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Matt Lauer

'We Stand By'

Kanye Interview

11/11/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer is holding his ground against Kanye West -- claiming he stands by his recent interview with the rapper ... despite Kanye's allegations that Matt manipulated him into showing remorse for George W. Bush

Matt Lauer and Kanye West
Kanye flipped out on Twitter yesterday -- after "Today" aired a clip of the interview -- claiming Lauer "tried to force" his answers during Tuesday's sit-down ... in which the rapper said, "I would tell George Bush, in my moment of frustration that I didn't have the grounds to call him a racist."

But Lauer stood by his interview -- which addressed the rapper's famous post-Katrina remark that Bush "doesn't care about black people" -- airing the entire segment this morning to prove that nothing was taken out of context.

Kanye is scheduled to return to "Today" for a performance on November 26th -- and sources at the show tell us they're still expecting the rapper to show up. 



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Phil Alger    

West you dork, are you reading this stuff (if you can read)?

1410 days ago


Bush didn't just not like black people, he didn't like anyone who wasn't in the top income bracket. Remember him at a fund raising dinner with billionares? He called them his base. In spite of the good old boy image he likes to project, he is an elitist. Remember his mom's comments when visiting a Katrina shelter? "What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. ... so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them."
It's a Bush thang.

1410 days ago


"but he (Bush) doesn't like black people."

Do you have any proof, or just the opinion of an idiot (your own)?

Even if it was true, seeing the way blacks behave on a regular basis, I can't blame him.

1410 days ago


it's more like Bush doesn't really care about POOR people. lol.

1410 days ago


WOW...this guy is ate up...GOOD-BYE!


1410 days ago


I don't like Kanye. Don't like Matt Lauer. Don't like George W. So basically I don't give a sh**.

1410 days ago

Phil Alger    

West, enjoy today! Tomorrow you will be selling oranges to survive! LOL! Loser! I was sure you would have learned from your swift screw up. Damn are you stupid!

1410 days ago


It makes me sick that the Today Show had that liar, mass murderer, war monger on their show to promote his book. How Matt Lauer can even be in the same room with him is anyones guess. Same with Oprah. How dare she. She's such a hypocrite. He should be hanging from the gallows for what he did.
If I was Kayne I'd cancel the Nov.26th appearance. He doesn't owe them an explanation. Just call and cancel...end of story.

1410 days ago


Kanye is rich but his career is 100% over. The money will not keep this moron happy so expect him to self destruct as soon as he finally realizes that he's done.
This guy did a great job of getting EVERYONE to hate him.
Good job Kanye......The fans are not coming back!

1410 days ago

The Seer    

Kanye needs to pack up his vagina and go away.

1410 days ago


I think TMZ has got this story wrong

Krazy Kanye was bi.tching on twitter that Lauer was trying to force him into rehashing the MTV / Taylor Swift incident while HE wanted to focus on the George Bush issue

1410 days ago


OMG PULEEEZZEE STOP putting this fool on TV he is an absolute Idiot!!! I saw the taylor swift antics and I also saw the Today Show interview and he is C-R-A-Z-Y!. Who in the f#$k does this jigga think he is for cryin out loud! For Real Kanye???? stop buying his lame azz music people he is wickity wack!!!

1410 days ago


And all you busters who hate Kanye hated him long before Taylor Swift and GWB. You hated him because he was rich and famous (and black). Now you have a legitimate (so you say) reason to hate him. Get over yourselves!!!! I know you would love to see him broke and "selling oranges". Maybe he can sell oranges right nice to your corn cobb and potato stand. Kanye can buy you and your whole trailer parks today and tomorrow.

1410 days ago


Seeing as how this involves two of the most pathetic human beings on the planet, Kanye West and George Bush, I don't give a crap either way.

1410 days ago


It baffles me that NBC and Today would put up with him and continue to have him back the day after Thanksgiving for a concert to promote him. They are just condoning his rude and ignorant behavior. If everyone stopped giving him a stage to be an idiot, maybe he'd grow up.

1410 days ago
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