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Oksana on the Attack Against Mel

3/16/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Oksana Grigorieva are going after Mel Gibson right now in the family law case ... trying to get the judge to hold a hearing on whether Mel struck Oksana.


Sources connected with the case tell us ... Oksana will ask Judge Scott Gordon for three things this AM.

-- An order forcing Mel to sit with a shrink to determine his mental state.

-- A hearing to determine if Mel did indeed hit Oksana. Oksana's team cannot use Mel's no contest plea in the criminal case because Mel made no admission that he did anything violent.

-- An order awarding Oksana sole custody based on the D.A. rejecting the extortion case against her.  Oksana's team believes Judge Gordon may have been influenced by Mel's assertions that Oksana committed extortion, and now that the case has been rejected they feel custody should change.



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@KM, #533

This part is really intriguing: "Already, without even really trying, I’ve fielded calls from Oksana Grigorieva’s representative promising me an exclusive interview (with his client chirping in agitated Russian in the background) . . ." (Ebner on his book project)

It doesn't appear she has any intention of observing the confidentiality clauses of the agreements, does it?

1282 days ago

M. Gabriel    

John stop blabbering stupidity. What you saif makes no sense at all!

1282 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Snorty has been here all day posting away his dribble.

What a fool.

I see at least two personalities today--anyone else see this?

1282 days ago


John, I'm beyond weary of your recent posts on how Mel should give Lucia up just because you think he should. Your comments are now on my scroll by list.

1282 days ago



I found that very interesting...makes me wonder if she is maybe sharing in proceeds...using a ghost writer?

1282 days ago


Go Oksana! I think she is a crazy B#tch too. Don't get me wrong everyone, but this "man" deserves EVERY piece of **** he gets in his life. He dumped his wife (of quite a long time, btw) for this woman...Who, btw was ALREADY PREGNANT when he told the now ex wife. He obviously showed at that time he had no balls. Just like this time he can't have any balls and admit to the **** he has done to another persons life. The "man" is pathetic. Plain and simple. Pathetic.

**** Take note Kelsey Grammer - of what Mel is going through right now. Things are all "fun and great" till your "dreams" ****ter in your face. Then what - you move on to wife number....uuum, I lost count, is this wife #4 or #5? Oh well, when you boys get tired or get with a girl that don't want to play your game - your simply little boys that will start again, trying to chase down another fool (younger and much more naive one). I find it sad that you will be found some day, out of no where, after many years. Yes, you may (hopefully) be still rich, but you will most definitely be ALONE and SAD and that brings A LOT of other issues along with them.
It's a shame what Hollywood has become. I can tell you this...all the ones I mentioned here, are DEFINITELY NOT people who add to the distinctions of Old Hollywood. It's a shame they are involved in the new world of Hollywood.Honestly, they belong in Jersey. DRAMA.

1282 days ago

M. Gabriel    

@Midwesterner: I'm not surprised in the least. ("Chirping in agitated Russian in the back ground") Doesn't she know yet that no one likes her???????

1282 days ago



I found that very interesting...makes me wonder if she is maybe sharing in proceeds...using a ghost writer?

Posted at 9:30 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by KM

It doesn't sound as though he feels great empathy with her. Anyway, interviews are as good as books of her own in terms of defying the confidentiality clauses in the contracts she signed, so it seems unlikely to me that Ox would bother sharing, even a little bit, the profits or the limelight.

1282 days ago


Well, Mel has seven kids already, it wouldn't be fair to take Oksana's second child from her. Mel's got his own family, just because he delivered the life, he can't except to have this child too, it would disturb his family life too much. Robyn & his other children would never come to peace with this situation. Still he could provide for the child.

You got to leave Oksana & Lucia behind, until the child is big enough to judge for itself. Sanctify yourself Mel!

Posted at 8:00 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by Sorntolc


That has to be one the most ridiculous things you've ever posted, Sorntolc.


1282 days ago


If you were for the child, you would want oksana to have the child 100 percent and here is why!

If child has problems , then child services will look into it and take child away from oksana. People can call child services if they see any funny business going on.

Now , why shouldn't Mel be near the baby, BECAUSE it would give oksana MOTIVE to harm the child and blame it on MEL and sue Mel for Millions. And Media would be ON HER SIDE, right? Like media is always on her side.
She can poison child or do other scary stuff right before MEL gets to see child and then blame it on MEL. I don't think for one minute she wouldn't do this, she is a monster.

So , even if you are team baby, what I am suggesting is good for the baby, because if just oksana screws up the baby, oksana will be held responsible and oksana has less cause to harm the baby. But Mel would be far enough away he wouldn't be blamed.

Wake up Mel, stop being so naive. Oksana is just using the baby to screw with you. And at this point, she got you. Judge Gordon will just allow all the legal fees to mount up and probably get kickback.

Posted at 9:24 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by john

Soooo... you're suggesting leaving Lucia in the hands of a woman who is willing to poison the little one in order to get cash from Mr. Mel. And you believe that CPS will immediately remove the baby if there was funny business - assuming anyone bothered to call.

Sooo . . what happens say five years down the line and Miss Oksana has a chance to hook up with some filthy rich fellow except Lucia is in the way?

Susan Smith ring a bell?

1282 days ago

M. Gabriel    

@Sam: "IT" gave me a headache today!

1282 days ago


544 off post
Thank you M. Gabriel, Family is well. Youngest was home for Spring break and went back Monday. I drove him down and cried half way home. Tell's post about the two dogs put me back in tears. I watched CNN all day about Japan. I have a soft heart, and know my limits.

1282 days ago


Snorty has been here all day posting away his dribble.

What a fool.

I see at least two personalities today--anyone else see this?

Posted at 9:29 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by Sam
Yep! Jimmy and occasionally OX. For sure.

1282 days ago

steven katona    

she still loves him! you can see it in her eyes! they're in love still. otherwise he wouldn't have ranted so much. she is cute. they should both seek couples councilling and save themselves a few billion. no more action films for mel. its too hard on his emotional stabilities. this fan would like to see him do a comedy or a romantic comedy or a drama that would show his ex that he's got what it takes to change. he's not the bad guy anymore.

1282 days ago


The Oks woman, isn't pursuing this for "custody". She is Ohhh so worried. She is trying to get a record of this pathetic "slap" so that she has something, anything to start her civil trillion dollar law suit with.

Honestly, she belongs in the rose garden. Send the witch back to Russian to extort Putin or some other poor man. A slap....OMG, it isn't like she wasn't hysterical herself. I'd say her ongoing behavior continuing slander of Mr. Gibson in her eternal quest for his money should be reviewed by a doctor. Who would do this because of a slap? Only a money hungry extortionist bimbo who had literally nothing else going for her BUT a brief connection and child with Mr. Gibson. If there is a God, I'd say he best show Mr. Gibson mercy and slam dunk this woman and give her a taste of her own wickedness.

1282 days ago
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