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Lindsay Lohan -- Just Shoot Me

11/11/2010 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan will be a working girl once more ... she's doing a big photo shoot next week, with the blessing of her counselors at the Betty Ford Clinic.

Lindsay Lohan:

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay will do the photo shoot one day next week in the Palm Springs area.  The shoot is for a major magazine.

The shoot is another sign that Lindsay is doing well in rehab.  The counselors have approved her recent outings as well as the shoot next week.

Lindsay is now living in a sober house which is part of Betty Ford, as a transition to life after rehab.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tells TMZ ... "The move to the sober house is part of the program so that Lindsay is integrated back into society, and all the outings she's taken have been pre-approved and encouraged by program representatives."

Holley adds, "I've spoken with her counselors who say she's complying with all of the program directives."



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I know everyone supposedly loves a good train wreck but why would anyone want to wish this young woman ill will. I mean, really, what has she personally done to any of you? It sounds like she is more self destructive than anything else and her own worst enemy.
I agree that, yes, she has been given many chances, even more than she may have deserved, but why can we not hope that this time will be the one that she does the right thing and sorts out her life and once again becomes a productive citizen without all the drama and the drugs, alcohol, etc. will be put behind her.
I do think she will need to make some life changes to make this work and I hope she will. I hope she will drop her addict friends who have enabled and encouraged her drug and alcohol abuse, get a good sponsor and life coach to keep her mind on track, and that she will focus on a clean future instead of her next fix.
Btw..Just my opinion, I think she should drop Sam ASAP. It seems like that is where she began her downfall. She did not seem to have these issues when her and Wilmer were together. Not to mention, Sam looks like a total junkie herself and bad news to anyone who gets involved with her. I am not accusing but it seems like Sam might be the downfall of Christina Agulerra too as after developing a friendship with Sam, she is suddenly divorcing and life is spiraling.

1444 days ago


Christy and Ellen, I take in trouble at 45 days!

1444 days ago


She's a player... a good player. I've seen lots of addicts just like her. She will go along with the program, even excel at it, just to please the courts and get everyone off her back. Addiction is not overcome in a few weeks. I'll listen to how well she's doing after a year of sobriety.

1444 days ago


She's complying because she has to....

1444 days ago


Ashley you must be a Nast fat whore too

1444 days ago


She is still the poster child for a broken legal system. Once an addict, always an addict. I predict she will fall to those demons shortly after she is released. Perhaps, a fall so hard that she will relieve us all and the taxpayer of her societal abuse.

1444 days ago


The reason this photo shoot is Betty Ford approved is so that Lindsay can admit in the interview that will accompany the photo shoot that she is an addict. Making this admission for the first time publically will be considered part of her overall healing process.

On the side, I'm sure she will make some money for the shoot, which will help to pay her rehab bill, if it hasn't been paid yet, but the money is secondard to the main objective here.

1444 days ago


some of you haters are sad. You all want Lindsay to fail, some of you are even making bets! All I can say is your lives must suck big time. If you can be this hateful and hurtful to a young woman you don't even know, what the heck are you like with your family? Miserable and lonely I suspect, taking your misery out on Lindsay. Well, be prepared haters, you are going to be even more miserable come February. Lindsay will be back better than ever and I wish her the VERY best of luck.

Just some info, those of you praising Milo, just saw a video of him talking to paps after he left Lindsay yesterday, remember how he tried to 'help' cover Lindsays face when the paps ran after them? Well, when Lindsay went back to BF he talked to the paps, he was on first name terms with them and told them what a great job they were doing, are these the words of a concerned father? No, he's a leech.

1444 days ago


Thank God...Dina needs money

1444 days ago


She looks great, she's doing well, and I think she important that she works for her self esteem

1444 days ago


She looks great, she's doing well, and I think its important that she works for her self esteem

1444 days ago

Bob Goodden    

go linz get well

1444 days ago


didnt every rehab she attended say this???? some rehab she got shes allowed to go out and do things and what not..while if it were me id still be in jail serving my sentence.

1444 days ago


There is a big difference between complying and surrendering.

1444 days ago

carlos martinez sanchez    


1444 days ago
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