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'Hangover 2'

Crazy Secret Pics

From the Set

11/11/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's the deal -- TMZ has obtained some pretty badass photos from the set of "Hangover 2." They were shot last night in Thailand ... and they're hilarious ... but they could spoil a thing or two about the flick.

So consider this your SPOILER WARNING -- and click to reveal at your own discretion.

But you should totally click ... 'cause the pics are pretty awesome.



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Irrelevant, don't care..........

1409 days ago


I don't watch movie that promote blacklisting in Hollywood. I won't even look at the pics. I just came here to say Blacklisters

1409 days ago


Well, from what I read Mel would have been happy to film his bit role in Burbank.

Then these trouble makers decided to take on the road to Thailand and have them some fun. Geez, it is shame what Thailand is know for...

Perhaps Liam or Zach can take on story and the children's plight in their next roles and really make a difference in the world.

1409 days ago


I wouldn't go to this movie even if it was free. The balless producer, his cast and crew are the epitome of hypocrisy and poster children for the promotion of black listing. I won't be paying to see anything that promotes those principles. Zach's following of sheeple can do that.

1409 days ago


Hey TMZ, Zacks Bald Head, The Tat? Man, this are SPOILERS. Lable it as such. I don't even want to see the movie now cause I hate when movies are ruined like that. You guys are crapping where you sleep. AT lease LABEL THIS AS SPOILERS. I thought it was going to be some shot with actors walking around trailers or film crews. You guys are *******s.

1409 days ago

Do the math    

After hearing both Zach G. and the director shamelessly try to walk back what they'd already admitted doing to Mel, I won't go near this movie. And I loved the first one.

1409 days ago



1409 days ago


Some of you people are crazy who cares whos in it. if its as funny as the first one im there. Its a busniess, so what if Mel got kicked out of the movie. It happens all the time

1409 days ago


the first one was marginal at that with a couple of good one liners. only way to watch this crap is a one night rental out of a red box - IN NO WAY worth the cost of a ticket in the theatre. But now that you have more likey shown shots of the only good 2 spots the film, it isnt even worth red box.

for these douche bags and there black balling of Mel. Well SKRU U 2. Considering on who you had in your first one, not to mention all the racial / sexual dribble. If that aint callin the kettle black.

1409 days ago

David L.    

Everyone who's on Mel Gibson's side and against these ideots, I support you. This could be the best movie in the world but it will still be a failure in the box office becuase there are deffinately way more Mel Gibson supporters than haters.

1394 days ago
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