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Matt Lauer

'We Stand By'

Kanye Interview

11/11/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer is holding his ground against Kanye West -- claiming he stands by his recent interview with the rapper ... despite Kanye's allegations that Matt manipulated him into showing remorse for George W. Bush

Matt Lauer and Kanye West
Kanye flipped out on Twitter yesterday -- after "Today" aired a clip of the interview -- claiming Lauer "tried to force" his answers during Tuesday's sit-down ... in which the rapper said, "I would tell George Bush, in my moment of frustration that I didn't have the grounds to call him a racist."

But Lauer stood by his interview -- which addressed the rapper's famous post-Katrina remark that Bush "doesn't care about black people" -- airing the entire segment this morning to prove that nothing was taken out of context.

Kanye is scheduled to return to "Today" for a performance on November 26th -- and sources at the show tell us they're still expecting the rapper to show up. 



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Show me some proof that he does care about Blacks and I will recant."

First Female African American Sec'y of State: Conalisa Rice
First African American Sec'y of Defense: Colin Powell
First Hispanic WH Lawyer: Alberto Gonzales

All G.W. Bush appointees.

The list goes on and on...
why don't you research it while you're eating your crow.

Please, Rice wasn't black.

Powell quit.

Is Gonzalez black? Tsk, tsk.

I prefer steak.

Why would Bush need a jock strap. He has no balls.

This has been fun, but gotta go to work. Maybe after my shift you will have done better research than you have so far. Because I'm not impressed.

1351 days ago


Matt Lauer, Kanye West and George Bush, all in the same sentence. Two psychos and an ego maniac.

I am so grateful for the remote off button on all three.

They should get along well.

1351 days ago


Regardless of political viewpoints, it would be difficult for anyone to convincingly suggest that Mr. Bush is a legitimate racist. The Bush administration performed more humanitarian work in Africa compared to any other in recent history. Did anyone happen to notice that the Secretary of State during the Bush administration, who Mr. Bush worked intimately with, was not exactly caucasian??? Both Ms. Rice, and Gen. Colin Powell spent time at Mr. Bush's personal home in Texas, and on multiple occasions. Sorry, . . . not buying the whole "racist" thing . . .

1351 days ago

Fred Farkel    


The only thing that Barack Obama has said that I agree with:

"Kanye West is a jackass."

1351 days ago

mike boogie from the hood    

we need more people like kanye. besides george bush is playing a game. how is your worst moment kanye west? lets talk about being the first presidnet to get a shoe thrown at you. also the person who threw the shoe wasnt even from the U.S.A. and george bush isnt a racist he just doesnt care about people in poverty. if bel air was in a disaster he wouldof definately helped them. and its funny how all this hate on kanye starts when his album is dropping soon. people are scared of power especially a blackman. people see how well kanye is doing and are scared because a man with his personality and power. there are a bunch of people who dont speak up so they label kanye as a "whiner". Kanye just needs to learn how to say things with respect and hell be straight

1351 days ago


You people are the MOST wishy-wash people in the world. Matt was wrong, for what he did, Kanye need to STOP trying to please everyone around him who he might affend. I sorry I am a person who do offer in appolize, I don't believe in regret, so I watch what I say. Kanye has learned to do the same, over the last two years.

1351 days ago


Kanye is not a person anyone wants to listen to. Matt Lauer was wrong to even try to interview him. He is about at the bottom of the barrel. Noone cares anymore.

1351 days ago


"Because I'm not impressed."

Posted at 3:30 PM on Nov 11, 2010 by TXluvsMJ2

Nor, sadly, very well-educated.

Get yourself in school and out of McDonalds. Seriously.

1351 days ago


@ #24 Alexa Watch out. Your hatred is going to come around
and bite you in the ass.

1351 days ago


# 95 You're exactly right. Thanks for posting some facts,
unlike some idiots commenting here.

1351 days ago


Bush worst pres ever

1351 days ago

Stacy Harris    

I'm on team Lauer.

But why couldn't Al Roker express himself without reading "his" sentiments?

Could it be that nothing on "live" morning TV is as it seems?

Stacy Harris
Publisher/Executive Editor/Media Critic
Stacy's Music Row Report

1351 days ago


Kanye West didn't learn from calling Bush a racist, he didn't learn from hijacking Taylor Swift's moment, and he's not going to learn from this either. Every one of his acknowledgements about these indescretions, he has turned around to be about him. He wrote a song to be performed by Swift at the MTV Video Awards - What right does HE have to ask Swift to perform HIS song?!?!?! He is nothing other than a silly cartoon character of a once talented man who gained an extraordinary ego once he became successful.

I just joined the "I hate Kanye West" facebook page. I hope this egotistical ass gets the hint and crawls under a rock to die.

1351 days ago

Mya pinion    

At the very least kanye should take a course on media relations. It was hysterical and entertaining to see this douche fumble on his words. It was especially entertaining when he was caught off gaurd by the clip of kanyes racist and spoiled little girl behaviour while Taylor Swift was accepting her award. Go back to the slumhole you came from. Get off your high horse and grow up stop acting like a CLOWN your a JOKE kanye, we're all laughing at you.

1351 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Kanye is and was right he was ambushed. Look at the bigger picture. Matt Lauer is being told what to do. It is not personal it is business. And plus it publicity for Kanye. Everybody wins.

1351 days ago
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