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Kanye West:

HELL NO, I Won't Perform on 'Today'

11/12/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West claims there's no way he's going to perform on the "Today" show later this month -- as he was scheduled to do -- strictly because of the way Matt Lauer and Co. handled his interview about George W. Bush.

Just hours ago, Kanye went to his Twitter page and pounded out the following message, "I'm not performing on the Today Show for obvious reasons. I'm so happy the world got to see just a small piece of 'the set up.'"

As we previously reported, Kanye butted heads with "Today" over an interview they aired on Wednesday -- in which Kanye said, "I would tell George Bush, in my moment of frustration that I didn't have the grounds to call him a racist."

As of yesterday, the people at "Today" still expected Kanye to do their show on Black Friday -- but now a rep tells us Kanye's officially out.


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I would rather be stuck on a cruise ship out at sea with no hot water, long lines of people waiting to get to spam and lettuce, no air-conditioning, no use of swimming pools and the foul smell of 2,000 unflushed toilets than to be subjected to a Kanye West performance.

1418 days ago


In all fairness, I have no respect for The Today Show or their hosts. Their tactics have been rather much like tabloid style of recent years, so they get no respect from me--as much of the media these days shouldn't. The Today Show exploits people, brings no news that actual helps Americans to rise up. Matt Lauer's little indiscretions and those of his producers and fat cat CEOs are quickly snuffed so the public never sees it, but they are quick to rush to judgment on everyone else...make their condescending comments and twisting the facts for ratings.

As for Kanye, he is entitled to his opinions..sometimes it gets him into trouble, which he suffers the consequences of but he makes the amends, sometimes those he supposedly offended reaps rewards they should not have in the aftermath pity party, only to discover Kanye might have been right, although uncouth with his actions. Many made worse comments about Bush (he even said so)concerning Katrina and other things far worse. NBC/Today Show should be ashamed for failing to report the real news or doing real investigative journalism to the American People instead of distracting tabloid reporting.
Perhaps the media needs to quit following Kanye on twitter, profiting over his tweets. Kanye, I have hunch will survive without The Today Show, but I wonder if Today realizes how many viewers they keep losing? Get a life, Meredith. NBC sponsors of The Leeching *of Children channel.

1418 days ago

Trevis Miho    

That's unfortunate, I was very eager to see that performance. Kanye's new album WILL be absolutely incredible, I already know this for a fact - with only hearing the songs others have heard. And on another note, look how much fun people are having bashing this man, even on this comment page for example. If I TRULY didn't give a sh*t about an artist, I wouldn't even spend my time typing, going to my email, and making my comment post. All that says (whether you're bashing him or routing for him) is you rely - and get hype - off of the entertainment given from the world of Kanye. Without entertainment, we'd all be already dead! My guess is he'll sell at least 600,000 the FIRST WEEK. How many people that will be a part of those sales are the same people sayin' he's a "Moron", etc. Haha, "So Goodnight cruel world, I'll see you in the mornin'".

1418 days ago



1418 days ago


Kayne is the biggest douche and a f---g baby! Wahhhh, I am so misunderstood. Go back to mamby pamby land idiot!

1418 days ago


Okay, maybe Kanye is a lot of the stuff that people have posted here, but I thought Matt was a total douche during the interview. Ya gotta admit. It made for great TV!

1418 days ago


In fairness to President Bush, yes, I'm going to read your book--with an open mind and understanding. (currently on the waiting list at the library)

1418 days ago


It took 67 comments until there was one in favor of Kanye. Just sayin'

1418 days ago


# 3 You Sound Racist Do You Watch Cops

1418 days ago


I think Kanye doesn't like white people. Good ahead Kanye; admit it.

1418 days ago


This ignorant fool REALLY likes his publicity doesn't he THAT weak that Matt Lauer put words in his mouth? Tayler Swift should have given him a swift kick in the azz. I can't stand George Bush, but this fool is just ignorant.

1418 days ago


#14 "Kanye was simply born a victim. Go live with the Jacksons you loser!"

Simply Hilarious. LOL

1418 days ago


Does anyone really even care about Kayne West anymore?

1418 days ago


He is washed up. His music is crap and so is he. Who cares if does not perform.He is an idiot.

1418 days ago


Kayne is an idiot. Who cares if he isn't going to perform on the Today Show. We need to not give him the audience he is starving for! He's making a fool out of himself and looks pathetically ridiculous!! I LOVE the Today Show and Matt Lauer and Company and I am glad they are standing by their interview...they did nothing wrong. Get over yourself Kayne!

1418 days ago
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