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Jodeci Singer Arrested -- Toasted at Subway

11/12/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When you think about Subway restaurants, you probably don't think, "Great place to go when you're super drunk" ... unless you're the ex-leader of the '90s R&B group Jodeci.

TMZ has learned DeVante Swing -- real name Donald DeGrate Jr. -- was arrested at a Subway in Burbank, CA this past weekend. Cops say he was so hammered, he couldn't even walk straight ... and it was all caught on tape.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... police received a call from a concerned citizen around 5:00 PM on Sunday ... after DeVante was sloppily crashing into tables and falling on the floor.

When officers arrived, they arrested the 41-year-old singer for being drunk in public -- and hauled him to a nearby jail.

We're told DeVante was released around 11 PM -- after cops determined he had finally sobered up ... but we're told he won't be charged with a crime.


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Celeb Gossip Addict    

devante is the lead singer from H-town

Posted at 3:32 AM on Nov 12, 2010 by APRIL

No he isn't. You are like the rest of these people who obviously are not R&B fans/old enough to remember them. They were a multi-platinum group and the most popular R&B group of the 90's. They were Diddy's first big discovery, back when he knew what to do with talent.

1441 days ago

charley hardman    

notable that he immediately attempted to put things right after each collision. this is a guy not requiring the "helping hand" of one of the costumed official crime gang guardians.

note to all sheep/sociopaths, AKA "concerned citizens": if you haven't the humanity to aid someone directly who's not aggressive, save your snitch calls. one or two wrong moves, combined with a predisposition to not absorb multiple electro-shocks from the taser-fetishist professional marauders, and you could be contributing to the murder of a comparative innocent.

1441 days ago


that is pretty ridiculous. so the guy was a bit drunk - it looks like the middle of the night. how is this news. i guess those stupid American Cops (pigs) have nothing better to do with their time.

1441 days ago

King Anton    

I love the Great DeVante Swing. I still listen to his music to this day.

1441 days ago


aaahh Jodeci! I LOVE LOVE LOVE their music! So he was least he wasn't driving or being belligerent! I think whomever called the police should have, I don't know, maybe helped the guy out! Call him a cab or something. It's not like he was being crazy or anything, just a bit too much to drink! I know I've been there.

1441 days ago

tym othy    

it doesnt say he was the lead singer. it says he was a singer and the leader. u can be a leader and a singer and not be a lead singer.

1441 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Makes sense tym othy because that describes his role to a T. He was not the lead singer, but he was the leader.

1441 days ago


Okay...morons, you hafta read before you start talkin' s. h. i. t. TMZ said he was the LEADER not the LEAD SINGER of Jodeci and that was the truth. He was the producer and he was also considered the leader of the 4 man group.

1441 days ago

CoCo DaQueen    

He should go into the rehab house with KC and JoJo....

1441 days ago

Moe Green    

Never heard of him. In today's world of cable and Internet, it looks like a great way to restart his career.

1441 days ago

Chocolate Box    

He wasn't really disturbing anything. Why was he arrested? Should have just been called a cab like someone else said. Its sad this man was on top of the world in the 90's and so talented. He discovered the producer/artist Timbaland & many others. Like the talented producer/rapper/singer Missy. He needs an intervention.

He seems very polite and considerate by watching his actions...
Devante get better. My prayers are with U...

1441 days ago


Devante is one of the nicest and kindest people I know. If you watch the video, he was drunk, yes, but he was shaking the employees hand. He's harmless. Im sure he was hungry, walked to a subway and was arrested for doing what half of america is doing now. I wish people would be able to see all the good this man has done, and his kindness.

1441 days ago

dennis in sac    

Hahahaha! Oh well, at least he finally made an appearance somewhere! Dude has been MIA for the last decade.

1441 days ago

Sheriff Rusty    

Well? What did he order?

1441 days ago


Imagine now on that film it was just those two innocent girls working behind that counter---and here comes this highly intoxicated tatted out black man floundering all over the place, knocking tables and chairs over. They would be scared to death of what he might do. How dare this man be anywhere near the public in this condition? He must be beyond gone in his mind and spirit to be this highly intoxicated or drugged and be out in the general public this way.

See how he walks in from the street and sits down at a table with an unsuspecting girl at the table by the window? How scared she must have been as well. And to the person who said "he's so nice, dont you see him shaking hands at the counter"? Yeah, they all do that when they're intoxicated, suddenly everybody's a brother....

I'm just sorry he was released so soon. If Geraldo Rivera back in the 70's wasnt such a liberal idiot reporter there would still be State Mental Hospitals to put this type up at until they figure out how to behave. Instead they now wander among the rest of us civilized people and its up to us to figure out how to deal with them.

Put your daughter behind that counter and see this one wandering in off the street looking and acting like that.

Pull that stunt in the wrong state and not lilly liberal Burbank son and you might get shot by a store keeper who is legally allowed to protect himself. Even if you meant no harm, its hard to tell when youre that intoxicated.

1441 days ago
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