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Lindsay Lohan -- Another Date with Daddy

11/11/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan appears committed to the whole "Making Up With My Father" thing -- because yesterday she and daddy Michael Lohan made time for a little mid-day movie date.

On their way into the theater -- located near Betty Ford -- the two appeared to be getting along so well, that Lindsay opened up and allowed Michael to inspect something inside of her mouth. Good times.

Later that night, Michael was out -- sans daughter -- and told the paps that getting his daughter into rehab was a group effort ... one that he couldn't have done by himself.


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I hope she's sucessful in keeping him out of the media. She'll be doing us all a favor

1412 days ago


I don't think B.F. is doing a very good job. If they are letting bat-**** crazy Daddy around Lindsay, it should be monitered and supervised. This is really stupid. B.F.'s license needs to be reviewed.

1412 days ago


Good to see that they're getting along, though it's understandable that alot of people are still suspicious of Michael considering all the crazy things he's done this year, I hope for Lindsay's sake that he's really learned his lesson this time.

1412 days ago

Bob Goodden    

Go LinZ!! It's important to heal old wounds and realize delusions go both ways. It's a long way from the happy family christmas dinner at Lindsays but I did it after 15 years so can you!!

1412 days ago

Her father will drive her back to drugs.

1412 days ago


Do you people not watch the video prior to posting on here? If you watch the video, they are not in any way "alone" and I'm sure Betty Ford has chaperone(s) staying with them. Michael didn't say anything to the press about Lindsay. He answered a couple questions and then when they got personal...he stopped talking. Geez...give the guy a break. You're starting to sound just like Dina

1412 days ago


I thought he VOWED never to talk to the media again about ANYTHING? ahaha

1412 days ago



1412 days ago


I thought at rehab you are in a facility 24/7 unless the group goes to an offsite meeting. Shopping, movies...must be nice! She's never going to get better unless she honestly works the program and kicks her loser mother to the curb! I still think she should have received jail time. You think if I committed all the crime she did, I would be walking around free??? NOT! Probably get 25 to life!

1412 days ago


Well, everything they do is contrived and for their media life. It's great publicity if she's seen with daddy trying to mend their relationship.

1412 days ago

go home!    

sweet jesus. they have that ultra creepy preacher guy with them.

1412 days ago


Uh oh, is Michael Lohan back to commenting to the press again? And he's kissing some serious a** with his "group effort" BS. In any event, while it's good for Lindsay to mend the broken fence so that she can get on with her life I think that her father should be held at arm's length because he's really not the brightest guy, he is an unemployed, woman-beating, non-child-support-paying, deadbeat fame whore, sleaze bag who did sell nude photos of his ex-girlfriends to the tabloids (one of the girlfriends was sleeping when he took the photos of her) and also sold Lindsay's intimate secrets (her personal diary)to the press, so he's no role model and he'll obviously betray anyone - even his own flesh and blood. So, while it's nice to have a father, some fathers may be better kept at arm's length.

1412 days ago

for now    

The wonderful Lohan family is trying to get along with each other
unlike the families of the haters who don't understand love and happiness.

1412 days ago


Lindsay you need drugs or you will be out of the spotlight
Sure hope you get your meth and coke
You will POP just like nichole smith may say YO! MJ when you go
But he will be molesting children so he won;t talk much!!!!!!

1412 days ago


Good job michael. Maybe lindsay is actually becoming a "recovering Dina." Rehab can do wonders, even making you see the leech in your own family!

Dina's a loser with drug issues. She tells her daughters what to do so she can make a buck. Hopefully they kids are starting to notice the poor influence she is.

If i had a choice, I'd pick michael too.

1412 days ago
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