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Gayle King -- Ain't No Gay Vibe With Oprah

11/9/2010 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

They fish together ... they camp together ... they shack up together .... but Oprah's BFF Gayle King still insists the famous lesbian rumors are purely "ridiculous."

Oprah and Gayle:
Gayle and her daughter Kirby hit the Museum of Modern Art in NYC last night -- when she told our photog that she's never put out a gay vibe with the famous talk show host ... because "there isn't one."

110910_oprah_gayle_video3Can't two single, middle-aged women hang out in peace? All the time? Without men? Ever?


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EEEKE... Loose half her show cause she was a carpet muncher, are you nuts. She's got non disclosure paper work in place. If any one narked they would loose any money the hippo gave them in the first place. It would take a professional fishing boat to take her down. ;-) She has NO credibility anymore, she's nothing more than a washed up fame whore trying to get as much publicity as she can in her last season. The minute the show is done poor Gayle will be up in a sling with both legs spread and Oprah will have a bottle of Soy Sauce in one hand and a jar of Wasabi in the other.

1407 days ago


First of all, I saw this article in a tabloid, the Examiner,and anyone with a little sence knows that the tabloids starts rumors,true or not,to sell their papers. Then the stupid public runs with the story as if they know these people personally. If Oprah & Gayle needs to be intimate with each other, I'm sure they could find more discreet places,(their homes) to do whatever. It is just like today's society to want something negative to talk about . Everyone who is judging and guessing probably has some trash of some sort going on in their own life or they would not spend time trying to stir up trash about another persons life. They are rich, successful and smart. Whether they claimed to be gay or not, will not change that, and should'nt. Being gay is what a persons sexual preference is,not who they are, and should be a private matter, but yet again, society while screaming its okay to be gay, acts if they need to condemn these two for saying they are not. Accept it and go get a life. They are public people and part of showing their life together as the friends they are is part of her show that she chooses to share with people. I think that people with attitudes that think two people can't be friends without sex between them must evidently has never experienced this type of friendship. I'm straight, have great girlfriends,we have great fun, but I love men, and I have never desired to be with a woman. It is okay to be gay. But it is also and should be okay to say that there are still some in the world who is not looking for sexual gratification whether it be a man or woman.

1407 days ago

keeping it real    

THEY WENT FISHING GET IT! LOL And come on total Lezzes!

1407 days ago

Clooney is GAY    

@ KicksandGiggles, what you don't know is when you are forced to sign it, it is FOREVER, not just the time you are employed. You can never say anything about her goings on. This applied to EVERYONE who works there, from a janitor to the CEO. Obviously, some people have loose lips as the cat is out of the bag. A friend of mine works on the magazine staff and had to sign it. It will be difficult even if Oprah decides to come out as a LESBIAN as she went on TV years ago to say she is NOT Gay and even printed that in one of her magazines. Talk about having a credibility problem.

1407 days ago


I Said ,She said ,He said..who said what.....I don't give a Rat's a.s...So why does everyone else..?My friend, a friend of an ex-employee..This is really what's wrong with the humanity...Give it up!

1407 days ago


Agreed with other comments, Oprah and Gayle are partners but won't admit it because her billion dollar career would likely be ruined.

1407 days ago



1407 days ago


GEEEEEE as a 3 dollar bill

1407 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Yeah, right...and Tom Cruise and john Travolta aren't gay either....right.....

1407 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

It is matter of semantics. Ridiculous does not mean not true.

1405 days ago


Who cares? Gayle's daughter is hot! I would destroy that!

1402 days ago


TMZ, I'm really bored with all your gay references about Oprah and Gail. So they are best friends and they are supposedly gay? No one is allowed have a best friend? Matt Damon/ben Affleck, Jennifer Anniston/Courtney Cox, Chad Ochocinco/Terrell Owens, and many other well known best friends, get a pass but Oprah and Gail are gay? STFU. You can also get off the old assed Tiger bandwagon. He cheated, so the hell what? Until you decide to also persecute, for over a year, Charlie Sheen, Tony Parker, Brett Favre, Jesse James, and old assed Larry King, get the hell off Tiger's back, be fair, Jeez. Until you come up with some proof about Oprah and Gail, chill with the inuendos, jerks.

1390 days ago


..Gayle left out the million dollars Oprah slid her when she made her first 2 mill, lol. Guess she hoped we'd forget about that one. Sounds much like a pay off to me. But of course Oprah wont admit she's gay w/ her rep at stake ..but its about time she's put in the hot seat where she's put so many 'or/and' taken sides in fueds that was NONE OF HER BUSINESS!

1376 days ago
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