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Joe Jackson -- I Didn't Beat MJ, I Used a Strap

11/8/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may be splitting hairs (unless you're on the receiving end) but Joe Jackson maintains he didn't beat Michael Jackson as a kid ... he used a strap ... and he'd do it all over again.

Watch Oprah call out Joe on her show today.


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Big Mamma Cornbread    


1446 days ago

my opinion    

Mr.Joseph Jackson grew up in an era where they whipped there children 16 years ago that is when they started to come down on spanking or whipping your children if you are in your 30's and up you know that is how it WAS...Mr. Jackson knew NO better and it was common practice...Mr.J sure was CLEAN as always you go Mr.Jackson.


Love the Jackson's

PEACE LOVE RESPECT& KINDNESS makes a better world for us ALL

1446 days ago


My Dad whooped `` our ass`es too. That's what (all races)`` did in the 60's &70's. Wasn't just a black thing `` as Mrs. Jackson said.

1446 days ago


I think when Michael talked about his childhood and his father, he wanted that people understand him (Michael), not that the world would judge and hate his father.

1445 days ago


Apparantly, according to Joe, he was in the studio for everything that Michael ever recorded. Somehow I doubt that. I still find it weird how he keeps defending his actions despite how messed up his kids became (thank God for Katherine). Sorry, but parents can discipline their kids and have them turn out well without having to beat and scare the crap out of them.

1445 days ago


And Joe is so clueless that he think he's a great dad who is beloved by the public.

1445 days ago


It's a very poor parent who has to use violence against his/her children. Maybe somebody should take a great big belt to Old Joe and see how he copes with it. What an evil man and an even worse father figure. Shame on this vile man.

1445 days ago


What's totally digusting is that joe keeps defending himself about his "discipline"methods and katherine backs him up lets not forget (the footage we were never meant to see) from the bashir do***entary.What a great father!!Maybe he wants an award for beating the hell out of Michael!!!.

1445 days ago


i am a black female and growing up we as kids got the strap.the funny thing about it we did'nt look at it as gettin beat and we never got into trouble as kids jail or drugs matter of fact it made us better kids.our freinds thought that my mother was the meanest mother in the world but she was not all because she would not allow as to spend nights away from home and we could not was all about school.when i look back over my life the only thing mother ever wanted for her girls was a good life.and thats all joe ever wanted for his's parents like joe and my mother that made us kids who we are today.we my not be as sucessful as the jackson but i can truly sothat keeping us close and that ole strap paid off

1445 days ago

I Chinee    

well I'm biracial white and black, and I got my tail whipped with a belt every time I did something bad. So did my sister and brother. I don't think there's anything wrong with giving your kid a spanking every once in a while when they get out of hand.

1445 days ago

Joe Jackson an illiterate child abuser    

Yes, everyone may have beat their kids in those days but not for those reasons Joe J did - not because you think they were messing up on making you rich!! Joe J the way he acted seemed like he hated those kids - Michael said he couldn't recall when he made a loving gesture towards him - He told them to call him "Joe" not Dad, remember; and all the time whoring with the young fans!! The man was determined that these kids would not mess up his financial future since he himself had no skills nor talent! This man did awful things to those kids - don't forget how MJ tried to be non-Jackson and non-black -deep psychological wounds!!

1445 days ago


Michael was whipped and beaten because he missed dance step, didn't perform well enough for Joe or didn't sing right.
Thats what Michael was complaining.
I would understand that he sometimes got whipped because he behaved badly, which I'm sure happened, but beating him because missing dance step or singing incorrectly!
Not acceptable at all.

1445 days ago


To the people who says that Joe kept his children out of jail by beating them straight and narrow.
Not quite true, as Randy was found guilty on charges for spousal abuse against Eliza Shaffe. He spent one month in prison and then another in a psychiatric clinic. Jermaine also used to hit his then live in partner Margaret Maldonado, although he never went to jail for it.
I think Randy and Jermaine did what they learned from home (Joe).

Posted at 12:57 PM on Nov 8, 2010 by FlowerPower


You are 100% right @FlowerPower!!!

Margaret Maldonado who is the mother of 2 of Jermaine's kids also says in her book that Jermaine RAPED his 1st wife Hazel Gordy (Jermaine NEVER attempted to sue her for slander) and Hazel Gordy also made this claim in her divorce from Jermaine.

Great Job, Joe!


1445 days ago


Like Howard Stern said, they should market the 'JOE JACKSON TALENT BELT' it'll beat the talent into you and the lack of talent out of you! It's where Michael got the inspiration for BEAT IT

Posted at 2:35 PM on Nov 8, 2010 by ifuseekamy


Joe: I didn't BEAT Michael. I STRAPPED him!

Joe, this is what is officially known as a "distinction without a difference".

Posted at 4:29 PM on Nov 8, 2010 by Jessica


@ifuseekamy & @Jessica that's funny!

1445 days ago
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