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Mel Gibson ... Smokin'

11/11/2010 7:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson lit up as he was leaving his church this AM in Malibu, after spending a day on the stand yesterday in his custody war with Oksana Grigorieva.

That's about it.



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I hope Mr. Gibson reads these post and know we are offering up prayers for him. And that God nevers gives us more then we can handel. God bless.

1445 days ago


I quit in March
guess i'll head over to the store to pick up a pack

1445 days ago


Leave Mad Max alone. He likes a little smokie and a little drinkie.

1445 days ago


Let the poor fellow smoke. He is one of the few smokers who can actually afford the habit.

1445 days ago

what a mess    

Gee Mel

I'm thinking you should give oskana full custody and tell the court that you will ask for 1/2 custody in a couple of years. Tell the court that the Mother should have child the first few years.

Then, get away from Hollywood. They don't love you there. The Media doesn't like you. The cops/da don't like you. The judge doesn't like you. Oksana doesn't like you. Many of your actors/actresses don't like you.

You know what, it's just a swing on the pendulum.

They used to LOVE you, and now you are experiencing the opposite thing. Like in breathing and out breathing. You pull air into you, then you push air away from you.

You are fighting the process. Let go.

It may appear like your enemies win, but they don't . Karma is karma. Oskana and Judge Gordon and all the rest have to go through the same heads/tales of worldly stuff, "they love you and then they hate you thing". They loved jesus then a few days later hated him.

Next time count the cost of "bringing GOD to the masses" , jesus said don't cast your Pearls before pigs, Pigs don't eat pearls, they eat pig food, so the Pigs of course will come after you, pearls would hurt the pig, but women like them. :)

Mel, you are in this because you think GOD is a punishing GOD. That is not true. Allow HIS energy to flow through you, and don't hang out with people that are not into the Energy. They think all the "god stuff" is crap.

Buddy, you should have felt your GUT go crazy around her, and it's not LOVE, it's GOD telling you to get away from her. Listen to your GUT, Mel, get out of dodge.

Then if the cops arrest her, fine, if not, all these hollywood types will now have to worry about extortion whores, because it's OPEN season in California since the DA and Judge Gordon approve of it.

Posted at 3:36 PM on Nov 11, 2010 by john

I'm not sure if you are PRO MEL or ANTI-MEL, you keep posting this same concept OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Repeatedly people reply to you saying this is a bad idea, yet you keep on going with it.

It is certainly your right to post what you want but wow dude, give it a rest. I seriously SERIOUSLY DOUBT that Mel would just walk away now.

1445 days ago

don't make me laugh    

Hey,you tried,maybe after a lifetime of smoking it would be harder on the body to quit.

1445 days ago


If you want to out live her you'll have to quit

1445 days ago


You'll never feel more strengthened and empowered until you quit smoking after years of addiction. It's a gift you give yourself that no one can own. No drug can match it.

1445 days ago


Wow, 36, chill out dude. lol

1445 days ago

jechrist at 11:00

very funny.

1445 days ago


I can't believe all the sympathy for this abusive piece of ****, HE HITS WOMEN AND IS CRAZY!!!!WTF is up with people not caring about that? F@ck Mel Gibson, he's a piece of garbage that has lost his damn mind!

1445 days ago


My dad smoked for 40 years, quit and promptly had a series of heart attacks. My Mom began seriously smoking three packs a day when she turned 40, and when she quit at age 62 she had a horrible stroke two days after she quit cold turkey. I think with all the junk/additives they put in cigarettes today, it is dangerous to quit cold turkey. I think you have to wean yourself off slowly, Cigarettes use to be 100% pure tabaco, a cigarette would turn hard as a rock one day after you left it out, it would go stale. Dad use to keep his in fridge. Then they added all that preservative crap to them, and the became truly deadly.

1445 days ago


My god you caught him smoking a cigarette (By the way not healthy, but legal last I checked). While I don't necessarily agree with his Catholic beliefs he does have the right to smoke in his own car alone.

1445 days ago


that's why he sounds so winded on the rant recording. guy's been smoking for a long time.

1445 days ago


ROFL Quick, Whorowitch, arrest him for Malicious Smoking!!

Anyway, who could blame him after this nightmare fight for his daughter???

1445 days ago
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