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Judge Rejects Gag Order in Mel Gibson Case

11/10/2010 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's lawyers wanted everyone in the custody war to shut up or else ... but the judge has rejected issuing a gag order ... TMZ has learned.

Mel Gibson Gag Order:
Sources tell TMZ ... Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers did not want a gag order, partly because other people -- including members of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department -- were talking about the case and impacting Oksana's public profile.  In the end, Judge Gordon did not see it fit to issue a gag order.

We're also told both Mel and Oksana testified today about the custody arrangement.  Oksana is asking the judge to deny Mel all overnight visits, on grounds Mel's nanny allegedly cares for the baby and she needs full-time parenting ... also she believes Mel is a danger to Lucia.  But Mel is sticking by the tried-and-true formula -- he's already successfully raised 7 kids.

We're told the judge did not rule on whether to alter any of the custody/visitation arrangements.

111010_oksana_exit_videoThe judge did settle one issue -- that Oksana will get $20,000 a month in child support and can live rent free -- meaning Mel can't deduct rent from the $20k. 


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Mel should hire the best PI in L.A. and England
and dig up all the dirt they can find on Ok$a,
and have it "leaked" to the tabloids!

A truckload of dirt!


Posted at 5:29 PM on Nov 10, 2010 by Fidel's niece

No need to leak he can put it out there, no gag order now. ;)
I can't wait for the after court interviews, they should be coming soon shouldn't they??

1420 days ago


Can't wait for the COMPUTER INFO CHAT from the Sheriff Dept.

I wouldn't celebrate the money and leaking lips approval too soon, Oksaloons. The fat lady hasn't sung yet (extortion case).

TMZ wasn't out gunned, it's just that ROL has their head up Oinky's dress. TMZ gave us the BEST story proving Oinky a liar via Herzog and Garbus.

Herzog, where o where are youuuu??

1420 days ago


I hope Mel does not stoop to Oksana's level. I for one don't want to see it or hear about it. It has been bad enough coming form her, and because she has disclosed all this personal and private stuff it has made her a public Pariah. I don't want to see that happen. Also, if Mel leaks horrible things about Oksana, she will use that against him later on with Lucia. It has been childish and sickening the way Oksana has behaved. I pray Mel Gibson will not stoop to her level.

1420 days ago

what a mess    

Whats funny is in the video clip she BARELY SPEAKS. Gag order lifted and OKSANA shuts her mouth.

She's a crafty c-nt, yaps her head off when there IS a gag order and shuts her mouth when there's not. I think she and DH are now waiting for MG or his legal team to start talking - then they'll (DH and OG) will use everything they say against them.

1420 days ago


The judge is known as a very skillful and experienced professional. I doubt he is "dirty" even though he has made some decisions we disagree with.

The gag order was meaningless anyways--there was no end to Oksana's crappy media releases. I just wish the judge had found her in contempt of court before lifting the gag order.

Sounds like the judge finally made a decision about whether the $20,000 per month included rent and decided it did not. No big deal for Mel--he pays and moves on. A much bigger issue would be a change to his access to his child, which Oksana would love, but there is no sign of that yet...

1420 days ago


Mel should hire the best PI in L.A. and England
and dig up all the dirt they can find on Ok$a,
and have it "leaked" to the tabloids!

A truckload of dirt!


Posted at 5:29 PM on Nov 10, 2010 by Fidel's niece

Worth repeating.

Mel, good advise here! Expose her to the world, let it all leak out and then some!

1420 days ago


The judge did settle one issue -- that Oksana will get $20,000 a month in child support and can live rent free -- meaning Mel can't deduct rent from the $20k.

So I wonder does this mean she has to pay for everything else, just not rent?

1420 days ago


What a joke, she is worried about impacting her public profile.
Earth to OG, your negative public profile is something of your own doing!

