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Mel Gibson Chokes Up on Stand: I Love Lucia

11/11/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson choked up on the stand Wednesday as he testified about how much he loves Lucia and his other children ... sources familiar with the testimony tell TMZ.

Mel's voice cracked as he talked about his 1-year-old during his testimony.

Oksana Grigorieva -- who wants Judge Scott Gordon to strip Mel of overnight visits with Lucia -- testified that whenever the baby spent the night at Mel's, she came back "acting funny."  We're told Oksana did not get specific as to what "funny" meant.

On cross examination Mel's lawyers did a show-and-tell, playing video of Oksana talking to PEOPLE magazine and other media outlets, asking, "Do you think by talking to the media you are looking out for the best interests of Lucia?"  Oksana was also grilled about allegedly talking to TMZ.

Oksana's lawyers were trying to get the judge to invalidate the mediation agreement, but Judge Gordon shut them down, saying that issue wasn't before the court.

As for Martin Garbus, the judge still has not given the out-of-state lawyer permission to represent Oksana in a California courtroom ... all the paperwork was not in order.

The next court date is November 22.  Oksana will take the stand for further cross-examination.



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1442 days ago


So what does it mean for the case if the mediation agreement isn't invalidated still?

Is that the controlling legal do***ent here?

1442 days ago


If the child is acting funny, it means she doesn't want to go home to her mother! One can see in the videos, when Ox calls the paps, the baby happily leaves her mother and greets the nanny --ready to see her daddy!

1442 days ago


Oksana is trying to alienate her daughter from her father via the court, her daughter will hate her for it.

1442 days ago


Ox is such a ruthless beotch. Hang in there Mel! You're a great dad and great person.

We're praying for you and Lucia


1442 days ago



Posted at 8:23 PM on Nov 10, 2010 by angelika466

Sorry always wanted to do that never had the chance until now.

1442 days ago


Just proves Octomum's twin herself came in for a grilling today and will be having to take the stand again, so the smirk outside court seems to have been just over MONEY lol!! Mel still see's Lucia 3 days a week and has a one night sleepover, the mediation agreement isn't before the court and all of this is about child custody/support! Support is $20k a month and no rent to be paid to Mel, custody will be another thing when she's convicted of extortion lol!!

1442 days ago


Mel's been caught acting like himself. He's cornered with not much help except for hundreds of lawyers and a crisis PR firm to draw attention away from the tapes. It worked. Look at most of you and your posts. That was a significant swing from when we listened to the tapes and he admitted to assault.

He probably does love Lucia. Can he personally care for Lucia overnight? I seriously doubt he can. I don't see the benefit of having her stay with him overnight at this age either. When she's is older perhaps. When she can articulate something that went on that isn't quite right, then maybe. I want that safety net for her.

Keep in mind, this is a man who views woman as receptacles for his ejaculate. That's it. Growling, spitting screaming "I want my BJ right NOW" doesn't encourage me to think of sweet old daddy.

1442 days ago


Oxtanic go to hell. You're nothing but a "hustler and peddler of human flesh" as someone said so well.

It's all about the money to Oxtanic whereas Mel is all about Lucia

1442 days ago


What an evil witch.

1442 days ago


OINKY is destroying her children's lives for money and lime-light. I can't wait for the orange jump suit. Enjoy jail when you're exposed as the extortionist you are, Oinky

1442 days ago


That's okay Mel, sure you have emotion unlike the sociopath that calls herself a mother. One day, she's gonna pay, but it will be her daughter (and son) that will collect their dues--Oksana is going to be one lonely, poor old woman. Yep, she's gonna pay.

1442 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

"Oksana was also grilled about allegedly talking to TMZ"


Hang in there Mel. We love you! We do! All will work out and be over with soon enough. Keep ducking.

1442 days ago


Gonesi and John: And right there is the proof. Mel loves that little girl. (from other thread) Leaving his child will never be the answer, no matter what that woman does.

1442 days ago

Olivia W    

So I guess OG did not state anything about loving Lucia. Oh well.

1442 days ago
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