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Oksana on the Attack Against Mel

3/16/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Oksana Grigorieva are going after Mel Gibson right now in the family law case ... trying to get the judge to hold a hearing on whether Mel struck Oksana.


Sources connected with the case tell us ... Oksana will ask Judge Scott Gordon for three things this AM.

-- An order forcing Mel to sit with a shrink to determine his mental state.

-- A hearing to determine if Mel did indeed hit Oksana. Oksana's team cannot use Mel's no contest plea in the criminal case because Mel made no admission that he did anything violent.

-- An order awarding Oksana sole custody based on the D.A. rejecting the extortion case against her.  Oksana's team believes Judge Gordon may have been influenced by Mel's assertions that Oksana committed extortion, and now that the case has been rejected they feel custody should change.



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'The Beaver' Debuts at SXSW: Can It Save Mel Gibson's Career?
Published: March 16, 2011 @ 7:44 pm1 CommentPrint this page By Steve PondThe word out of South By Southwest is that "The Beaver" is good. Very good. So is its star, Mel Gibson.

But will that be enough for moviegoers and the industry to forget about the racist and anti-Semitic rants, and the death threats, and the abusive voicemails?

Could any movie possibly be good enough to allow fans to welcome back Mel Gibson, movie star?

Those were the questions that hung over Austin's Paramount Theatre on Wednesday night, as the most intriguing film at this year's South by Southwest festival had its world premiere.

Based on initial reactions from those at the packed screening, the answer is yes, "The Beaver" just might accomplish that remarkable feat.

"It is an intensely beautiful movie, and he gives an unbelievable performance," said SXSW filmmaker Sara Terry ("Fambul Tok"), who said the film was the best she'd seen in her five days in Austin.

"It doesn't make you forget all the stupid stuff he said and did," she told TheWrap minutes after the screening ended. "But the people here don't care, because that stuff doesn't take away from the fact that it's an amazing performance."

The SXSW crowd -- never known as the toughest audience -- agreed, by all reports giving the film a rousing ovation when it ended.

In the Q&A session that followed the screening, director/actor Jodie Foster drew huge applause of her own when she mentioned that the film had been her biggest challenge professionally, but said, "I'm incredibly grateful to have Mel's performance in the film, and I wouldn't change a thing."

In "The Beaver," the third film directed by Foster, Gibson plays a businessman who slips into crippling depression and mental illness, and finds he can only communicate with those around him by using a beaver hand puppet as an alter ego of sorts.

The film's SXSW booking followed months of delays, first as Foster did reshoots and tinkered with the film during the post-production process. Then Summit Entertainment and Participant Media pushed the initial 2010 release into 2011, as the companies struggled to put some distance between the release and moviegoers' memories of the ugliness that landed Gibson in court as his relationship with girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva disintegrated into a messy public battle featuring leaked voicemails and claims of physical abuse.

Everyone got a reminder of that ugliness just last Friday, when Gibson appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom and pleaded no contest to charges of misdemeanor battery, which arose from a fight in which he allegedly struck Grigorieva.

Gibson's plea allowed the actor to maintain his innocence, pay a small fine, do 16 hours of community service and be place on probation for three years. It also cleared the matter before the SXSW premiere of his film.

In a line that stretched for blocks before the screening, some fans said they wanted to see a good movie and didn't care about the controversy, while one woman said, "I want to see crazy Mel."


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2nd Page:

Added another fan, "I think Charlie Sheen is picking up the assh*** factor in the media these days, so maybe Mel can slip back under the radar until he does something else stupid."

Foster appeared at the screening, but Gibson did not. In the Q&A, the director also drew parallels between Gibson's quest for redemption and the lines from a high-school valedictory address delivered by Jennifer Lawrence near the end of the film.

"The message is that good and bad things happen, but we get through it when we can connect with someone," said Foster.

Many of those who tweeted reactions to the film agreed with the consensus that its quality makes Gibson's troubles irrelevant to moviegoers. "Foster's 'Beaver' is sad, beautiful, and Gibson delivers," wrote Drew McWeeny from HitFix.

