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Lil Wayne Smacked With Paternity Challenge in Prison

11/10/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne may have a lil illegitimate kid running around -- this according to a Missouri woman who hit Weezy with paternity papers while the rapper was serving time at Rikers Island.


Weezy -- who's already fathered 4 kids that he's aware of -- allegedly sired another child back in 2002 ... and now the 8-year-old's grandmother obtained a court order requiring Wayne to submit to a DNA test.

According to the legal papers, obtained by TMZ, Weezy was supposed to get tested before September 10, 2010 ... but since he was behind bars at the time he got the letter (dated August 20), the judge pushed the deadline to December 9.

The woman going after Wayne doesn't  explain why her daughter isn't pursuing the test herself -- in fact, the birth mother's name isn't even listed on the documents.

Calls to Wayne's camp have not been returned.


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LIL...You need to start using Condoms boy!

1441 days ago


I have a difficult time believing any female would consent to have sex with him? He's one big UGH.

1441 days ago


first wow. second. This is so irresponsible beyond words, the world is overpopulated, there are millions of orphans as it is and then you have this moron who thinks making kids is a pasttime activity and he can do whatever he wants because he has a lot of money. All of these children will grow up f*cked up since they wont have a strong family and a normal father figure if any. Any woman who had sex with him I cannot imagine being a good mother. Just the opposite. And it should be law, that in cases like this they cut his balls off.

1441 days ago


Have you read the latest stats - over 70% of Black children are born to single mothers? Racist - How about a realist? Besides I have a 40yr old Black, nephew-in-law with 8 # of mothers unknown)kids (at last count)and is proud of it. He gambles for a living and wonders how to hide his winnings (HA) so he does not have to pay child support. If you make them - support them!

1441 days ago


Just because he has kids doesn't mean this one is his. Ask yourself why the grandmother is pursuing this instead of her daughter. Then ask yourself why wait 8 years. People can say what they want about Wayne but one thing you don't hear is that he is a bad father. He claims and takes care of his kids if he knows that they are his. So, all you dumb *ss with dumb things to say about rappers make sure you know them before commenting.

1441 days ago


this exact same thing happened to my husband the child was born in july of 2002 this lady waited till this year to pursue a paternity test shes from illinois were from tennessee. he took the test 3 1/2 months ago and we havent recieved a letter a phone call nothing so were assuming its not dont know tho. the weird thing is my husband is a carter n we have 5 kids lol

1441 days ago


Give it a break Granny don't embarass your daughter any further.

1441 days ago

yea right    

Why does this sound like and under age unfit mother situation.

Or the daughter still infatuated with him and don't want to cause trouble.

1441 days ago


maybe the grandmother is the one taking care of the child cuz the mother is unfit or has run off it does happen quite a bit...

1441 days ago


why would this thug be any different from others,because he has money?Funny we are called racist for pointing out facts.Please anyone who can post proof that the stats are wrong,please do so.A quick lesson for you dumb downed fools.The problem is not his or others skin color,its the fact that most do not support their children the states do.A large number of these children grow up without a chance because of their deadbeat fathers or like this guy spend a lot of their time in prison or drugs.More then 70% of non-white single mothers are on welfare,public housing,food stamps,free cell phones and the list goes on all because your thug out asses can't take care of your it?good.

1441 days ago

biafra boy    

he's a ****ing stupid ****** boy!!!!!!!!!!

1441 days ago


ok first off SHUT THE **** UP every single one of u retards are full of **** how can u sit there wright those things when probably ur a statistic urself!!!im not saying that what he did was right but so what HE LIKES SEX!IS IT HIS FAULT THAT YOU IDIOTS HAVENT GOTTEN LAID PROBABLY IN A WHILE!all u do is read what u want to read, so he has 4 kids he supports them and is more of a father then most idiots that have one child!next time u deside to waste ur ****ing time and just speak ur retarted mind first google him and read his bio so u know what hes all about because u all sound racist as **** no wonder the world is the way it is because of ppl like u that instead of doing good all u do is criticize and discriminate by the color of sumbody's skin or how they deside to live there life !!!SO NEXT TIME YOU DESIDE TO SAY SUMTHING RACIST JUST END UR LIFE RIGHT THERE !!!HEY THAT WILL STOP THE OVER POPULATION SO JUST THINK OF IT AS A CONTRIBUTION TO THE WORLD SINCE THATS ALL U HAVE HAVE DONE!

1441 days ago


Firstly, there are not "illegitimate" children, that's elitest and a disgusting reference for children.

Secondly, as per the grandmother and not the mother. Oftentimes, within some demographics it's the grandparents who are saddled with having to raise the children of the children often because the parent are young, irresponsible, incarcerated etc.

Lil Wayne needs to get fix (the notion of him siring kids that resemble him is not fair to the child.

Lastly, let's try FOR ONCE to keep race out of these post. I've notice that we only see in color. If a white person does something stupid, it's just a stupid person, if a black person does something stupid it's a BLACK, Ni**a, and all the rest of that creepy insecure talk.

1441 days ago


And how much does this guy lament the situation of blacks in this country when HE is part of the problem? If you're going to let it out, put some clothes on it, you idiot! Doesn't anyone ever think about the poor kids left behind by these guys like so many drips on the floor? And girls, if you aren't responsible enough to take a pill every stinking day and you still want to have sex, for God's sake, get a 5 year implant. the guy doesn't care about you at all! He just wants to get off and go one to the next one.

1441 days ago


Another idiot that can't keep it in his pants or use a condom. Fell azzbackwards into money that should be given generously to the children he created then abandoned.

1441 days ago
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