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Katherine Jackson's Secret Contract

11/12/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has been bitterly complaining the Michael Jackson Estate is not giving her enough money, and now we know what she's done to supplement her income in a big way.


TMZ has obtained a contract Katherine signed with Vintage Pop Media (VPM), the company that owns tens of thousands of photos, videos and other MJ items.  Under the deal -- which is not sanctioned by the MJ Estate -- Katherine agreed to participate in the production of "The Katherine Jackson Story," some sort of MJ documentary set to music.  Katherine also agreed to pen the book that was just released, "Never Can Say Goodbye."

In return for her work, VPM -- owned by her controversial business partner Howard Mann -- agreed to pay Katherine 25% of the net profits with a minimum monthly guarantee of $10,000-a-month.  But here's what's really interesting ... there's no end date for the $10-grand-a-month, so if you read the contract literally, VPM agrees to pay Katherine at least $10k-a-month for the rest of her life.

And get this.  The contract also says Katherine has the legal right to "forever bind" Michael's kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket.  According to sources familiar with the MJ Estate, Katherine does not have the power to contractually bind Michael's kids.

Katherine is already raking in $26,000-a-month from the MJ Estate, but she's complaining she wants more.  Looks like she found it.

Howard Mann tells TMZ, "This is one of several agreements with Mrs. Jackson. This was a starting point in our relationship."


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what she does is to take the money away from the estate, which stands to benefit the 3 kids and her, now it'll only benefit herself and the rest of the huge army of unemployed good-for-nothing lazy family

MJ left 40% for his 3 kids, 40% for her alone, even that is not enough reason for her to stay away, hope she die soon

1441 days ago


What a repugnant and repulsive family. Nothing matters to the mbut MONEY. she would dig up the poor bastards bones and sell them if she could. VILE VILE VILE family. no wonder MJ was a screwed up mess of a junkie.

1441 days ago


All she cares about is money!

1441 days ago


The reason she needs more money is because of Joe, to support him. That's what all this is about. She can afford to live on $26K a month, but he was supported by her through MJ before he died. This smells.

1441 days ago


WOW some of the commments are so rude, wishing death on someone and calling Michael and his mother names, it's nice to see your parents raised some of you ro be so repectful.

Bless the jacksons

1441 days ago

Rufus T. Firefly    

I'm not sure if Katherine is greedy or just trying to provide for ALL of her grandchildren, since Michael's loser brothers apparently don't take care of them. It's sad that Michael's family used him for $$$$ his entire life and are continuing to do so after his death. And all Michael ever wanted from them was love.

1441 days ago

mj fan forever    

It's shameful Katherine is allowed to contractually bind Michael's children!! Michael established that she would only have had to raise them, not exploit them!! Instead, she is exploiting them in every way possible, they are her insurance for getting MORE money!!! I believe she wants to raise them!!! This woman is a DISGRACE!! Love only for money!!!!

1441 days ago


This whole family is sickening. How in the world can you not live on 26k a month when you are like 80 years old? Oh, because she has to support all the other relatives too, that's why. GET JOBS! Stop being leeches!

One of the brothers works at a grocery store. TAKE A HINT JERMAINE!

Posted at 1:27 AM on Nov 12, 2010 by Disturbed

Having mansions, butlers, chauffers and a bunch of deadbeat family hanging on doesn't come cheap. EVERYONE else has cashed in so why wouldn't she too? What's the point of her NOT cashing in too?

1441 days ago


they need to get those kids away from that witch..she will sell her soul for a buck and sell off those kids too..

1441 days ago


OH People STOP IT !! WTF is the matter with you ?
hasnt this woman gone though enough pain to apease you animals ?

Katherine has a right to make a living and do what she wants without being scrutinized for her every move like her Son MICHAEL was all his life. She is NOT going to harm her grand children. She is doing a great job _ They seem very happy and well cared for. Michael Loves his MOTHER very much .

PLEASE Think about Michael before you say
something stupid and evil that you may regret.

I love you Mrs Jackson <3

1441 days ago


She took all of Micheal's personal property, his videos, his photos, and tapes he had gave it all to a company. The company is now selling off all of those goods and giving her a percentage.
She took all of his personal property away from his childrens trust. She is stealing all from Micheal's kids and giving to her kids, Randy, Tito and her husband.
She is using all of Micheal Jackson collectibles without his permission. It's as if they killed him just to sell of his property.

What a disgusting woman, I hope she burns in hell.

1441 days ago


She knew he was drugged up, her husband knew he was drugged up. They waited for him to die to take all his money.

1441 days ago


Wow. What can I say? Just wow. Aren't these guys sorta shady or what? Money.....

1441 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Look. It's simple:

a) No sane person doubts that MJ's estate is managing his assets very well; so,


1441 days ago


Mother or not Katherine has never wanted for a thing. They both exploited MJ. Outside of Janet the whole family has done nothing but use Michael. No wonder MJ wanted to break out on his own.

1441 days ago
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