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Judge Rejects Gag Order in Mel Gibson Case

11/10/2010 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's lawyers wanted everyone in the custody war to shut up or else ... but the judge has rejected issuing a gag order ... TMZ has learned.

Mel Gibson Gag Order:
Sources tell TMZ ... Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers did not want a gag order, partly because other people -- including members of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department -- were talking about the case and impacting Oksana's public profile.  In the end, Judge Gordon did not see it fit to issue a gag order.

We're also told both Mel and Oksana testified today about the custody arrangement.  Oksana is asking the judge to deny Mel all overnight visits, on grounds Mel's nanny allegedly cares for the baby and she needs full-time parenting ... also she believes Mel is a danger to Lucia.  But Mel is sticking by the tried-and-true formula -- he's already successfully raised 7 kids.

We're told the judge did not rule on whether to alter any of the custody/visitation arrangements.

111010_oksana_exit_videoThe judge did settle one issue -- that Oksana will get $20,000 a month in child support and can live rent free -- meaning Mel can't deduct rent from the $20k. 


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Here's a headline you might easily comprehend.

OKSANA WINS THE DAY. Money and no gag order. Get it now.

Posted at 5:13 PM on Nov 10, 2010 by Sqiggy

Not really a win because Mel still gets to have Lucia for all his visitation. That's something that has to irk the sh*t out of Oksana =)

1441 days ago

LA me    

I am confused!! Has TMZ posted anything about back child support/modified child support/modified visitation/upholding the mediation agreement??? The only thing I read is that the gag order was lifted! Can someone please clarify this without quoting Rabies On Line or People (whom Oinky did an interview with)??

1441 days ago


Is the Judge helping to sully the jury pool even more? What's this about the Judge and his Nazi past?

1441 days ago


Good point about the judge lifting the gag order and Mel Gibson's attorneys are not being under such an order anymore. However, I honesty hope Mel via his attorney's keeps silent and maintains his dignity. A man has a code of not telling, when it comes to women. But in our World today, it is expected for a woman to show her fury, but a man can't. Notice Charlie Sheen can raise holy hell, and get away with all the crap he's pulled on his ex wives, because he keeps quiet, so the public just let's his bad boy behavior go. Now, if he had started bashing them in the public, telling all about their personal demons, the public would have said, what a jerky man for bashing his ex. It's a double standard, and it's not fair. But the public is funny this way.

1441 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

LA me: TMZ has dropped the ball.

1441 days ago


That's not a win for Oksana? Mel still gets his visitation with his daughter thats what this is all about for him. I cant see $20,000 a month hurting Mels bank balance.. I think lifting the gag order is great. Now we all get to hear more from the Police regarding the tapes and TMZ can post all the emails from the bodyguard and everything else they have stashed. Bring it onnnn lol

1441 days ago


What's really maddening is that this same judge put the gag order in first place. One side abided by this judges order and one side paid no attention to it what so ever.

Now this same judge is like saying ... well too bad you listened to me the last time and obeyed MY order ... cause I'm now siding with the ones that didn't give a s.h.i.t what I said.

1441 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Ok$a worried about her public profile?

A gold digging, lying whore worried
about her public profile she
created with her behaviour
in the last 2 decades!

Roll back the clock Ok$a!

1441 days ago


Where did the Sheriff's Dept. say anything? The only thing we hear is leaks from the Ox's side, which leaks like a sieve...let them keep talking, they are nuts!
Let's not forget, Ox and her "lowers" especially Horowitz have bashed the Sheriff's Office, all LE, the D.A., FBI, the courts, her lawyers, Mel's lawyers and threats to all Americans.

1441 days ago


Whoever said Oksana would be irked by Mel continuing to have overnight and regular visitation with Lucia? Oksana saying it was all about her daughter before court was just PR bull****. It was all about the money people. In essence she pulled the same crap a lot of women pull in child support/custody issues. She was using the child as a front, as a means to get the money. She wasn't going to say to the camera's, "I want my $20 a month child support, and I want the $60...k he owes me in back support and until he pays up, I will fight him over visitation, in other words; he no pay, he no see child".

1441 days ago

Sue Donohue    

Who cares about her public image!!! She makes me sick... Once again i say it's all about the money, always was and always will be. I don't think this woman will ever let up.

1441 days ago


This judge really does look dirty. Probably is.

BUT the good aspect to this: OX has broken the gag order all along. Mel has complied. Now that the gag order has been lifted, it gives actual freedom to Mel, rather than OX who was already breaking it.

1441 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Mel should hire the best PI in L.A. and England
and dig up all the dirt they can find on Ok$a,
and have it "leaked" to the tabloids!

A truckload of dirt!


1441 days ago


Oksana probably wants full control over Lucia, Mel to pay her rent plus a big settlement, huge child support plus a chunk of the Gibson trust where Ox and her mother can crash at any time, life insurances on Gibson-just in case they get low on cash, a cut of what Robyn is having (lol)...and complete control of the little Gibson Girl, they seen the Boris Becker Girl bring in the dough and camera time for her Mummy at age 5. That's how Ox and her Ox-Ma thinks.

1441 days ago


this judge is dirty as they come...Horowitz does have a history with this judge but surely, based on just that the judge wouldn't side with him? can he? or what is really going on here...


the judge could have at the least placed contempt charge against Ox but nope, nothing like that!

sorry people, i don't like this judge and although he could have ruled on this child visitation today and told Ox to just STFU, he did not...instead, he gave more time for Ox and co to dig for more whores who may come out of the woods to make charges against Mel or at least more time for Ox and co to come up with plan c...i don't like it! not one bit!

1441 days ago
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