience was like and the fear was evident in his eyes when he discussed it on Oprah that a real father with any compassion would at least be able to admit some wrongdoing. It takes a 'real man' Joe to hear your child even as an adult talk about being afraid of you.

Lots of kids don't end up in jail, on drugs or misfits without being beaten. If this lowlife has done such a great job why does he have sons that can't even both to support their own kids, don't pay alimony, dress up as if they are worth a million bucks with new wives meanwhile go into court claiming they make less than $1,000 a month thus have to have their mother support their kids and ex-wives. It seems to be OK that an 80 year old woman has to support everyone but his able bodied sons can't even support their offspring. Janet herself has admitted to deep insecurities and some of the kids even marry their sister-in-laws. Oh yes, Joe you have done a great job at raising your kids. You could beat MJ but you had no problem being a complete leech off him, his connections or his money. He was expected to support you even beyond the grave.

Katherine, now here is a mother who was adored by her son but she can't even talk on national tv regarding a man who doesn't even live with her, parades young women on camera and beat her kids. She can't even state that maybe the actions were wrong. I am a mother and can get angry with my kids but this is just WRONG. As a mother, your first instinct is to protect your children even if it is against a spouse. I guess making money off them was far too important.

As for Oprah. For all her need for high ratings and constantly reminding us about her abusive poor childhood, you don't mind airing 'child molestation' in front of every show related to MJ. You don't mind making shows to boost ratings but you slyly want to get your point across it seems on your opinion without having the guts to do it directly. You sit by and don't even properly question this guy on strapping his kid. Who gives a crap if it was a whip or a strap. It is still PHYSICAL ABUSE...plain and simple. If you experienced it yourself than why be a coward and not confront him on it.

Now for the children now in this household. If there is no remorse how can child protective services be sure that MJ's children are not being strapped as well, beaten or frightened like their father into submission.

At we have devoted a lot of time and energy into providing all sides of MJ's story but this is disgusting. There is not even any remorse. This is the same man that on the week of his son's death walked the red carpet promoting a business. Joe are a ****roach....thank goodness you are very old so these kids will only be subjected to you for a certain amount of years. I hope that they are spared your abuse that obviously your own son was not. You are a pathetic excuse for a father regardless of time period or using racial excuses. Every black person should be disgusted by your references. You are incapable of remorse, a complete power tripper and a financial and emotional leech.

Obviously members of this family are incapable of controlling this guy. Protective Services should be visiting this family on a regular basis to ensure he does not get near MJ's kids. Imagine what their lives are going to be like when they have the $$$ and are being leeched on for support.

Thoroughly disgusting!!!!!

1381 days ago
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