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Cops Reviewing

'Teen Mom' Violence

11/10/2010 2:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops now have the unedited video of a recent episode of "Teen Mom" -- which allegedly shows T.M.'s Amber Portwood beating the crap out of her ex-fiance ... this according to Anderson, Indiana cops.

The Anderson P.D. tells TMZ, MTV turned the tapes over yesterday -- after receiving a subpoena for any evidence of domestic violence.

Cops launched the probe after a recent "Teen Mom" episode aired -- showing an altercation between Amber and her baby daddy Gary Shirley. During the episode, Amber repeatedly hits and kicks Gary.

Amber could face felony domestic violence charges if the couple's kid witnessed the altercation.



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Good. They're both idiots, but there shouldn't be a double standard when it comes to domestic abuse.

1443 days ago


She's freaken insane, it's about damn time.

1443 days ago

Chun LI    

Lock her up and throw away the key

1443 days ago


"Why's it only D.V.if the kid saw it? It's D.V. whether witnessed or not. If the kid saw it, wouldn't that give cause for an additional charge of Child Abuse?"

I agree. I don't understand that. I hope she does get charged with something. There is NO excuse to physically abuse anyone like that.

1443 days ago


Finally...that bitch is always beating on this guy, hope she's charged, once a hitter always a hitter and if you don't think she'll wind up hitting that baby one of these days you are fooling yourself.

1443 days ago


I agree with MommyManderkin and Celebarazzi.

They are both horrible parents. And this is how they act while the cameras are rolling, can you imagine what goes on when there's no one else around? I'm surprised neither of them has been hauled of to jail and no one has taken that baby away from them.

That poor baby of theirs is going to be so screwed up, if she survives that long. The friends and family of these two are just as trashy so there doesn't seem to be anyone to be a role model to that child.

(yes, I watch Teen Mom but I wouldn't admit it anywhere but here. I finally had to tell my husband, that was embarrassing.)

1443 days ago


I live one town over from her and have friends that live in Anderson. She has been banned from Walmart and Meijer department stores for the way she acts. She is a moron and needs to have the book thrown at her!

1443 days ago


i would put the money on fat boy

1443 days ago


I think it's misdemeanor domestic violence otherwise, and a felony when the baby is a witness. Either way, it's domestic violence, just the degree changes when minors are witnesses, because then it directly involves them emotionally.

Poor baby. It's bad enough the poor little thing might end up looking like that jacked up b*tch.

1443 days ago


Poor guy for having to even deal with that... props to him for not hitting back. Hope this woman looses her kid.

1443 days ago


Reality shows need to stop encouraging nastiness among their 'stars'. This all started with that narcissist Kate Gosselin, TLC knew a lot of viewers tuned in to see Jon finally get up and leave and knock the crap out of her, the producers encouraged her ugliness and narcissism.
DV is a family affair....where it might start with the female goading, hitting and persecuting the male first---it is time people woke up. DV is a viscous cycle involving everyone. Time to stop the stinking thinking and actions of all for all future generations. Your kids watch what you do, learn what you do. Watch them turn around and beat the pets. End DV and out the truth concerning all.

1443 days ago


Not only is this about time....IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME! Ya'll know dern good and well that if Gary did the hitting--he'd probably be still in jail. She needs punished to the furthest extent of the law--but what is punishment to criminals these days but a friggn' slap on the wrist? Has Amber even gone to jail yet? Makes me sick watching the reunion show and seeing her patethic, abusing self laughing during the show, without a care in the world. I think Gary is a great dad and the best revenge that he could par~take is to get a new perspective on life! Get healthy, and continue to love and cherish your beautiful daughter, and thank God you are no longer part of Amber's life. You are now linked for 17 yrs, be civil and work it out the best you can with the "mother" (puke) of your adorable daughter. I wish you the best, Gary!

1443 days ago


It's about damn time!!! She's a poor excuse for a mom, let alone women! She deserves to get knocked around a bit! I'm glad something is finally being done about this so she can get her **** together!

1443 days ago


Take the kid away and give it to a couple who can actually raise a child.

1443 days ago

Jason Smith    

This is why 16 years old shouldn't have kids. There not ready. I was 23 years old when I had my first I wasn't ready then. Now the abuse you darn right if he smacked her around he would of been arrested right then and there on the spot because it would of made MTV look good. But in the eyes of TV and a girl going ballistic on her ex boyfriend / ex fiancee makes good TV. I say call child welfare she is unfit for now. She may change or she may choose not to change but it is up to her!

1443 days ago
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