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Oksana on the Attack Against Mel

3/16/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Oksana Grigorieva are going after Mel Gibson right now in the family law case ... trying to get the judge to hold a hearing on whether Mel struck Oksana.


Sources connected with the case tell us ... Oksana will ask Judge Scott Gordon for three things this AM.

-- An order forcing Mel to sit with a shrink to determine his mental state.

-- A hearing to determine if Mel did indeed hit Oksana. Oksana's team cannot use Mel's no contest plea in the criminal case because Mel made no admission that he did anything violent.

-- An order awarding Oksana sole custody based on the D.A. rejecting the extortion case against her.  Oksana's team believes Judge Gordon may have been influenced by Mel's assertions that Oksana committed extortion, and now that the case has been rejected they feel custody should change.



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This woman is pure evil! She's the one that needs they psych evaluation. She tried to throw him in jail by her false stories so she could hurt Mel by taking his daughter awa?? She lost, now she'll try any angle??? She's starting to appear more and more vindictive every day.
Just when I thought she couldn't make herself look any worse!

Posted at 9:52 AM on Mar 16, 2011 by Muppet

Hey Muppet

Few days back it was all about co-parenting and resumuning her charity work. What a frickin joke, laughed myself silly when heard this.
Hey Mel need more proof she cant be trusted her word means nothin. Watch your back man, more knives coming your way.
Go after her Mel, people on here have say you can stop her through the court, do it man for your sake and your family.

1286 days ago


Hope the judge listens to Mels complaint of her exposing custody details. Putting Lucia in danger by calling paps for play date.

1286 days ago


Another lie


1286 days ago


Additionally, I have always had compassion for the TRUE family of Gibson, his (now) ex-wife (?), and their seven kids. O.G. is truly an imbecile and obviously doesn't care what another lawsuit will do to her bank account (Mr. Gibson). But then again, it was always about the moneymoneymoneymoneymoney with her and she's, uhm, limited in the brain department. Remember - she has an attorney who is ADVISING HER to go ahead with this newest lawsuit. If they didn't think they could win, they wouldn't be doing it.

Posted at 10:04 AM on Mar 16, 2011 by CA Girl


Looks to me that at the moment, they are trying to pile up billing hours in family court, where they can make Mel pay their fees.

1286 days ago


Stop being a pain in Mel's ass Oxaslut!!! Stop Being That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1286 days ago


I think that sound you heard was the turn of public sympathy toward Mel and an understanding of why he was screaming at her on the phone in the first place. She just proved his epithets that she was a gold digger and worse.

1286 days ago


Mel went through a public meltdown....The Charlie Sheen Moments.
It's unfortunate that the media blitz gives this Bi_ch so much media time. I'm surprised that these judges allow this to continue. Where does this end? We all know now she deliberately got pregnant so she didn't have to work, well it's time a judge told her and others such as Brooke M. to get a job and support your children. Since Mel and Charlie are not working the high child support seems stupid, why can't these children's mothers get a job and help out? Why isn't this bi-ch also being deported as she was on a Visa to enter our country? How is it she's able to cause so much damage and still stay in the United States. Get her back to her own homeland and see how she reacts.

Posted at 9:57 AM on Mar 16, 2011 by Lori

Good comment Lori!!

1286 days ago


This woman makes Heather Mills look like a candidate for canonization. How bad is that?

1286 days ago


I think she wants Mel away from Lucia because, unlike Dalton, Mel will be an active father and Ox doesn't want to chance that Lucia will say she wants to live with Mel when she gets older b/c she needs to ensure the gray train for the next 17 years.

Posted at 10:13 AM on Mar 16, 2011 by Tammy

Ding, Ding, Ding!!! I think we have a winner!!!

I also think she's bitter because Mel has such a close relationship with his ex and his family. Ox wants to keep Lucia from a happy life (or at least a "family" life)and keep her away from ANY semblance of family and train her to be a gold digger just like her mommy.

She's basically just a bitter biotch...if she don't have Mel, his money's the next best thing.

Daniel Horowitz....baaaa baaa baaa, you sheep!!!

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

1286 days ago

Fidel's niece    

May 2010 Hello Magazine interview
Ok$ana said (about Mel as a father)

"He loves her very much.
He is an amazing person,
very kind and generous,
and a tremendous as a dad."

Note the date of the interview,
3 months AFTER the alleged January DV,
in May she was "negotiating"/extorting
so Mel was "a tremendous dad"...
once she did not get "Tiger Woods money",
from him, she claims he is a bad father...

Liar, liar, your pink panties are on fire,


***Team Mel***

1286 days ago


Mel stay strong,she is a GOLDDIGER!!!!

1286 days ago

Little Miss Sunshine's Mommy    

Here is the astrological for the evil & disturbed woman MG has to deal with- Mel is a Capricorn and Pluto the planet of chaos and destruction is currently going through his 7th house ( which rules one to one relationships). OG is a Pisces which is his midheaven. Unfortunately when someone 's sign is your Midheaven, they have power over you. When she was around MG ( in the past) all she probably had to do was tell him what she wanted and he went weak and said o.k.- like Kryptonite to Superman. Unfortunately Capricorn will be in Pluto in his 7th house until 2024 so this situation could drag on for many years. I'm not an MG fan but I have a feeling OG followed the Heather Mills - Paul McCartney situation & took careful notes. Sad- very sad. This is just a waste of money and time. She wasn't even married to Mel or with him for a long time which makes this whole thing even more horrible. Baby =payday.

1286 days ago


Time for the judge to grow a set and shut down this pernicious, persistent and vexatious legal harrassment. It's a circus and he's looking like the Lance Ito of the local domestic court circuit.

Posted at 10:13 AM on Mar 16, 2011 by kpacota


1286 days ago


I am afraid this woman will keep going as long as the Hollywood bullies keep pushing her to do so, or until someone legal or otherwise puts a stop to her....Mel is not getting a fair trial in LA...lets face it, I still say a new judge and a new DA who arent jewish or maybe bought, would at least give Mel a fighting chance....I know Fuddy Duddy stupid , stupid , stupid lol

1286 days ago


I see what she's doing: Since she can't attack him in Civil Court risking a counter-suit by Mel, she's going to keep pestering him in the family law case. And of course Mel will have to pay her lawyers in the family law case.

What Mel needs to do is sue her for extortion and defamation in a civil court thus forcing her to assume her lawyer's fees there. ALso, she will certainly lose in a civil court because the evidence is so overwhelming! HE NEEDS TO BURY HER IN ORDER TO GET RID OF HER, THERE'S NO OTHER WAY! Anyone who doubted that can see it now.

1286 days ago
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