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Joe Jackson -- I Didn't Beat MJ, I Used a Strap

11/8/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may be splitting hairs (unless you're on the receiving end) but Joe Jackson maintains he didn't beat Michael Jackson as a kid ... he used a strap ... and he'd do it all over again.

Watch Oprah call out Joe on her show today.


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it wasn't just Black families that whipped their children back in the day. i'm only a couple of years younger than MJ - never got a whippin' cause i was the youngest and a girl - but my big brothers did - that was the way of the day. in ALL families - Jews, Whites, whatever...

younger people may not understand this way of life, but all of us older one certainly do.

People has made Michaels words worse than he intended, simple because they are looking at things through the way the world is today. Anyone that thinks MJ didn't love his parents, think again. For better or worse, he was very much his family's son/brother.

1381 days ago


And to quote the Good Book, the Holy Bible:

"Spare the rod, and spoil the child".

I believe there are times when children need a little discipline and punishment.

The rod being a strap, the wooden spoon etc. anything a kind and loving parent uses at the time to discipline their child at their discretion in a loving and understanding way for the common good.

Katherine and Joe appear okay to me and their fine family is a credit to them.

We continue to pray for justice in the January, 2011 trial.

Requiscat in pace Michael.


1381 days ago


those talking about the "little kids" working day and night _ seems that **** is the norm now don't you think. that's why so many lindsay lohans exist today. to me, they are a lot worse than any of the Jacksons have ever been.

1381 days ago


I'm not black and I used to get punished with a strap also, not beaten though. I have no hard feelings about being hit with the strap, it was discipline and it wasn't in anger as beating you senseless. My father was easy on me being a girl and if I cried, fake cried, right away he would stop. I never had a mark or bruise. It was usually three strikes, no big deal! I will say that you should never use your hands on a child for discipline, but an object.

1381 days ago


To say its only the black community that spanks their kids is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. I have grown up with both black and white families. They all have been spanked. Plenty of white people spank their kids. One family had their children lined up and pants pulled down for a belt spanking. Another white lady that I went to school with said she spanks her kids and does not use any other method. Her child thanked her if you can believe that. It was not because she wanted to beat her. It was with love.

Now, todays generation has it backward on what is abuse and what is a spanking. They are definitely two different things. My sisters and I joke about it till this day about being spanked. Its truly rather its with love or not along with the reasons behind it.

Joe Jackson is very old school. Their ages tell that. That was a generation that pulled the switch or made the kids fetch the stick to get the beating. My mother said when she was growing up neighbors could spank you, too. There was no DSS or court system telling you how to raise your kids. That is a generation that put this generation to shame to be honest. The kids nowadays would scare the hell out of our ancestors (most). As far as MJ goes, he was a very sweet person. I don't think he needed a spanking. To me it depends on what happened and the child. Some kids just need love and someone to hear them.

1381 days ago


#54 Kay. I am sorry that happened to you but there is a difference between abuse and dicipline. Your mother abused you and that is wrong. A smack with a belt because you do wrong is different.

1381 days ago


Nine children and no jail. NINE black children and not one went to jail. That is a profound success attributed to these parents. Some that post here are not of this generation. I am. This was completely acceptable in that time period. And looking at children now and those of us who actually knew what real punishment was and more to the point, the purpose of it (to make sure you didn't repeat the mistake over and over like kids do now). The arrogance children have is just ugly. They are empowered and self centered these days. These young parents are raising the most out of control kids on the planet. We aren't producing responsible adults anymore. It takes CONSEQUENCES and these young parents think that's child abuse. It's NOT.

1381 days ago


I understand why Joe did what he did. He is a good dad. He cared enough to dicipline them when they needed it. That's wonderful. It's a welcome relief to the dad no that is so busy texting he can't be bothered even knowing where the kids are and what they are doing.

1381 days ago


How does a catfish get his fin around a strap anyway?

1381 days ago


Nine children and no jail. NINE black children and not one went to jail.

7 kids in my cousins family and all with degrees and no jail time...however they are profoundly screwed up mentally by the beatings - oh wait- 70's "discipline" their father unleashed on them constantly.

1381 days ago


And the Good Book (the Holy Bible) says:

"Spare the Rod and spoil the Child".

All children need love and discipline and to know their boundaries. Sometimes it is necessary to use the Rod (the strap, the wooden spoon etc.) to enforce that discipline. Sometimes that discipline can be the lesser of two eventual evils. (As Joe says none of his kids went to jail).

If discipline is metered out in a fair and just way, children see the merit and become better citizens. They know that their punishment is given for their betterment because they are loved and valued.

I think Joe and Katherine did a pretty good job of raising their tribe. God bless them.

We continue to pray for justice for Michael, his family and all of those of us who love him.

Requiscat in pace. Annie.

1381 days ago


Please censor all images of Joe Jackson. He is very disturbing to see. In other words: He gives me the CREEPS!!!

1381 days ago


To the people who says that Joe kept his children out of jail by beating them straight and narrow.
Not quite true, as Randy was found guilty on charges for spousal abuse against Eliza Shaffe. He spent one month in prison and then another in a psychiatric clinic. Jermaine also used to hit his then live in partner Margaret Maldonado, although he never went to jail for it.
I think Randy and Jermaine did what they learned from home (Joe).

1381 days ago


Point In Fact: Michael would have been a star no matter what. Definition of Talent: A natural endowment or ability of a superior quality. Abusing Michael was exactly what it was, did not have an impact on his ability as an artistic genius.

1381 days ago


Joe Jackson is a devil incarnate who lived way too long. I wish him speedy death! His words adds insult to offense! I would like 1 hour in a room with him with a "strap".

Joe is a class A jerk and Katherine is no different for NOT saving his children and now defending this abusive sperm donor!

Jacksons literally make me vomit! If they crawl in a dark deep hole and never come least until the criminal trial is over, that would be awesome....but preferably permanantly! I used to NOT get it when Michael said he was lonely. NOW I get it.

1381 days ago
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