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Lil Wayne --

Banned from

Wynn Las Vegas

11/9/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne has criss-crossed the country since getting out of jail last week -- but there is one place he couldn't get into this weekend ... the Wynn Las Vegas.

Lil Wayne joined Drake on stage at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday night .... but sources tell us Weezy was a no-show at the after-party located in the Wynn Las Vegas ... and it wasn't his choice.

We're told a rep for the Wynn informed a member of Drake's entourage that Lil Wayne would not be allowed on the property -- and if he tried to enter, he'd be removed.

As for why Wayne was persona non grata -- sources tell us Wynn execs didn't want any trouble ... knowing Wayne is on a very short legal leash, i.e. no booze for three years.

The ban never became an issue ... a rep for Weezy tells us he chilled at the Palms Casino Resort and was not "scheduled" to appear at any events.  A rep for the Wynn had no comment.


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1421 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1421 days ago


I don't want someone to drool and shake bodily fluids on me at a club. I pay a lot of money for a nice suite and to party, this dude certainly isn't a celebrity guest of the club. Shake him.

1421 days ago


shonda, your very comment says it can't spell or articulate yourself very well. Back away from the rap and get an education. Ebonics will get you NO where.

I don't think there's an uglier man than Lil' Wayne. He's nasty looking. He's an idiot. And the way he leads his life says all we need to know about him. He's the poster child of what's wrong in entertainment. People like him ruined MTV for the rest of us, and he's nothing but a stupid criminal.

And racism? Please, there's NO one more racist than a black person. They pretend they aren't, but I know better. Why are THEY allowed to be proud of their race, THEY are allowed to be racist, but if they even 'think' someone has said something wrong, they are all over it. What a joke.

Remember kids, you're only a racist if you're white.

1421 days ago


These "artist" today are one big joke... I've never heard Lil Wayne, Jessica Simson (does she sing), 50 cent... and this character and I can't list anymore, because that's my point, they're all one big joke, generated by the American music machine, that grinds them out, make their bunk on them and spit 'em out. The truth is rock 'n roll is dead... some of you can turn it into a racial fate fest, because that's the American way, to only see in colour, but it spans across the entire spectrum. Why do we care about this creepy looking guy, I'm sure none of us have ever bought any of his CDs and gone to his concerts, he has his following and that's fine... leave the guy alone, come down on the hate talk, it'll lower your blood pressure, and will spill out into your personality making a good person. Not just a bored, ugly, insecure person.

Now tell me honestly, would you buy a Lady Gaga CD... really

1421 days ago


Who cares about the Wynn they sucks anyway!!LOL

1421 days ago


Highly doubt hes in tears over this.. i love how many people comment on how he's BOO blah blah blah they dont like him, yet they got to each post to discuss how much they hate him ? Seems odd if you dont care abt somebody and their music.. Dont listen to his music so much, but hes a interesting person.. his history and how far he has come. Also, hes hot, I'm so there.

1421 days ago

be real    

Ya'll just mad because ya'll wives, mothers, and daughters would suck off and swallow him because he is paid and ya'll are BROKE!!

THE BECKY"S LOVE HIM!! can't even get any play from wayne

ya'll below him!!!!!

1421 days ago


#25 Carmen you stole the words right out of my mouth..THE WYNN SUCKS!

1421 days ago


I have empathy for him. He clearly has had a lack of good guidance in his life. He's young, talented, and caught up in the legal system that offers no-justice for Brown people; so basically, he's in a no win situation and if he breathe's wrong, he'll be right back doing time. Let's keep this guy in prayer, he will need it.

1421 days ago


SAD...Racism is a very big issue ON THIS SITE !!!!
I think most people say things without realising they are being racist. This doesn't excuse their behaviour but most people
don't think before they say things. They would never ever approach a black person with there internet comments. I am Irish

1421 days ago


@ Catt about this I DONT LIKE WHITE PEOPLE I can be called a racist.....white people really crack me up with this so called racist mentality YET they are rushing to the sun tanning places to become my shade ...Yet they are getting injections in their lips to get my full lips...Yet they are injecting silicone in their behinds to get my perfect booty and the list goes on and on

White people are the enemy of the sun burn baby burn....You all are the enemy of the falling rain smelling like bologna and wet dogs so NOT NATURAL...White people are not Indigenous to any LAND in the world so that means they were created most likely by some dysfunctional black scientist as some kind of toxic poison...

your own history dictates you have never came up with an original idea that was productive only ideas that are destructive..war mongers stole black history and re-arranged it to fit into your distorted view of HIS-STORY and white people do all this because they fear Annihilation ......they no that once they mix their genes with anyone of color then their babies become of color ..making the next generation of color ..eventually eliminating their existence ...ANY QUESTIONS


1421 days ago


There are people on both side of the color spectrum that do a lot worst and look a lot worst for their money! For every negative comment up here lets everyone check ourselves out before we decided to pass judgment on anyone else!!! I'm sure someone on this comment page has said or done something ridiculous this week if not this month!! Whoever hasn't God bless ya!

1421 days ago


The Wynn doesn't want felons in their hotel disturbing the other thousand customers. You know it will be a zoo. His posse will rent out half a floor & turn it into Animal House. I wouldn't let him in either

1421 days ago


He can go and do shows anywhere he likes, what should have happened if Drake is Wayne's homie, and they wouldn't let Wayne attend.... Drake should have refused to attend as well... thats what real *****'s do.

and to the above post..... your momma is trash... I took her out last night mofo.

1421 days ago
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