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Michael Jackson's Kids -- Not in Joe's Line of Fire

11/9/2010 9:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's kids will not suffer the fate of their famous father ... because we've learned Katherine Jackson doesn't lay a glove on them.

Sources connected with the family tell TMZ ... Katherine does not believe in physical discipline, and corrects Paris, Prince and Blanket by sitting them down and talking them through what they did wrong.

0816-joe-jackson-video_oprahWe're further told ... Katherine will not let Joe lay a hand on any of MJ's kids. 

Joe admitted to Oprah he whipped Michael with a strap.

Turns out ... discipline is not a high priority at the Jackson compound ... because we're told MJ's kids are incredibly well-behaved.


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Are you idiots serious? It was supposed to be an informal setting with the kids. They were hanging out in the back. You just have to be your usual destructive selves only because it is MJ's kids right? You creeps make my a@#s sick. Cant you find anything worthwhile in life to do. Why dont you mind your ill mannered kids, sisters and brothers and leave MJ's well trained and well behaved kids alone? The same type of venom you spewed everyday against MJ you are now directing towards his kids, that's the exact reason MJ in his wisdom protected his kids from people like you. Look do us a huge favour and step off the bl@#$ed planet and dont come back you are a fr@#$%%g waste of space, idiots? Paris,blanket and Prince we your dad's fans are very proud of you considering how Oprah treated your dad, you made us all proud. You showed us what a good dad MJ really was. You are all smart, beautiful well behaved kids. Prince i return that curse of labelling you as a future drug addict to the person who spoke and wrote it. It is now cursed at the root and returned to the sender. May God protection surround you 3 kids, and may your light shine and make your wonderful dad proud. Forget those of "no consequence" they usually have nothing worthwhile to offer anyway

1442 days ago


I dont understand... at the end of the day they are Michaels kids, biological or not he raised them....Why dont you haters go comment on sandra bullocks photos and go say the same thing about her child...
Righttt.. cause you know that would be cruel.
You are all just mean people that like to pick on the kind.

1442 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

Some of you (most) are silly-azzes.
None of the kids are biologically Michael's.
They all have been raised mostly by nanny's.
The older 2 look like dark haired versions of their mother, Debbie.
The youngest looks nothing at all like Michael.
Michael never had sex with a female.
Michael when he was a child.
Michael was a pedophile.
Michael was a junkie.
Michael is dead. All gone & Bye Bye.

Posted at 5:05 PM on Nov 9, 2010 by MDFIT BananaPatch

YOU ARE going STRAIGHT TO HELL for THIS!!!!!!!! HOW DARE you SAY THESE RIDICULOUs lies about MJ & hiS CHILDREN!!!!!!!!! You KNOW NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP LYING about MICHAEL JACKSON YOU first class RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1442 days ago



1442 days ago



1442 days ago


NO disrespect towards kathrine but now Im really starting to believe kathrine was just as abusive as joe was too...

she proably beat on michael with joe!!!
Im convinced she's the real mastermind behind the jacksons legacy
It wasn't joe.

1442 days ago


WOW!! joe used a strap on his kids or hit them in the late 60's and 70's!!....ummm..only problem here is so did alot of the parents back then , my dad also . Now ur kid will sue u if u try and do anything . kids are running around like nothing these days popping pills and doing anything they want and parents can't seem to do alot about it..not saying beat u kids or anything but everyone needs checks and balances..never mind kids.

1442 days ago


Don't really feel like readin through the 7 pages of comments.

Did anyone notice Prince has vitiligo too? In the Oprah interview, you could see it on his nose and around under his eyes. Also when he raised his arms, it's there too.

Paris has grown up alot since Michaels passing. I bet she is gonna be 1 beautiful actress one day.

And Blanket, I think he just the spittin image of his father. He has his eyes...that's for sure.

I wish those kids the best. Life can't be easy without your dad. I'm glad they have their grandma though...