"A big, jokey premise creates small, quiet spaces to examine depression and pain," tweeted James Rocchi of MSN Movies. "It's unique, and I'm not suggesting it's perfect, but parts of it hurt like hell and earn that hurt."

Added Neil Miller of Film School Rejects, "The performance of Mel Gibson in 'The Beaver' is one of those rare, engrossing kind. You simply forget that you're watching someone act."

That's not to suggest that the reaction was unanimously positive. Renn Brown of called the film "a well crafted canvas on which one could project their own depressions and journey, but it doesn't deliver on its own."

And Kate Erbland from the Gordon and the Whale website said the movie "doesn't know what it wants to be and, paired with an unsympathetic main character, steadily grew into a film I hated."

According to a 2010 CBS News/Vanity Fair poll, most moviegoers said they would not take Gibson's behavior into account when deciding whether to see one of his movies.


1319 days ago


M/O = A Modern Orthodox (Jewish) girl?

Find below the “unauthorized” Mel Gibson biography proposal. Feel free to bid on it…





A Book Proposal

By Mark Ebner


Already, without even really trying, I’ve fielded calls from Oksana Grigorieva’s representative promising me an exclusive interview (with his client chirping in agitated Russian in the background), interacted with her hired bodyguard and alleged lover who is shopping a book of his own, and run down the story of Violeta Kowal, a Polish “model and fitness instructor” who was also allegedly Gibson’s lover. Kowal has taken her story to the sounding board of Geraldo Rivera on Fox, hired serial victim’s advocate Gloria Allred to champion her cause and is waiting in the bullpen for the Oksana story to play out so she can have her own fifteen minutes in the exfoliating light of fame.

Whole site:

MEL GIBSON: ROCK STAR… | Hollywood, InterruptedMar 4, 2011 ... Presumably to be determined in the proceedings is why Grigorieva turned ... the Catholic faith more fully into modern secular life. ... authoring three books highly critical of Catholic orthodoxy. ..... Already, without even really trying , I've fielded calls from Oksana Grigorieva's representative ...…/ - Cached-

1319 days ago


Why does Gibson need to be with the wife that is divorcing him?
Or do you not believe in divorce?

Posted at 8:35 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by JWW

First: Why was Robyn separating? Because of Mel's drinking & cheating habits, I suppose. It was shortly after his drunk-driving episode - remember the mug-shot?

Second: Why was Robyn divorcing? Because Mel had made Oksana pregnant, I suppose. He confessed in a family session, after the gossip had surfaced - remember on TV too?

There can be reasons for divorce - good or bad - but "believe in divorce" - sounds silly! I wonder if Mel believes in divorce? When in love with Oksana, he probably did.

Mel thought he could do as he pleased, but the illusion faded away & now he is alone. He should be glad if he could come on terms with Robyn again & perhaps on distance with Oksana.

1319 days ago


The issue is what is best for Lucia. The relationship of Mel and Robyn Gibson is a separate issue. It has absolutely no bearing on Mr. Gibson's ability to be a father to Lucia. Why the Gibson's separated is no one else's business and it will not be taken into account in family court.

1319 days ago


Holy Family Traditional Catholic Church, Supported Financially by Mel Gibson
After a Paparazzo Stole in and Photographed Him with His One-year-old Daughter
Then Sold the Photographs to a Tabloid Web Site
Gibson Closed the Church Indefinitely on December 12, 2010
To Protect the Privacy of His Family and the Traditional Catholic Congregation
Dear Fathers:

I write to inform your readers of some very sad news. Mel Gibson has shut down indefinitely the Holy Family Church in Agoura Hills, California, which he built and financially supports from his own funds. On December 12, 2010, some paparazzo posed as a traditional Catholic, stole into the church, took pictures of Gibson and his one-year-old daughter Lucia, and sold them to a tabloid web site.

Lucia was born on October 30, 2009, by Oksana Grigorieva out of wedlock. Gibson shortly thereafter repented of his dalliance with Grigorieva and put her away in April 2010, but he still retains custody of his daughter, whom he takes to Mass at Holy Family Church. To protect the privacy of his family and the child, as well as that of the traditional Catholic congregation, Gibson closed the church indefinitely.

