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Shia LaBeouf Accused of Sardine Can Parking

11/10/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf allegedly committed a heinous and egregious vehicle infraction -- stuffing his pickup truck into a compact parking space and pissing off some guy in a Porsche. Quick, call the FBI.

Shia LaBeouf
It all went down last weekend at an L.A. shopping center where Shia's cockeyed parking job ended up blocking the Porsche's driver side door. It's definitely a dangerously tight fit, but it also looks like Porsche dude could've crawled through his passenger side door and took off.

Instead, he shot video, snitched Shia out to a mall cop ... and waited 40 minutes for Shia to return and face intense questioning.

So, we gotta ask... 


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PU blindside way he could even see where his PU was at.So yes he is at fault..he could`nt use his mirrors or see that side of his PU so he blindsided other words he didn`t care if he did damages to someone`s vehicle..thewy should make him park in a cornfeild where he stands out in his feild.

1413 days ago


Just FYI - one can enter through the passenger door, scoot over the shift console, and get to the driver's seat; I had to do it. Before I did that however, I wrote and left a note for the other driver telling him/her/it that I was 8 months pregnant and to leave some room for the next car!

1413 days ago


Did YOU ever try to climb into a two seater sports car and over a stick shift?? It is near impossible.
I like Shia, but this was either arrogant or ignorant.

1413 days ago


What a douche bag! decide who I'm talking about.......

1413 days ago


Too all of you this is a completely rude move on Shia's part. Come on he is young and healthy can walk aways. To block in someones car for 40 minutes???? Don't even defend him or say the porsche driver could have gotten in on the passenger side, heck its hard enough to get in on the drivers side.
And the porsche driver should not HAVE TO.

I am 51 yrs old and drive a huge suburban. I do not fit in most regular parking spaces and know it. Sometimes I do and its all good and enough room for everyone.
If its NOT enough room I opt to park out further in the lot away from other cars so something like this doesnt happen, and I also dont want to hit a car and dont want someone else hitting my car.

Shia just obviously does not give a poop if he hits a car or another car hits him because of his childish, completely rude and over idiot scale driving and parking. And course he prolly just throws money around to fix everyones cars.

1413 days ago


Shia LaDouche.. I'd give Shia some slack if he wasn't always acting the role of residential douchebag. This is nothing new with LaDouche.. another spoiled star, pampered beyond his deserving.

1413 days ago


That happened to me when I was 7 months pregnant (with twins!). I had to climb in the passenger side of my car, which was no easy task!!!! Now I get even. Someone did that a few weeks back. I had to squeeze in the driver's side and before I left, I horked a nice big loogie on their driver's side window. I hope they enjoyed looking at it on their way home. A-hole.

1413 days ago


I would have keyed the side of that truck, gotten into my car and driven away. Everyone wins.

1413 days ago

There Goes My Show    

So I call out the moron who post a JEW comment and I GET DELETED BY TMZ - what the heck - who is running this cluster? I don't understand their policy - they let people make rude comments and threaten violence but other get deleted for no reason - - - why do I even bother.

1413 days ago


I've had a pair of jerks do this to me at the same time - one on each side. It was at the end of a long, horrible day. When I couldn't get into my car to go home, I broke down in tears, went into the building to calm down and clean up, then went back prepared to wait for the offenders. By the time I got back to my car, the guy blocking my driver's side door had left. I decided staying to chew out the other guy was not worth making that crap day any longer and went home.

As far as I'm concerned, Shia deserves whatever he got.

1413 days ago

The Love Sponge    

The guy parked his porsche close to his truck to make a picture and story. PRICK!

1413 days ago


Shia was a selfish little prick for parking his behemoth in a small sport without checking to see if he was giving the car next to him enough room. The guy in the Porche was a loser for not simply getting in on the passengers side and chalking the situation up to a simple act of rudeness. **** like this happens every day and to stick around for 40 minutes and putting the whole thing on video is a little pathetic. They both suck in my opinion.

1413 days ago


You can bet the farm that guys who own a Porsche are inconsiderate douchebags. But, Shia, as expected, is even a bigger inconsiderate douchebag!!

1413 days ago


If it had been my car blocked in like that, I would have scratched the hell out of that truck on my driver's side. If I was going to have to waste time and energy climbing in from the passenger side, for some a-hole who squeezed into a space too small, then I might as well spend the time to make sure he paid for it in some way.

1413 days ago


A big van did this to me once in a hospital parking garage. When I finally got inside my car and backed out, well, lets just say there were a few dents and scratches on the van that weren't there when the guy parked.

1413 days ago
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