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Slipknot Bassist

Grave Raided by Scumbags

11/10/2010 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Grave robbers have hit the burial site where Slipknot bassist Paul Gray was laid to rest back in May -- taking two cherished statues -- but now the rest of the band is on a mission to get the stuff back. 

The band posted a message on their website saying, "There were statues of a gargoyle as well as a Buddah that were placed at Paul’s grave by his friends and family that were taken."

The band is now asking for help from their fans -- saying, "We ask that whoever did this please return the items no questions asked. If anyone has any information about the stolen items please let us know."

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@ House draino and Prettybuttlick, First of all they stole a buddah (religous symbol) and a Gargoyle which is also a religous symbol to scare off and protect from any evil or harmful spirits. atheist / agnostic don't beleive in any of that crap. as for your family and friends that were buried with trinkets and treasures thats between you and the family. I'm just stateing that it is hipacritical for the band to blast about something that they don't beleive in. I am a Slipknot fan but I stand by what I beleive and say not just say something to suit the siuation.

1406 days ago


Ok, about all this religious stuff, they are not really a demonic band! i am a stay at home mother, most would find me girly, and i love slipknot. their music helped me deal with the death of my father. i have never in any of their music thought they were endorsing death destruction or thievery, and if you are saying that, please tell me what song you were listening to. in a way all the are is shock rock, remember kiss? same thing.
listen to the song "snuff" its about lost love
or vermilion... i could go on and on
but to each his own

1406 days ago


So what that the items stole are religious symbols. The issue here is theft. wouldn't you be upset if this was your family member?
Just because the band was "atheist/agnostic" doesn't mean any one has the right to desecrate his grave. Its sad. religious items or not. He has to deal with his beliefs in the after life. Not his family and friends.
There was no reason for the name calling. I haven't said anything mean to you. If i was saying something to suit the situation, i would have reacted the same way you did. which seemed very uneducated and cold.

1406 days ago



1406 days ago


@house_draven - the word "hypocrite" and Hippocrates are not related, so your schpiel where you try to sound better than someone doesnt work. As far as the people who talk crap about TMZ - THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON HERE? Why are you on their site talking crap about their articles if you hate them so much? Shut your obviously retarded mouths! To the people who think they are3 just a bad influence and talk about suicide or drugs or whatever, you must obviously be in your 60's at least, bcuz thats some seriously old school thinking. They may have mentioned drugs or suicide but PLEASE tell me where they advocate it!!! They dont! I HAAAAAAAAAAAAATE people that talk crap about something they have absolutely no knowledge of in the first place! If you are seriously well informed on a subject then go ahead and have an opinion, if not - keep your dumbass inbred mouth closed. I used to be a Slipknot fan. I say used to bcuz they pulled a Metallica and got weak as hell in their music the more famous they got. If I want to hear Corey whine about his ex girlfriends love letters that he just "cant throw away", Ill listen to Stone Sour. Because sappy emotional romance crap is what hardcore metal is all about right?

1406 days ago

lawn mower man    

I trashed that junk..I keep running over it everytime i tryed to cut the grass on the grave if you want it back it`s in with the dead bodys stacked up in the warehouse cut it`s kind of chopped up and sthings

1406 days ago


I love how people who have never truly listened to the words of their songs talk so much trash and are so small minded. If you would get off your soapboxes for a moment you would find 9 very vulnerable young men who write things that apply to how they disapprove of how the government handles things, being the outsider, living in single parent homes and just the pure fact that they had made it through everything and proved everyone wrong. My daughter turned me onto them in 1999 and I have been a fan since(btw I am 40 and truly believe in God almighty). Paul will be and is sorely missed and I am thankful I got to go see them live on the All Hopes Gone tour. I think it is a travesty that someone robbed his grave and I hope that whoever did it will be bitten very hard by KARMA!!!!! Rest in Peace Paul and remember we are all maggots for life!!!!!

1406 days ago


LOL, one of their fans probably hollowed them out and turned them into bongs. Hardcore dudes!

1406 days ago

RJ Hunt    

That is some bad MOJO stealing from graves...

1406 days ago


I have family buried at the same cemetery. There are signs posted at the entrance notifying loved ones that cleanup dates are in June and the first week of October. All items left on graves are picked up and vases set back in the headstone during the fall cleanup. It's quite possible that's what happened and that these things weren't really "stolen".

1405 days ago


"Slipnot".Sounds like one of those 'down on life' bands that celebrate death and suicidal emotions.
Let Me guess.Suicide?drug overdose?
Kids...learn from this.
When You're feeling bad don't believe You're emotions are truth and they represent who You are.
Don't listen to this garbage about hopelessness and anger.
Suicide is a form of self atonement straight from the pit of hell.

Posted at 9:16 AM on Nov 10, 2010 by Jon

**** offff

1405 days ago


i hope they find the s***bags and press charges on them and they get a long jail sentence

1404 days ago


I've never been on this site until now but I think I've seen enough stupidity for a lifetime. None of you people know anything about the people or the music behind slipknot. If you did you would know how empowering they can be for kids and how they strive to pull people from depression. Paul Gray was a great loving man who had a baby on the way when he died. It's those people who make judgement on others without knowing the real story who should be ashamed of themselves. if you Call Slipknot "athiest" and "depressed" you are a G D Liar. do some research and meet the people before you "know" anything about them.

1399 days ago


@ post #3. Why the **** does it matter if their music is "right?" is it because it isn't that tree-hugging, ***** ass christian garbage you must listen to? Get off your ****ing high horse, music is music, and its all good (except for whatever bull**** you listen to, it explains how ****ing gay you sound with stupid comments like that)

I don't give a **** who it is, famous or not, ****ing with a person's gravesite is ****ing wrong! And ****ing with Slipknot alone will get those mother****ing *******s what they ****ing deserve.

And just for the record, go **** yourself, you self righteous mother****er!

1395 days ago
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