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Shia LaBeouf Accused of Sardine Can Parking

11/10/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf allegedly committed a heinous and egregious vehicle infraction -- stuffing his pickup truck into a compact parking space and pissing off some guy in a Porsche. Quick, call the FBI.

Shia LaBeouf
It all went down last weekend at an L.A. shopping center where Shia's cockeyed parking job ended up blocking the Porsche's driver side door. It's definitely a dangerously tight fit, but it also looks like Porsche dude could've crawled through his passenger side door and took off.

Instead, he shot video, snitched Shia out to a mall cop ... and waited 40 minutes for Shia to return and face intense questioning.

So, we gotta ask... 


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Shia parked in a space for compact vehicle, that's just wrong.
AND you anti semite Shia is JEWISH!

1338 days ago

carries big bucks only    

small cars are for bitch3s anyway, if you don't drive a full-size SUV or a big ass truck then you're just a *****.

1338 days ago


Shia is a schmuck, and for the record, you don't have to be Jewish to be a schmuck. Religion has nothing to do with this, Sheboy is just a spoiled brat who feels entitled to the world and all its parking spaces, and in this case I am glad that someone called him on it!

1338 days ago


Hey I always take up 2 spots because I don't want people parking next to me. But I park out where no one else parks so I don't disturb anyone else. It is call courtesy and these so called stars feel like they are entitled to everything. He could of done the samething. The extra walk would of done him so some good.

1338 days ago


His ego and his truck need to park in extra large spaces! What a putz!

1338 days ago


She Le'Poof. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

1338 days ago


stop bitching people!!!

1338 days ago


It's a di**head move (I wouldn't expect anything different from Hollywierd idiots) but who in the world hangs out for 40 mins. Must have a lot of time on his hands.

1338 days ago


This Shia dude obviously isn't too bright. That's exactly how you get your car keyed. If I were the Porsche guy I'd write him a nice thank you on his door panel.

1338 days ago


I hate those *****rdly compact spaces, they should be eliminated. Sissy LeBeef was wrong to do that to another driver, the make of the car is immaterial, its just wrong, he needs to take Courtesy 101 and learn to share.

1338 days ago

go home!    

Shia is a freakin' **** for doing that. Whoever parks like that and doesn't check to make sure the person they parked next to can get in their car is a freakin' self entitled son of a bitch. That is so not cool. Especially how he doesn't even acknowledge the guy or say sorry and just goes in his car. Typical Hollywood, liberal self entitled ******* who thinks he is better than everyone else. The guy should have keyed Shia's car and left.

1338 days ago


I know we all want to key Sissy's car, but thats also illegal and it makes us a dumb as he is. Another suggestion, less dangerous...just take a bar of soap and write a message all over his windows, it will certainly get his attention and piss him off, having to clean off the soap before he can drive away...and you won't get arrested for vandalism or be as big an AH as Sissy.

1338 days ago

good parker    

C'mon guys. Let's not hate on the famous person. Notice how the camera guy barely showed you the lines of the parking spaces. In the small instance that it did show, you'll notice that Shia is parked well and the porche is all up in the space next to Shia. need to learn to park!

1338 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, jaque is a numbskull moron, obviously....'these celebrities try to get away with everything, but i ALWAYS!! take up 2!! parking spaces!!!' durrr??!! yeah, i think so.

1338 days ago

karen dapello    

Looks like Shia was wrong parking a pick up truck in a place marked for small cars; he always seems to be the douche in the situation. And as for the other guy waiting around for him, well, yeah, you TMZ guys are there encouraging the situation, so why wouldn't he stay for the opportunity to call said douchebag on his piggish behavior in front of cameras??

1338 days ago
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