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Joe Jackson -- I Didn't Beat MJ, I Used a Strap

11/8/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may be splitting hairs (unless you're on the receiving end) but Joe Jackson maintains he didn't beat Michael Jackson as a kid ... he used a strap ... and he'd do it all over again.

Watch Oprah call out Joe on her show today.


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Poor Michael! What a cruel man Joe is! It's ok to make a mistake, cause we all do at some point. But to say he would do it all over again, is inexcusable! Means he didn't learn anything in the last 40 something years... What a shame!

1412 days ago


People really need to chill the hell out. Michael Jackson from what his father has said was just like anybody else. Back then kids didnt get "timeouts". You acted up you got hit. So all the MJ fanatics need to chill out. Regardless of how MJ was raised you people would be bitching.

1412 days ago


Someone needs to send the Jacksons the entire "Super Nanny" TV series for them to watch.

Or better yet, have Jo the "Super Nanny" show up at the Jackson homes for some of her sessions.

Maybe they all need to learn about time-outs and other more respectful techniques to keep the kids/grandkids on the straight and narrow.

1412 days ago


What a stupid *******--If it's no big deal, let's strap him!!! Now, and hard and often!!

1412 days ago


Cody, Sorry but "back then" kids were actually put in time-outs. Nobody in my neighborhood growing up was punished or beat with straps or hits. The adults used other methods to discipline their kids. We were all close and at each others houses all the time so I saw how they were disciplined.

If kids don't get positive attention, they usually resort to negative attention just to be noticed.

As children in our neighborhood we were happy and felt loved so I don't remember any of us wanting or needing to do anything "bad." We were too busy doing creative, athletic, and fun things.

As for this topic...I would be freaked out about ANY adult mistreating ANY child or animal regardless of who or what they were. I've been concerned about this topic as long as I can remember.

The care of, or mistreatment of children, is NOT a subject we need to "chill out." It could be any child, and I'd still feel strongly about it. This is one of the most disturbing topics in our culture and world as a whole. And, it's only getting worse.

If you don't care about this, what do you care about?

1412 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Oh, so a beating with a strap is OK?

1412 days ago


And yet Joe and Katherine still think that Doctor Whatshisface killed Michael? SNORT! Get a clue, dude, it was the belt.

1412 days ago


What a dink!

1412 days ago


You BEAT him, Joe..just say it. You beat him enough he had no self confidence in his looks or himself..and look where it got him. Good job, Joe..real good job.

1412 days ago

Joe Jackson an illiterate child abuser    

Listen, I am black black black, not 1/2 anything; and I hate Joe Jackson. It is not so much the beatings, as the reasons for them!! Oprah should have made that point. The man is an evil illiterate, selfish, whoring, ass. Oh for the day when he drops dead!

1412 days ago


What a bast--d. I am sure Joe's admitting this is just the tip of the iceberg.

May Michael continue to rest in peace - and God bless MJ's beautiful children.

1412 days ago


Not exactly "Father of the year" material is he?

1412 days ago


It is called a "beating with a strap" Bubba!!

1412 days ago


I got spanked with a belt, bolo bat, hairbrush, or whatever my mom could get her hands on... and I deserved every bit of it. Grew up to be a normal adult with a healthy respect for other people... kids needs spanking, beating or whatever you want to call it!!

1412 days ago
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