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Nicole Richie

Gets Restraining Order

For Harlow

11/10/2010 5:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie just got a restraining order against a photographer who she claims has been stalking her child at her preschool ... TMZ has learned.

This photo -- taken by Nicole -- was attached to legal papers filed in support of the restraining order, showing Fabricio Luis Mariotto lurking at Harlow's preschool.

Nicole says in her petition for the restraining order, "[Mariotto] drives erratically around my children and others, yells, screams and attempts to scare us so that he can photograph our reaction.  He trespasses on preschool property to photograph the children."

Nicole adds, "He has often left his car in the middle of a busy street just to chase me for a photograph."


Nicole, who did not show up in court but was represented by Tamar Arminak from Mark Geragos' law firm, adds, "His predatory behavior caused and continues to cause severe emotional distress as I fear for the safety of my children."

The temporary restraining order requires Mariotto to stay 100 yards away from Nicole, Harlow, Sparrow and Joel Madden, as well as the preschool.


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Good, as far as Im concerned children should be off limits to these paparazzi s***bags.

1256 days ago


nutsjobs build more nutjobs be thier reactions remember that grass hopper next time your talking about someone`s stinkhole

1256 days ago


Thought when you said serial killer it would be a pap who was the killer and the targets would be the bubble headed starlettes.
I think my story is WAY better, but good luck with that boring turd. =)

1256 days ago

pappys pappie    

KIDS will be kids ...let them play

1256 days ago


GOOD.....He shouldn't be any where near that child's school. Piece of s**t. Leave the children out of it.

1256 days ago


If you're a celebrity, you should have no expectation of privacy...but the child does. That child had no choice being born into the spotlight and Nicole did the right thing. He could be taking pics to sell to some pedophiles...who knows what he's taking them for. If he's so desperate that he needs to hang out at a preschool for shots of the child/parent, then he must not be that good of a photog and should probably get another job.

1256 days ago


It's one thing to take pictures of someone, it's whole other thing to scare kids to get a reaction from Nicole, also drive erratically and endanger their lives. GET A LIFE YOU F'N CREEP!!!!!!! Seriously what a low life this guy must be.

1256 days ago


I know when you become famous for whatever reason you expect your privacy to be invaded somewhat (much more for others) but to hang around a school is low. Low!

This tool should be ashamed of himself for setting up at a school.

Good for you Nicole!

1256 days ago


WTH is this douche following Nicole Richie around for?!? Photos of her or her kids are worth nothing! She is out of the limelight.

1256 days ago


I hate these lowlife s***bag photographers. Yes even the TMZ azzzzholes. Screaming at the family to photograph their reactions? What a ****head this guy is. Someone should beat him to a pulp.

1256 days ago


He sorta looks like Jon Gosselin from afar.

1256 days ago


Ok, first off: to the person that said that celebrities should have no expectation of privacy, that is bull****. Even celebrities are real people and deserve to live their lives in peace. Contrary to what a lot of people believe we are not ENTITLED to know anything about them personally and WE should not have any reasonable expectation to be privy to any part of their lives that they don't choose to share. Regardless of what they do to become famous whether it's sing, act, art, or what have you that is their PROFESSION. How would you feel if one of your clients from work felt that it was their business to know everything about you and what you do and when you do it and hire people to follow you around and gather information and take pictures of you and your children. You would do the same thing that she did: notify the proper authorities and do what it takes to protect yourself and your children. Everyone is entitled to a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Second: Children are OFF LIMITS. There should be no exception to this. Especially in the absence of a parent such as at their school. Stalking, and yes that is an appropriate term for this, a toddler is wrong on so many levels.

And last: To those saying that this photographer is "just doing his job": **** that. Find a different job. Yeah, the economy sucks but that does not mean morals go out the window the second you have a chance to make some money and that stalking people is the only job out there.

1256 days ago


These parasites need to be stopped, this behavior is dangerous, disgusting and unnecessary!

1256 days ago


Note to Paparazzi: No one cares enough about Nicole or her kid for you to be stalking them like this. Give it up and leave her alone.

1256 days ago


She needs to hire "dexter"

1256 days ago
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