This despicable paparazzo has resulted in denying to the members of the congregation the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments during this most holy season of the year. I will keep the TRADITIO Network’s readers informed of any further developments. /

1319 days ago


The Hollywood Reporter:

A risky bet that pays off solidly, Jodie Foster's much-delayed "The Beaver" survives its life/art parallels -- thanks to its star, Mel Gibson -- to deliver a hopeful portrait of mental illness that is quirky, serious and sensitive.
AUSTIN -- A risky bet that pays off solidly, Jodie Foster's The Beaver survives its life/art parallels to deliver a hopeful portrait of mental illness that while quirky is serious and sensitive. Despite obvious hurdles, with smart marketing it could connect with a wide audience.

Those echoes of Mel Gibson's well-publicized breakdowns are impossible to ignore in an opening sequence introducing us to his character Walter Black, who first appears floating in a pool, arms outstretched like Christ's. A few shots later, we see this "hopelessly depressed man," who has tried everything to remedy his condition, flagellating himself like a Catholic penitent.

Whether intentional or not, this front-and-center reminder works almost as an inoculation to viewers for whom controversy might be a distraction from drama: Having put it out there frankly (much as the protagonist will soon do, in more outlandish ways, with his own issues), the movie kills a bit of our morbid curiosity; our awareness that this depressed character is being played by a troubled actor never vanishes, but it is allowed to inform the story at hand.

Introducing the film's debut here, Foster warned that it is not a comedy. Yet Beaver starts firmly in that mode, even using upbeat music (Marcelo Zarvos' bouncier version of Astor Piazzola's moody tangonuevo) and slapstick to turn Walter's suicide attempt — on the eve of his being kicked out by a wife (Foster) who can't accept his years-long hopelessness — into an occasion for laughs.

The breakthrough Walter has after that failed attempt is also treated lightly, though it's dead serious for the character: He begins dealing with the world through a beaver puppet he rescued from the garbage, having come to the conclusion that his own psyche is so irreparable he must "blow it up" and start over again.

He returns home and to the workplace, dealing with people not directly but through the Beaver, who speaks with a ****ney accent and shows aplomb with situations that have stymied Walter for years. The readiness with which most people accept this strategy (that Walter presents as a legit psychological therapy, invented to distance himself from his pain) is believable in part because it works so well for him — and Foster stages shots that deftly bring the fuzzy animal to life, jostling with Gibson in the frame and occasionally meeting the camera's gaze to help us see him as Walter does.

Foster and the script (Kyle Killen's first feature) continue to earn non-mocking laughs with the scenario, sometimes simultaneously planting seeds of problems to come — as when husband and wife consummate their reunion with a funny but troubling puppet threesome.

The tone takes a firmly dark turn when Foster's Meredith, impatient with the "therapy," insists on seeing her husband sans Beaver for their anniversary dinner. Exposed and frightened, Walter breaks down. Gibson, hyperventilating and with eyes darting in panic, offers a more affecting, less romantically dramatic collapse than some he has created in earlier film roles — and he continues to underplay this state of mind (darting eyes aside) as the action grows progressively darker.

Walter's suffering is mirrored by that of his older son Porter (Anton Yelchin), who unlike a younger son who embraces Dad's new friend, is ashamed of his father's illness and pained by similarities he sees in himself. A subplot in which Porter is hired to write a speech for the class valedictorian (a seemingly perfect girl, played by Jennifer Lawrence, suffering her own traumas) looks at first like a straightforward romantic thread but proves to be a poignant reiteration of the movie's themes and culminates, a bit surprisingly, in the film's emotional payoff.

It's very easy to imagine a less gifted filmmaker producing a train wreck of a film using an identical script — exaggerating the highs, compartmentalizing the lows and casting a mawkish eye on everything from Walter's youngest child to his ever-present suffering. Foster finds the script's subtleties instead, and grounds the film with just enough pain to make it work. Viewers who can shake off tabloid preoccupations as they settle into the film will likely be surprised by a picture that (in a way reminiscent of Lars and the Real Girl) turns a crazy-sounding premise into something moving and sane.

