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Lil Wayne --

Banned from

Wynn Las Vegas

11/9/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne has criss-crossed the country since getting out of jail last week -- but there is one place he couldn't get into this weekend ... the Wynn Las Vegas.

Lil Wayne joined Drake on stage at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday night .... but sources tell us Weezy was a no-show at the after-party located in the Wynn Las Vegas ... and it wasn't his choice.

We're told a rep for the Wynn informed a member of Drake's entourage that Lil Wayne would not be allowed on the property -- and if he tried to enter, he'd be removed.

As for why Wayne was persona non grata -- sources tell us Wynn execs didn't want any trouble ... knowing Wayne is on a very short legal leash, i.e. no booze for three years.

The ban never became an issue ... a rep for Weezy tells us he chilled at the Palms Casino Resort and was not "scheduled" to appear at any events.  A rep for the Wynn had no comment.


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I think the WYNN did that to get some publicity. Well, if you did it was a fail because you are turning down young money. These rappers are up for a good time and want to spend money and be treated with respect. That is all they expect, but if you don't like it then you can fall like the rest of them. Deuces!!!

1443 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

He's too ugly for any kasino. They don't want him scaring away all the other paying kostumers! He looks like a hyena except that he doesn't feed on rotting karkases. Or?

1443 days ago


PS @ Catt Oh Yeah heres an experiment to prove my point...go and get pregnant by a black man and see what it produces...really you dont have to wait 9 months for this one its a NO BRAINER .......dun dun dun dun...the child will be of color ...your genes have been erased just like until your genes are strong enough to survive a black invasion you have nothing left to say

1442 days ago


LMAO @ Catt .....all that and yet still your race is the enemy of nature......cant very well change that now can you.....who cares about welfare and all that other BS your race uses as control to make themselves feel relevant the bottom line is and will always be you DO NOT FIT IN WITH NATURAL COURSE OF HUMANITY and that is inclusive of your whole race....welfare is for a few select....I just love it when the truth smacks you in the face come out like a dog with rabies...dont get mad at me get mad at the SUN, THE RAIN or your CREATOR for I did not make you as a misfit I only report it.....again I am LMAO...step outside on a sunny day and burn baby burn while I absorb the radiant energy of the sun

1442 days ago


He looks like a complete mess. It is so sad that our men try their best to look so UGLY. I wouldn't want him at my dog fight. He looks sooooooooooooooo nasty.

1442 days ago


@ Catt....Maybe you so mad at black people because you want a black man.LOL

1442 days ago



1442 days ago


I don't know why people don't mind their own freaking business.. While all of you are hating on Lil wayne, he is still renovating Hip Hop.... So hater get ur mind right, and mind of ur own freaking business......

1442 days ago


The fact that this comment area has degenerated into a forum for racist arguement is what I find most disturbing and deserving of comment. I really can not believe that people are so superficial, black and white. You really hate on a white person; and your arguement includes the fact that they burn more easily? Wow! "Now whitey look forward to your skin cancer."haaaa. Now if I weren't hating on black folks, this forum sure has given me cause to. I like Little Wayne... but this? I feel sorry for America. How can we rise above this? This forum is so clearly a transparent dialogue we are really having in America. Wow! Black people really are the most racist folks. I did not know. I have been trying to live all color blind and politically correct and little did I know whites were hated on for burning. That really is hilarious! I pray for America. Maybe Little Wayne was banned more for his criminal record than his race. Wynn banned Paris Hilton. She is white. Does she burn? haaa. Probably. haaaa. I will never see race the same again. Thankyou for enlightening me. Lord help us all.

1440 days ago

Tryph Life    

@Catt & @Adrienne both of u should be ashamed of both sound racist...we are all human...we all have problems..its about how you deal with them that makes you who you are..btw I'm 1/2 black 1/2 white and Ive experienced racism from both sides..even mexicans..its one of the ugliest characteristics known to man..who cares what f***ing skin color u have we all bleed red have the same organs, eat, sleep, ****, and wanna be happy..there's white & black geniuses as well as white and black idiots..who are we to judge? if you haven't been through someones situation you cant really understand why they do what they do catt..and Adrienne just because white ppl get sun burnt doesn't make them unnatural..I'm lightskin so i get sun burnt sometimes too..idk how old the 2 of you are but its time to set the differences aside and grow up!!! FYI I'm only 20

anyway @someone yes black ppl are some of the most racist ppl but white ppl are just as racist they just try to hide it..but b4 this turned into a race war these comments were supposed to be about the wynn not allowing lil wayne in there resort..1st off Im a young MC myself & Im not the biggest wayne fan because he thinks hes the best alive (which is complete b.s. cuz some **** he says makes no sense) but i do keep up with all hip hop artists so i know whats going on..and Im not 100% sure cuase this is just a rumor i saw on another site but the real reason the wynn would not let him in is because him and drake got into a fight after the concert at hard was drakes after party and the reps at the wynn were told not to let wayne had nothing to do with him just getting out of jail...anyway wtf would that matter to them..he ****s up thats his problem not theres..something else caused them to not allow him in there..i bet if he went back now while drake was gone they would accept him with open arms..
wow feels like i just typed a novel lol..any ppl get over this race thing..peace & love

1439 days ago
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