Posted at 5:02 PM on Nov 10, 2010 by pinkpanther

I couldn't agree more!!! NONE of her FORMER LOVERS or HUSBANDS have vouched for her "PERSONAL INTEGRITY" except when it was revealed that Team Mel had evidence in which "Ole Greedy" admitted that Timothy Dalton beat her. Mr. Horowitz issued a statement from Timothy Dalton because HIS OWN REPUTATION WAS AT STAKE. This "REPULSIVE CREATURE" has absolutely no problem torpedoing the reputation of others when she doesn't get her way. I truly feel sorry for her children because she doesn't care about the "PUBLIC HUMILIATION" she heaps upon them. She's an "ABSOLUTE JOKE" and if she hasn't realized that by now, WOE BE UNTO HER!!! Any man who takes up with her after this fiasco, needs to have his "head examined". SHE'S "REAL BAD NEWS IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE"!!!

1420 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Let Oskank keep open her lying mouth it landing in more hot water and oh let see she worry about her profile now ha ha ha well b*tch how do you think Mel feel when you start your extortion game made up lies about Mel abusing you? and hey Oksana its your own damn fault that you ruin your profile and all you're is lying gold digger c*unt who will used Lucia money on yourself and ignore your son Alexander and please you also have nanny to take care of Lucia too.

1420 days ago



Court is over?

Where were those DNA tests that sweet'tard-the-banned claimed would blow OxyBoToxy back to Ukraine?

Why is Gibson having to support a kid that isn't his?

I swear, the Judge is part of the Illuminati.

1420 days ago


People mag is also reporting Mel has to pay back support and that rent cannot be deducted.

1420 days ago


Oksana is only interested in MONEY!!! She appears to be worried about Mel's fitness to be a parent when in reality all she is doing is trying to deflect attention away from her GOLD DIGGING ANTICS. Send her back to Russia PLEASE...

1420 days ago


This judge seems like alot of others. Criminal courts where a defendent with a record as long as a role of toilet paper gets basically nothing thrown at him and then someone who has never been in trouble gets the book thrown at him. It's as if they are saying I had low expectations of the first one so no big deal, but the second one should have known better. Unequal justice. I don't even know if the judges realize they are doing it. It's like society today;reward those who haven't worked(I'm talking about the ones who don't WANT to work) and take it away from the ones who have been busting their butt and saving. Why should we be surprised? I'm not surprised, but it still makes me angry. Mel has it and even the judge could care less who takes it from Mel. Where is the justice?

1420 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Mel should hire the best PI in L.A. and England
and dig up all the dirt they can find on Ok$a,
and have it "leaked" to the tabloids!

A truckload of dirt!


Posted at 5:29 PM on Nov 10, 2010 by Fidel's niece

This is an excellent idea. Include Russia and mamaG and papaG. I hope he does it.

1420 days ago


I am confused!! Has TMZ posted anything about back child support/modified child support/modified visitation/upholding the mediation agreement??? The only thing I read is that the gag order was lifted! Can someone please clarify this without quoting Rabies On Line or People (whom Oinky did an interview with)??

Posted at 5:16 PM on Nov 10, 2010 by LA me

Judge Gordon is sticking so far with the custody already in place which is Mel get's Lucia 3 days a week and one overnight I think I read here yesterday! Obviously Judge Gordon isn't going to deduct rent from the $20k a month child support, she's getting to live rent free!! For someone who this morning proclaimed in front of the court "I'm not interested in money, it's all about Lucia's safety around Mel," I guess her lawyers have proven her a liar lol!! If she wanted nothing for herself she'd pay rent, $20k a month for Lucia is far in excess of Lucia's needs!! I don't however see this as a win for Octomum's twin!! If it was about the safety of Lucia then OG has lost so far and the smirk on her face coming out of court makes me want to slap her lol!! Mel wanted a gag order placed on the procedings, OG's lawyer's cited LAPD stories and so no gag order has been issued - YET!! LOL!!

1420 days ago
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