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Gayle King -- Ain't No Gay Vibe With Oprah

11/9/2010 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

They fish together ... they camp together ... they shack up together .... but Oprah's BFF Gayle King still insists the famous lesbian rumors are purely "ridiculous."

Oprah and Gayle:
Gayle and her daughter Kirby hit the Museum of Modern Art in NYC last night -- when she told our photog that she's never put out a gay vibe with the famous talk show host ... because "there isn't one."

110910_oprah_gayle_video3Can't two single, middle-aged women hang out in peace? All the time? Without men? Ever?


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# 45 "I have had so much fun with my girlfriends"
by lily

You said it Lily you have had fun with "girlfriends" but Oprah and Gayle have been "EXCLUSIVELY" for each other. That's why people have wondered.

Even ANCIENT Joan Rivers and Barbara Walters have been out on dates with men but NEVER Oprah.

1412 days ago


At this point who really cares oprah got so much money it wouldnt matter people are willing to over look the truth. I dont think it has anything to do with ratings because she is about done doing her show anyway all i know is gayle and her kids iam sure dont have to want for anything she apparently has oprahs back and you dont come by friends like that easily I believe they are BFF's and that is it they have been there together with good and bad so i say keep it moving and if they are then they need to get married like Ellen did. lol

1412 days ago


They eat fish together

1412 days ago


men have buddies all the time - why can't women?

1412 days ago


how does she have white girl hair? that mess is fake!

1412 days ago


They just need too come out already. They aren't fooling anyone.

1412 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

She has a gazillion dollar but do you think fur one moment she can find a man to **** her? What man would want be ****ed by a pig with an ego bigger than Texas while being lectured all the time about how he was not doing it right and how he really needs the help of Dr Phil? So of course she's a ****ing lesbian! Ach du lieber, dass ist wirklich so selbstverständlich!

1412 days ago

Pretty LL    

I think Oprah is awesome and her sexual preference wouldn't change how I feel about her. IMO with her history of abuse, it wouldn't surprise me if she was asexual.

1412 days ago


Oprah looked so BUTCH in her early programs I thought maybe that was the look back then.

1412 days ago


Are we supposed to be interested in whether Oprah and Gayle hit the sack together or not? I'm not. If they have secret lovers, vibrators or each other, that's their business. I don't want to date either of them.

What interests me is the way Oprah pretends to interview people, but talks herself 70% of the time, when she is not interrupting. I also dislike her hostility against MJ - just as I dislike Harvey's hostility. I'm not interested in his lover/lovers either, only how he handles this site. (And I don't want to date him either.)

1412 days ago


PS - someone here wrote: "Woman have less compelling sexual needs than men anyway. "

Haha! Gee, are you wrong.

1412 days ago


Wait a minute....Did she say 2 single women? I thought Oprah she was Stedman's GF?....In my opinion most people are bisexuals, so maybe they share

1412 days ago


poor poor lil Oprah.. The minute the cams go off, she's gonna turn into another Whitney.

1412 days ago


#12 and #15.... Heck for the $$ and perks Oprah's employees get plus with the fact I am laid off, I would sign WHATEVER and she could bump gay uglies with the Queen of England for all I care!!!

1412 days ago


WHO in their right mind would want to be Oprah's lesbian lover? The woman is an egotistical twit. Gail seems way too grounded realistic normal and polite to be stuck in a role like that.Oprah is waaaaay creepy. She used to be cool but now she is so grandiose and ignorant,

1412 days ago
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