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Angelina to Situation: You Look Like Popeye on Crack!

11/10/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina from "Jersey Shore" unleashed on her arch-enemy "The Situation" last night -- claiming the dude needs a full-on face transplant so he can stop looking like "Popeye on crack."


Angie -- who was hangin' with Justin Rego from "The Bachelorette" -- tore Sitch apart in an EPIC rant outside of Premiere nightclub in Hollywood last night ... renaming the dude, "The Bitch-uation."

Angelina was named "Villain You Love to Hate" at a reality TV show awards event earlier in the evening ... and after watching this clip, no one could possibly be more deserving.  


No Avatar


the situation DOES look like popeye!!!!

1443 days ago


They ALL suck; how is this show still on?
She may suck as well, but damn, she's right...

1443 days ago


Here's the thing that kinda made me chuckle.....she says "who are you, situation, you're nobody." I'm thinking, well, who exactly are YOU, Angelina?! Truth be told, situation is a much bigger deal than Angelina, but at the end of the day, ALL of those tools from jersey are a bunch of whackjobs. I kind of feel bad for Pauly D, because I think that if he didn't grow up in that cesspool that is New Jersey, he might've turned out to be an alright dude.

1443 days ago

eric reza    

yea but he made atleast 5million last year...shes just a dumb jealous bitch..annoying and fat....

1443 days ago


I sense much hate in her, the hate must run deep in her family. I will admit as a straight guy the guy has seriously worked on his abs, no denying that fact. I would advise working on the personality though.

1443 days ago


didnt she have sex with him?

1443 days ago


I don't know what all the hype is? He seems retarded to me,,and so uneducated..all of them do.
why are they on tv? I don't get why people even watch..guess it's too much of a train wreck.
I'm sure all of their parents must be embarrassed

1443 days ago

Chun LI    

She's right

1443 days ago


Dirty. Little. Hamster.

Don't you talk bad about the sanitation! LOL

1443 days ago


Yo! That is hilarious. He really does look like Popeye -- on crack! HA!
His abs, nice. His face, jacked up. Period. No question, his grill is busted.
He has old man jowls.
Oh, and what's up with his voice gyrations? He sounds like a retarded valley girl. Has anyone else noticed that?

1443 days ago


UMMMM....a reality awards show event??? Will they be airing this on our TV? I hope NOT. reality tv award show...that's funny.

1443 days ago


You must have one of those trick mirrors that make you look better than you do. Your filthy mouth and accent make you look even less attractive. Maybe if you cleaned yourself and your mouth up, you'd attract a different kind of man. You are a disgrace to all women. DLH (dirty little hamster).

1443 days ago


This is too funny, good one Angelina, he does look like "popeye on crack". I would have to agree with her that he does look like that, and I would add one more thing to the list "thrash". He gaved Angelina the name "dirty little hampster", and now Angelina came up with a name for him, "popeye on crack".

I love it, so funny!

1443 days ago


They are all white trash crack whores, but she is right. Sorrentino does look like Popeye. His face and head are repulsive and everyone vomits in their mouths when he takes his shirt off. Staten Island beauty Angelina looks like she could be Mimi's (from The Drew Carey Show) child, especially with that ridiculous clown makeup.

1443 days ago


lol, that rocks, you go girl- I will always be in your corner

1443 days ago
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