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Katherine Jackson's Secret Contract

11/12/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has been bitterly complaining the Michael Jackson Estate is not giving her enough money, and now we know what she's done to supplement her income in a big way.


TMZ has obtained a contract Katherine signed with Vintage Pop Media (VPM), the company that owns tens of thousands of photos, videos and other MJ items.  Under the deal -- which is not sanctioned by the MJ Estate -- Katherine agreed to participate in the production of "The Katherine Jackson Story," some sort of MJ documentary set to music.  Katherine also agreed to pen the book that was just released, "Never Can Say Goodbye."

In return for her work, VPM -- owned by her controversial business partner Howard Mann -- agreed to pay Katherine 25% of the net profits with a minimum monthly guarantee of $10,000-a-month.  But here's what's really interesting ... there's no end date for the $10-grand-a-month, so if you read the contract literally, VPM agrees to pay Katherine at least $10k-a-month for the rest of her life.

And get this.  The contract also says Katherine has the legal right to "forever bind" Michael's kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket.  According to sources familiar with the MJ Estate, Katherine does not have the power to contractually bind Michael's kids.

Katherine is already raking in $26,000-a-month from the MJ Estate, but she's complaining she wants more.  Looks like she found it.

Howard Mann tells TMZ, "This is one of several agreements with Mrs. Jackson. This was a starting point in our relationship."


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This family makes me sick. They're going to bleed every last dime out of the public to ride on MJ's memory. They turned MJ into a recluse and a mess, now they're milking his memory for everything it's worth. Sick, sick, sick. I feel sorry for those 3 kids.

1441 days ago


How on earth can she legally sign MJ's kids lives over to anyone for the rest of the kids lives ??? I don't think this is legal. Juls if your there can you answer this ?

I don't care what the rest of the jackson's do, the can s.u.c.k. the bark off of tree's as far as i care but when they start messing with the children's lives it's time their lawyer steps in.

Posted at 6:17 AM on Nov 12, 2010 by Barb.A.

I fully agree with you Barb!
mjuls, we need you!
Is Katherine allowed to do this?

1441 days ago


No wonder all the jackson kids turned out messed up. Both Katherine and Joe think they are the greatest parents in the world yet look at there kids, I think the only normal one is Janet. You got Micheal and Latoya who are total fruit cakes and then you got the two sons who are keeping it all in the family by sleeping with the same woman and having kids by her making there kids siblings and cousins and that is disgusting and there should be laws against it. I do not think the Jackson kids are to blame for how they turned out I think it is there parents who are to blame and it is honestly scary that Katherine is raising Micheals kids. One thing Micheal did right in his life was keep his kids identity secret so they could have as normal life as possible and as soon as he died the cat was out of the bag on who they were and now every place they go there are paps wanting to take pictures.

All Katherine and Joe are interested in are money, yes Katherine may have a kind heart but she is a freeloader just like Joe. She has plenty of money coming in each month, she does not need anymore and I really do believe she is giving Joe money

1441 days ago


"How can she legally sign MJ's kids?!?!"

"I agree with you! Is she allowed to do this?!?!"

Why not go back and read the article. It says she can 'forever' bind them, whatever the hell that means, but it is not LEGALLY binding.

Hooked On Phonics WILL work for you.

1441 days ago


Almost all of you on here this morning act like you own Michael Jackson. Get over it. He has a family and they are the ones who should be taking care of things now. He isn't a possesion, he is a human being and I don't see how you have the nerve to act as if he belongs to you. He has a life other than his fans and he always said his family comes first and the fans after that. What she has to spend the money on is none of our business. How would you like them dictating to you how to conduct your life. I don't think any of you would like that. Michael cherished his Mother so what ever problem you have with Katherine you are trying to go against Michael's wishes.

1441 days ago


Let me clarify for the "ZOMG!! HOW CAN SHE..?!?" people:

A minor can't enter a business contract.

Direct from the article:

"According to sources connected familiar with the MJ Estate, Katherine does not have the power to contractually bind Michael's kids."

so sure, she can say "Yes, they're bound", but she does not have the *authority* to do so. Get it? Yay. Now the world can start turning again.

For the people worrying about MJ's kids, if all of you put a nickel or dime in the Salvation Army's kettles next month, their coffers would run over. If all of you put as much concern into people in your OWN lives, imagine what sort of world this could be?

1441 days ago


Katherine and most of her family are a pathetic lot.Michael remains their cash cow!!!

1441 days ago


RKO, no need to be a smart a.s.s. The reason I asked is because it said "According to sources" It doesn't say according to the estate, it says according to sources, connected familiar with the MJ Estate.

We all know that sources have been wrong before so I think it is a reasonable question.

1441 days ago


Big deal Jacko was the biggest conman of the whole Jackson clan.

1441 days ago


Allow Katherine to make her money. The estate can always pay her less. If she can make more money than the estate can give her then the estate should cut her off. Apparently she can't bothered with a slow economy and deal with a recession.

1441 days ago


The 26k doesn't include what she gets for the 3 kids MJ brought into this mess of a family. Old witch wouldn't need so much if she would kick the worthless ones out to support themselves. Including the leach she has been married to all these years. Most Americans live on much less than 26k a month.

1441 days ago


I DON'T KNOW, FOR SURE, if some of these stories are true. If they are, I would rather die than behave like some of the Jackson family. Michael deserves better than what he is getting. Everyone seems to be chasing the almighty dollar completely oblivious to his memory. Shame on them!

1441 days ago


So everyone has been blaming Joe and his mother is now turning out to be EVEN WORSE. mj'S kids are her money maker too. Of course they are going to push ALL OF THEM into show business so all the Jacksons can profit for years and years.

1441 days ago


binding = the children will continue to receive at least $10,000 per month after she dies. how horrible. what a terrible thing for a grandmother to do -- to try and make sure her grandchildren are taken care of after she dies. and to make sure that after she dies someone can't swoop in and take the money from the children. she's a wonderful mother and grandmother. it's a sad commentary on the state of this world when the kind and sincere-hearted are ripped to shreds in the media. there is good reason michael loved his mother so much and trusted her to take care of his children.

1441 days ago
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