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Brittany Murphy's Mom ... Booked

11/10/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy would have been 33-years-old today -- and to honor her memory, the actress' mother has decided to write a book on her life ... TMZ has learned.

In a statement through her rep, Sharon Murphy tells us, "This book will be my way of celebrating and honoring her extraordinary life and career."

Sharon insists the biography will be an "accurate account about my daughter, her life, loves, and career."

Murphy claims a portion of her profits from the book will be donated to charity. So far, no release date has been set.


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I am just curious, who would buy this book or even Shannon Doherty's book? Some of the celeb books I don't understand. The titillating excerpts will be posted on line or in the media. Who is gonna pay $20.00 plus bucks for a book that will end up at the 99cent store?

1440 days ago



1440 days ago


Actually, TD, the colon and semicolon always go outside the closing quotation mark. She was also correct in using two hyphens there since she was going for an em dash.

1440 days ago


Is anyone interested enough in Brittany Murphy's life to buy this thing? I don't think so.
Here is another example of people thinking they are more important than they really are.

1440 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

What mother (who has lost a child) WOULDN'T want to tell the world what a wonderful person their child was? Hope it's written with love and sweet memories, however, I doubt publishers will publish a book that is all 'milk and honey' ... publishers think the public wants 'trash' and scandal. Sad Sad Sad!

1440 days ago


The book will be filled with lies. I want to know the real truth, why her daughter and son in law both died the same way within months of each other and why she didn't do anything to prevent it. Also, why was she sleeping in the same bed with her son in law and claiming his last name on prescription bottles? This lady is an absolute whackjob, a truthful story would be the greatest book of all time.

1440 days ago


She needs to be fully investigated for being involved in murder-

1440 days ago


Britney was so cute in Clueless. Then she lost way too much weight and was no longer cute. Why oh why do these women do this to themselves. It's sad Britney died so you - I imagine her mother is so lost without her. (Hey, hyphen-police - did I use mine correctly. LOL)

1440 days ago


@Caroline, Really? Are you laid off from your teaching job or something? This is a gossip site not class Geez....

1440 days ago


#23 I agree. I think she had a hand in both of the deaths, of Brittany and her husband.

1440 days ago


I was so excited to read this. I am definitely interested in this book because Brittany was my favorite. Can't wait!

1440 days ago


i think she had something to do with her daughters death and her husbands. just saying really weird she found both of them. who knows!!! Will never know!

1440 days ago


I am sad every time I see an article about Brittany Murphy or anything that pertains to the family. Such a loss. I don't think the suspicions will ever end surrounding the deaths in this family, which is yet another tragedy.

1440 days ago


I'm sure her mother loved her very much but we really don't need a book explaining it. It is very sad Brittany passed away at such an early age but why do we need someone to write a book telling us about her life. If I was to pass away before my mother I know she would be deeply saddened but she wouldn't need to write a book about it and publish it to the world. I do not see why people feel the need to try and do a tell all about themselves or someone else. I'm sorry but no celebrity is that interesting to me that I need to know everything about them. I do have my suspicions about her role in the death of her daughter and her son-in-law but it is not up to us to make that call. If she really did play a role then she will pay the price at some point in time. If she didn't then she deserves to be left alone and not have people accuse her of doing something so horrible.

1440 days ago


rip Britney and happy b day... hey she was a scorpio, like me :)

i think this is another case of having the wrong ppl to close to you

1440 days ago
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