1442 days ago


"Not in Joe's Line of Fire"....

In what sense? Whip them with electrical cords as he did MJ? I don't know that he'd dare with all of this attention and the head's up of MJ's globally known 'experiences of JJ.

I'm sure that doesn't stop him from so wishing he could. But, who would KNOW. How did WE ever know. If MJ hadn't spoken out we would have never known of HIS experience, would we - and, he didn't do that until '93, and FAR from JJ's physical reach.

Doesn't mean either that they don't FEEL JJ's diabolical demeanor, and NPD. WE cannot hear his TONE when speaking to them within their four walls - his implications, his ATTITUDE of resentment and entitlement.

Yes. IMO, they are definitely "in his line of fire". With KJ's unspoken - but, as clearly understood now as it had been back then for MJ (although, he could not 'hear' it back then, either) - her obtuse blessing.

1442 days ago


In the 50's, and 60's when the jackson kids were growing up most parents whipped their kids with a belt or switch, or paddle. I was paddled in 1st grade by the principle. Joe has been getting alot of grief over this for years, and all parents did it. It was the way they were raised. Parents expected alot of things from their kids when we were growing up. We were taught respect for our elders, good manners, and right from wrong. I don't know if it was right or wrong but I raised my kids the way I was raised, and neither one of my sons spent time in jail either. The Jackson boys were raised to be good kind loving men and they are so how come people keep giving Joe a hard time. None of his kids ever shot up their school friends, or went to jail or killed anyone. So leave the old man alone people. His grandkids said they loved him on TV. Quit making this old man the poster boy for child abuse. Look at the ones going to prision for killing their kids. His own sons defend him and his methods of how he raised them.

1442 days ago


Yeah I noticed that on Prince.
I saw it under his arm, I didnt notice it on his face though.
Yeah the kids looked great. Paris is very mature for her age.
More mature than the trolls on here thats forsure.

1442 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

Blanket is the splitting image of Michael, except he came out already white enough to so need for any skin treatments. When he grows up interessant opportunitys there! Is Joe grooming him for success yet? Did he start to beat him yet because at 8 years old he can't moonwalk yet?

1442 days ago


After Murray admitted that Michael was gone, Katherine described on Oprah the part that was even more heartbreaking – Katherine described the children crying and little Paris crying and saying Grandma where do we go and Katherine told the children they would go home with Grandma.

When Oprah ask Katherine where she was when this occurred Katherine said she was doing field service which is part of her religion and Oprah said you still do that and Katherine said yes. I hope Katherine Jackson knows just how wonderful of a person she truly is.

1442 days ago


Michael disciplined his children. He was a strict parent but balanced it with love and reassurance. He was an excellent father who tried to protect his children, not tear them down...
Posted at 5:06 PM on Nov 9, 2010 by kinerethblue
And you KNOW this to be true because......?? Please don't tell me you actually believe what you read on this website or any other gossip rag??

Posted at 5:29 PM on Nov 9, 2010 by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

No, but apparently you believe everything negative and completely retarded comment you
read... coward!

Typical bully! Too afraid to post your name along with your stupid comment!
FYI. If the kids were raised by nannies or if Michael wasn't a hands-on father like it has been said, those kids wouldn't be so distraught over his death. He was everything to them. How do we know they were broken up over his death and he was everything to them? Paris herself told us at the memorial. Michael's three bodyguards told us that as well. On Oprah, Prince, and Paris once again told us how they felt about their father. I don't know about you, but I didn't see a gun at their heads. Prince and Paris spoke freely.
It's you who's brainwashed by the hate driven, obsessed media.

And to all of you closet racist -- what does it matter what color their skin is or what features they have? The kids are human beings, loved and raised by another human being.
Frankly... it's none of you f'ing business anyway how they came to be, or how they live their lives. Raise your own ignorant, ugly, spawn brats, and stop being jealous of Michael and his extraordinary life.

1442 days ago
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