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Jailed 'Bad Girls' Chick -- Family Plots Bailout Scheme

11/11/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Bad Girls Club" hellraiser who was arrested during a huge drug bust last week is $30,000 short of making bail ... and TMZ has learned, her family is scrambling to come up with the cash ... online.


Catya Washington needs to post at least $50,000 of her $500,000 bail to get out of the pokey -- and thanks to an online fundraiser set up by her family, we're told the reality star already pulled together $20,000 ... in a week.

That means she's still $30,000 in the hole -- but at this rate ... she'll be out lickety-split .. just in time for her court date on November 22.

As we previously reported, Catya wasn't arrested empty-handed -- cops claim she was carrying coke, shrooms, ecstasy ... and even a gun.


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Are you sure? I thought I saw the trifling ho on the reunion show promo?

1438 days ago


Seriously, For real.... exactly how stupid and low are people going to get???

Donating $$ to this trash when there are SO MANY WORTHWHILE charities struggling to help real and true deserving people??!!

I hope EACH IDIOT that donated 1 dime to this convict gets an rash in an unreachable dark place penicillin hasn't heard of!!

1438 days ago

pamela q    

She is so foney someone must have put in her head that she looked like a hood rat on the show thats why she left. u thought u were cute. u dont have any money and you're not that spoiled or hot other wise u wouldn't have needed to go on the show. I just hate fake chicks!! She claimed she had money, well that was a lie because she is still in jail and is begging for money from strangers, what a tramp...

1438 days ago


the thing thats so funny about this chick is that on the bad girls club she acted as if she were too good for sh*t like she was all talking shiit bout strippers and shiit ....shes a drug dealer face it...who has all that shiit laying round with them?

1438 days ago


she needs to stay in jail until her arraignment , with all she got caught with there shouldn't be any bail period

1438 days ago


I think rather than an online fundraiser (who does that?) they should do what every other person in need does, hold a spaghetti dinner at the local elks club.

I can't believe that people actually donated towards her bail. She raked in $20,000.00 in a week from complete strangers?

Who ever donated to this bad girls bail should be ashamed of yourselves because once she is released or the bail is released afte her conviction who is going to get the bail money? Are the people who donated going to get their money back? It's all a big con that people got drawn into, giving away their hard earned cash! Wake up people, she ain't worth a dollar!

1438 days ago


People should have donated to a charity, not a charity case!

1438 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Why would anyone want to bail her out?

1438 days ago


I heard that rapper Drake was suppose to help bail her out ?

1437 days ago


I know she is getting what she deserves and I wouldn't pay to help her, but some of these comments are way too harsh. Especially the one about killing her and other like her. There are for worse people on this earth than her who do far worse things.

1437 days ago


get in touch with me i can bond her out!

1435 days ago


call me i can bond her out

1435 days ago

Ky Marroon     

Dis my Bitch, ya'll sume haters she on tv and left the show , Cant knock the hustle ... Catya keep ya head up ,, if they aint talkn bout u must be doin sumthin wrong...Fee remy and Catya Real bithces do wat dey have too, all dem others hoes beside Brandy Morgan n Kristin like getn money vs eating ***** and makin out wit random broke ass guys,, Bitch Plz..!!!!~_^

1430 days ago

Bryant Brown     

i just want say yall some matha ****in haters she was 1 of tha badest bitches on that show do i think her having drugs was dumb yes but she still fine as hell its funny how people dont no her and talk **** wow its haters every wer but if yall have a problem with what i said contac me @

p.s love u cat 1 of yo fans

1425 days ago


Keep that slut in jail. She stayed bragging about her money on the show... HAHA Goog luck bitch!

Why the **** are people donating money to this bitch??? ****in retards

1417 days ago
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