1319 days ago

M. Gabriel    

I think this "supermoon" due on the 19th is bringing the crazy out of some folks. No need in mentioning any names, they're already posted along with the insane comments.

1319 days ago


by Sorntolc, Only Mrs. Gibson knows why she has separated and
later filed for divorce. Unless you are Mrs. Gibson, your post is only a guess.

1319 days ago


Beaver was a hit.

Posted at 8:42 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by Sam


Thanks for the link, Sam.

I wonder if we will ever see a reasonably objective description of the "tapes" fiasco used summarily at the beginning of an article. This article begins with the usual:

"But will that be enough for moviegoers and the industry to forget about the racist and anti-Semitic rants, and the death threats, and the abusive voicemails?"

There is an angry, hurt man on the phone in the snippets pasted together by Oxsana Grigorieva, a woman scorned who was and is determined to win fame and fortune by association with Mel Gibson. I am tired of the routine use of the word "abusive": the name-calling and profanity are in those calls, never intended for public consumption, is justified, and there are no death threats.

Ox's extravaganza of edited phone calls and answering machine messages are not "racist and anti-Semitic rants." "Racist and anti-Semitic rants" would be rants on the topic of race and/or a Semitic people. While there are a few politically incorrect references to two racial groups on the infamous "tapes," they contain no references to Semites, Jewish or Arab.

And as to the press's beloved five-year-old Officer Mee incident, Mel Gibson was drunk. While drunkenness is disgusting in itself, the encounter did not generate a reliable indication of Gibson's attitude toward Jews.

And we should all remember that we have only the incompetent and self-serving Officer Mee's assertions regarding what words were uttered.

1319 days ago


by M. Gabriel, I must agree. I never engage anyone, and do not argue with anyone. But my fingers wont stop.

1319 days ago


First: Why was Robyn separating? Because of Mel's drinking & cheating habits, I suppose. It was shortly after his drunk-driving episode - remember the mug-shot?

Second: Why was Robyn divorcing? Because Mel had made Oksana pregnant, I suppose. He confessed in a family session, after the gossip had surfaced - remember on TV too?

There can be reasons for divorce - good or bad - but "believe in divorce" - sounds silly! I wonder if Mel believes in divorce? When in love with Oksana, he probably did.

Mel thought he could do as he pleased, but the illusion faded away & now he is alone. He should be glad if he could come on terms with Robyn again & perhaps on distance with Oksana.

Posted at 9:02 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by Sornto


There is no indication that Mel Gibson ever considered marrying Ox.

1319 days ago


If you were for the child, you would want oksana to have the child 100 percent and here is why!

If child has problems , then child services will look into it and take child away from oksana. People can call child services if they see any funny business going on.

Now , why shouldn't Mel be near the baby, BECAUSE it would give oksana MOTIVE to harm the child and blame it on MEL and sue Mel for Millions. And Media would be ON HER SIDE, right? Like media is always on her side.
She can poison child or do other scary stuff right before MEL gets to see child and then blame it on MEL. I don't think for one minute she wouldn't do this, she is a monster.

So , even if you are team baby, what I am suggesting is good for the baby, because if just oksana screws up the baby, oksana will be held responsible and oksana has less cause to harm the baby. But Mel would be far enough away he wouldn't be blamed.

Wake up Mel, stop being so naive. Oksana is just using the baby to screw with you. And at this point, she got you. Judge Gordon will just allow all the legal fees to mount up and probably get kickback.

1319 days ago

M. Gabriel    

LOL Jayne! How are you? It's been a long time since we've both been online together! I can't even get myself to finish reading anything Sorntoic writes. It's too freaking crazy!

1319 days ago


A refresher for Sorn..

Oksana should have been charged with extortion

Total Votes: 165,235

Worse influence on Lucia ...

Total Votes: 163,114

Who's worse?

Total Votes: 170,212

1319 days ago
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